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The RTPR Affiliate Program

Friday, 16 April 2010 15:25

rtpr_logo_pk_200x81Are you looking to earn extra money from:

  • Your website
  • By monetizing your blog, Facebook or Twitter
  • Your Email list or E-Newsletter

If you are, Real Time Pain Relief is right for you!

The Real Time Pain Relief Affiliate Program is the most consumer and affiliate friendly program available today. If you are an experienced affiliate you know:
  • How Important it is to have consumer friendly products that create goodwill for you
  • How Lucrative the right affiliate program can be

RTPR.com is the perfect program whether you are an expert or are just looking to start earning money through your online contacts and traffic. If you are just getting started take a look at this is this article “Monetizing is Key in a Tough Economy” read more

What makes the RTPR.com affiliate program unique is:

  • Over 100 million Americans suffer from pain every day
  • Real Time Pain Relief is an FDA Registered, Doctor Recommend pain relief product that changes peoples’ lives.
  • RTPR offers Travel Packs (trial size) for as low as $1.00
  • Over 20-40% of people who request purchase Trial Packs on line buy Real Time Pain Relief.
  • The average order is $40 -- $8.00 in commission to you.
  • The product is so effective that reorder rates and customer referral rates are very high creating a compound earnings effect for our affiliates.
It is FREE and Easy to join and get started. Click Here

Related Article
Monetizing is Key in a Tough Economy
Published on Libertaso.com

The term, monetize, literally means to convert to currency – cash.  In tough economic times CASH is KING.  Monetization takes places on all levels:

  • Governments print money
  • Wealthy people covert securities into cash
  • Regular people have yard sales or garage sales

In the last decade the concept of Monetizing has been dominated by internet companies.  The concept is that companies like MySpace, U-Tube, Twitter and Facebook create massive web traffic and huge databases then try to find a way to turn their traffic or database into cash through advertising, joint ventures, subscriptions or usage fees.

There are hundreds of articles on the internet about monetizing your online resources, but unless you’re an expert most of the ideas are hard to follow and do not work the way they are described.  One of the biggest fallacies is that you have to be a huge company to Monetize.  Our company, Libertaso Consulting, has an ongoing program for helping internet entrepreneurs monetize their web traffic and databases no matter how small or big they may be.  Participation is entirely free for anyone with a website, e-newsletter, blog, Twitter following or Facebook account.  Of course not all monetization is created equal; the bigger the following the more the cash you can create.  But one thing is certain...Everyone can earn cash with no risk.

Here's why...
In addition to working with internet entrepreneurs who seek to monetize their resources, Libertaso also works with companies that need more of an internet presence.  Our goal is to find companies with wide appeal and extremely affiliate-friendly structures, and introduce them to energetic new internet marketers they would never meet on their own.
In the end, one hand washes the other.  They need you, you need them, and we're the matchmakers.  Our consulting experience means we can size up the companies that are worthy of your efforts, and it also lets us screen would-be web entrepreneurs so we introduce our client companies to the kind of people who will provide the exposure they need. 

We would be glad to work with you to help you become a successful internet marketer.

Join the RTPR.com Affiliate Program!

It’s FREE to Join and It’s EASY to Make Money. Click Here

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I'm definitely going to keep using this product -- IT WORKS!!!

  • Sandra J
  • Weymouth
  • MA

I tried it and it worked in less than 10 minutes relieving the pain in the right side of my neck.

  • Carol R
  • Columbus
  • OH

I am thinking of taking a sample to my doctor so he is aware of your product.

  • George R
  • Sinking Spring
  • Pennsylvania
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