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RTPR Testimonials

I'm a 63 yr old woman who has inherited some painful Arthritis, along with age! I bought a tube of RTPR from a lady at a Flea Market in Ala, for Arthritis in my ankle caused from being broken twice. It helped that, but my real testimonial is with my knee pain. I know it won't be long before I have to get a knee replacement, sometimes I think I probably need to go get a Cortisone shot in it, but thanks to Real Time Pain Relief I haven't. The relief in my knee when I rub it on is almost instantaneous. To me it's a miracle cream. I couldn't believe something I found at a Flea Market could make my life so bearable. Actually, I'm not out, I just felt the need to make sure I could still order when I do need to. Whoever it was, that sold this at Sadie's Flea Market in Dothan Alabama, many thanks to you.

Patricia howard ( Graceville , FL )

I was suffering with lower back pain for about two weeks. I had used everything on my back and was about to call a doctor and went to Flea Market with my husband and lady was selling Real time she offered to try it on me and I was at the point when I would have tried anything for some relief. I felt immediate relief after she applied it twice. I walked the rest of the way thru the market almost pain free by the next day I was walking normally no pain. I never want to be without this

Sally Shields ( Dalton , Georgia )

I was experiencing pain in my hips when I saw a car in the store parking lot advertising RTPR. I got the web address, went online, ordered the product and have been a customer every since. This product is powerful and really does help with the pain of arthritis. I haven't tried the foot cream but I am going to buy it because of plantar fasciitis and the hand cream because I'm experiencing carpal tunnel in both of my hands.

Karen Butler ( District Heights , Maryland )

I'm a type 2 diabetic, I just recently started having Diabetic nerve pain in my feet. I use Real Time for my arthritis in my knees. I couldn't sleep one night from the pain in my feet, I looked over on my nightstand and just tried the Real Time on my feet and I've been able to sleep every night since.

Anthony ( Gwinnett , Georgia (GA) )

After an exhaustive day at the York County Fair, my son wanted to continue with the rides. My legs were screaming in pain and I knew I had to tell him I just couldn't go on any longer. As I sat down at a bench, I saw a stand with the product. Skeptically I decided to take a look. As I entered they had me remove my shoes and roll my jeans above my knees. They applied their gloves and immediately began to apply the leg and foot cream. Within moments I could feel my toes again and my legs felt amazing! To my suprise the cream was not sticky after it dried and it didn't stink. Being a skeptic I still decided to pass and continued to walk around the fair. After about 30 minutes I had feeling in all my toes again. I circled back around and bought the foot cream and tube of cream. I've been using it ever since. Icy hot has nothing on this product. It really has helped my nerve damaged leg tremendously!


This is the best pain relief cream I have ever used. I have used several prescription pain creams, none have compared to RTPR cream. I have chronic arthritis in my hands, knees and hip. My mobility has greatly improved. My need for oral Prescription drugs have been reduced from 4x a day to 2x a day

ann ventus ( cincinnati , oh )

As someone who has severe back spasms this product relieves the pain and tension. I move so much better and rest easier at night. Thank you

Elizabeth Zimbleman ( LONGMONT , CO )

I want to thank the person who left the testimonial about the sternocleidomastoid muscle issues. I too suffered from the same inflamed sternocleidomastoid (scm) muscles causing headaches and dizziness (lightheaded) and buzzing and vibrating and humming behind my ears and ear ringing. Who knew that these neck muscles could reek some much havoc? Since I've been massaging my own neck every day (with thumb and index finger) that started to help. I also got some real time pain relief and started using that, and I think it has speed up the healing of these muscles. I actually like the smell, my wife was neutral about the smell. 2 months ago I thought I was falling apart. Now I've got about 90% of the pain and tenderness of these muscles worked out and healed. It is kinda like having plantar fasciitus in your neck. I'm so glad I found this product. It has helped recovery.

