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Yes! You Really CAN Enjoy Living Again

It took 14 years and at least that many improvements to the formula to get Real Time Pain Relief to the point where our customers say...


"Rub it on and the pain is GONE"

I was amazed. The relief to my neck and shoulders was immediate! Nothing has ever worked that well. "Rub it on and the pain is gone" is a true statement. Beth S, Idaho
RTPR is safe for everyday use, Doctor, Healthcare Professional recommended and manufactured in an FDA monitored facility. It absorbs in seconds leaving no oily residue or medicine smell.
  • With his lower back pain relieved, Bob says "I will never be without RTPR." Bob H, Alpharetta, GA
  • "My sunburn INSTANTLY stopped burning." Doug H, Grand Rapids, MI
  • "Mom is down from 90 Percocet a month down to only two." Henry V, Taylorsville, UT
  • "My $220 Rx Lidoderm patches don't do half as much!" Leo U, Burnham, IL
  • "Within 10 minutes the shoulder pain and arthritis pain was gone!" Sharon C, Maryville, TN

Pain relief like this is amazing, and more testimonials keep coming in every day. But it gets better, because people are going beyond just relieving their pain, they're actually enjoying life again.

The Key to Enjoying Life Again is...

Don't Just Relieve Your Pain, Resolve it with our Natural, Transdermal Formula of more than a dozen ingredients that:

  • Relieves Pain NOW! Our unique ingredients work directly at the site of pain, and that means fast, targeted relief.
  • Reduces Inflammation! RTPR carries the best natural anti-inflammatory ingredients to where you need them most, and that means lasting pain relief and comfort with movement, so you enjoy living again.
  • Revitalizes Tissue, Muscles and Joints! With ingredients, like MSM, Glucosamine and Chondroitin, well known for helping to repair your joints, muscle and tissue, you'll experience increased motion, increased blood flow and healthier tissue, and that means you are on your way to sustained happy living.
  • "The relief was instant - am totally amazed." Carol K, Whitehall, PA - Hand Pain
  • "I am totally amazed, and truly grateful to RTPR for giving back the use of my hands." Bob H, Alpharetta, GA
  • "I couldn't believe how fast it worked." Betty Ann R, Blenheim, NJ - Leg Pain
  • "I have used tens units and trigger point injections...Within 10 minutes I felt relief." Agnes E., Tampa, FL - Back Pain
  • "RTPR kept the [mosquito] bites from itching for several hours!" Darlene M., Snellville, GA
  • "Worked on my sinus headache better than any other external product." Darlene Minter, Snellville, GA

All Pain Is Not Created Equal

If you (or someone you love) have the kind of pain that has driven you to read this far, we know you are ready for fast-working, safe and effective pain relief. You are ready to get back to doing the things you love do. You're ready to Enjoy Living Again just like these RTPR customers:

My doctor put me on morphine & 4 other pain killers...I don't need them anymore." William. B, Lamont, FL - Arthritic Knee Pain
I applied a small amount of RTPR to my hip and within a minute, the pain is easing" Deborah H, Lorenzo, TX - Nerve Pain
The relief was immediate! Beth S, Idaho - Neck Pain
...arthritis in my hands was so debilitating I couldn't open the inside liner of a cereal box. I am once again able to use my hands. Robert Leeper, CA
Off the meds and getting a good night's sleep! Craig N., Atalissa, IA - Carpal Tunnel
Within 10 minutes the pain was gone. Bridgette Montgomery, Festus, MO - Neck & Shoulder Pain
Our Story

12 years ago when we started handing out samples to friends and family we weren't looking to start a multimillion dollar business, we were just trying to help the people we cared about –Enjoy Living Again.  Listen to our story of 3 plus 1 = success (3 regular guys with 1 amazing product = helping thousands of people Enjoy Living Again):

The RTPR Try Before You Buy Approach

One of the hallmarks of Real Time pain Relief is a time tested "Try-Before-You-Buy" philosophy. While it is likely that you will feel relief from your first application, we would like for you to experience 3-4 days using our product before you make your purchase decision i.e., "Try-Before-You-Buy"

Our 5-Pack Trial Package gives you, the best value at 33% off retail and FREE SHIPPING too!

After 3-4 days, you will begin to experience what tens of thousands of others have been experiencing for over a decade...pain freedom!

Click Here to Order

If you need more, we have other special in our online store like the perfect 30-day size for only $14.95. We are so excited to speed your relief that we'll even pay the shipping.

Click Here to check out this and other special packages we have designed with our customers in mind.

If you or someone you love is experiencing debilitating pain, we recommend that you get the 30 day size with the bonus samples included. After all, the worst pain is when you finally feel that long-awaited relief . . . and then you're just counting the days until your full supply arrives.

Still on the fence?

Take 30 seconds to hear why Linda T. of Cheney, KS said "I just went ahead and ordered a jar!"




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