GranadaCoder ( RDU , NC )

I love this stuff. I have severe pain in my lower back that runs down the front of my leg to my knee. This is the only product that has worked for me. My roommate also uses it for his arthritic knee pain. I prefer the roll on, as it gets it to the areas that hurt and no mess, either.

Maryanne Dunne ( Broomfield , Colorado )

I ran across RTPR at an ASH dance convention in Greenville this year. My dancing daughter gets little relief using the popular name brand products that are primarily menthol. Once we tried RTPR we stopped using the other products as we were amazed how well it works. I too have been plagued with lasting pain after a long career of competitive gymnastics and dancing. RTPR is a refreshing and effective change from ice packs and internal pain killers and anti-inflammatory medications which I prefer to avoid. Thank you Real Time!!!

June Campbell ( Mt Pleasant , SC )

This product is amazing , I tried a trial pkg on my heck area and my hand joints , I have Gout in my hands And bone spurs in my neck and all it took was a small amount and 2 or 3 mins and there was no pain for several hours 8 to 10 hours of full relief and I was so amazed . It is wonderful and I will be one of those to keep it in my homefrom now on !!!

glenda mccoy ( collinsville , al )

Due to my work in the restaurant industry, I have been suffering from terrible plantar fasciitis. Some days it's impossible to even walk and often when I finally get to crawl into bed after a long shift it's impossible to sleep because of the pain. I was taking dangerously large doses of Aleve, but getting little to no relief for my feet. That is until I discovered the wonderful miracle that is RTPR Foot Cream, given to me by an amazing friend! Now just before bed I rub it into my feet and prop my feet up on a pillow for a few minutes and voila! the pain subsides and I am able to sleep and even walk normally in the morning. Sometimes after pulling a double shift the pain is excruciating and I find that if I rub it in, prop my feet up do a few minutes and then rub in another coat and prop my feet back up the pain will subside within 15-20 minutes and by morning I'm ready to go dancing! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, RTPR.....you have saved me a lot of tears and pain and allowed me to keep working!

Cherish Hoban ( Maryville , TN )

I did some damage to my shoulder in March. I had X-rays and scheduled an MRI to determine it was a torn muscle. I tried ice, heating pads, pain pills and nothing could relieve the intense pain I was feeling at all times. I put on RTPR and within 10 minutes I had full range of motion with little to moderate discomfort. 10 minutes prior to putting on the RTPR I physically could not lift my arm above my head because the pain was so bad. I was instantly sold and will never go back to a different product.

Clint Narramore ( Austin , Minnesota )

I have been dealing with a disc issue and pinched nerve in my lower back for over 18 months. After a week with RTPR, my pain is almost entirely gone. I felt better after just the first two days. I simply can't believe that a topical pain reliever could have such an effect. Unlike some of the other sprays I've tried, which just give me a short-lived cooling effect, RTPR is having a lasting effect that is speeding my own natural healing process. I couldn't be happier -- and I am not easy to please. THIS STUFF WORKS!! I only wish I'd known about it a year ago!!

Lauren A. ( Topeka , KS )

I have arthritis in my hands and have tried a number of different rub in pain relief with little success. I saw RTPR at a function at the Volusia Co Fair Grounds and bought a tube to give it a try. To my surprise it works! I rub it in and have relief in minutes. I heartily recommend it.

Randy B. ( Deland , FL )

I first came across Real Time at a Health Expo for a half marathon I was running. I run and train a lot for half marathons, marathon, and triathlons, which means I often have pain in my knees, back, or ankles when I've been training hard. I have bad reactions (swelling in my extremities) when I take too much NSAIDS, so finding Real Time was a blessing for me. After the first time I tried it, I was sold, and continued to use it and recommend it to my family and friends. I'm getting ready to put in a second order for my mom, who has arthritis. She says it helps her a lot. So while I knew Real Time worked great, I didn't know just how great it worked until after I had surgery in December 2014 to remove a part of my meniscus that was torn. I could not take the pain killers I was given for the after-pain because they made me too nauseous, and I had to be so careful about taking any NSAIDS that I didn't really want to take them anyway. So I only used ice and Real Time for the pain. That is it - that is all I used for pain relief after my surgery. Very impressive!

Tonya Svoboda ( Lutz , Florida )

I was walking around the Mesa Swap Meet a few months ago and started having severe pain running down my right leg to the point that all I wanted to do was sit down. I came to a booth that was selling the Real Time Pain Relief. I stopped but was very skeptical. I had some applied to my leg and sat for a few minutes and then had some more reapplied. I thanked the person and went on my way. Within several minutes of leaving the booth my pain went away.... I really couldn't believe it but it really worked. I was able to walk the rest of the time I was there, pain free.

Donna ( Chandler , AZ )

I tried real time today. My pain level in my lower back, after surgery, was a level 6 or more. This stuff works better than the pain pill I've been on for past two weeks. I don't need my cane to walk anymore. I have back problems for over 20 years. THIS STUFF WILL KILL THE PAIN....

steve robertson ( Marshall , Texas )

This product is amazing. I purchased some last year at the fair and love it. I need to get more. It is the only thing that has helped the pain in my hands and I have restless leg syndrome really bad and it has made that go away and I get a restful sleep. I highly recommend this

Ron Crigger ( Manassas , Va )

I did not believe that RTPR would do anything for the pain I have had for years, but I am amazed at how fast and effective this product is. I have been able to move and sleep pain free for the first time in a long time. Thank you, RTPR.

Michael Wroblewski ( Sun Prairie , Wisconsin )

I had been going through six weeks of physical therapy for knee pain and it wasn't getting any better. Found a vendor of RTPR at a local farmer's market and tried a sample right there. I got up, walked the rest of the market and as I was returning to my car it dawned on me that I had absolutely no pain! I quickly went back and bought the large tube and the roll on. It ended up that I went for an MRI and have two tears in my meniscus and am having surgery in a week, BUT RTPR made it possible that I could function with NO pain. I have bought some for my family and friends and they are also amazed at how well this product works!

Holly E. ( Merrimack , NH )

This Stuff Works for TOUGH to treat CHRONIC PAIN!!! My mother gave me this cream to try for my Fibromyalgia -- FM is nerve pain. Nerve pain is one of the hardest pains to treat per the many doctors I have seen. This cream WORKED - the relief I got was surprising. It was FAST. Was in a car accident the other day, got diagnosed with whiplash and strained back. I got out the cream and felt immediate relief for the strain! Unbelievable And Thank You!!

Heather C. ( Lakeland , Florida )

Hello again . Just wanted to thank you for your service in reference to Real Time pain relief. Simply it works, it really works and the scent isn't bad at all. Great product and thank you it was nice seeing you at the African Event.

Rodney Carr ( Baltimore , Md )

I was introduced to Real Time Pain Relief by a Holistic Nurse Practitioner. I was very skeptical as I have bone on bone grade 4 osteoarthritis in my right knee. I am also an RN, myself. I cannot take NSAIDS without having severe stomach upset. And I'm allergic to Meloxicam (Mobic) I discovered. I'm also a disabled veteran who spent the majority of my working military career on my feet as a medic and nurse. To say that I'm in pain is an understatement. I've tried Bio-Freeze, Icy Hot, and other creams and skin patches including Voltaren skin cream. The Real Time Pain Relief Cream beats all of those hands down. Recently my left knee was injured by stepping in a gopher hole in the backyard and I've been in tremendous pain with that injury. I have multiple tears in the left knee according to the MRI and a severe MCL sprain and possible tear. The pain is so bad, I'm in tears at times but when I use the Real Time Pain Relief Cream, (especially after a warm shower) I feel that I can move again. It improves my range of motion so I can walk properly versus having the Tim Conway shuffle. I get a kick out of applying it. It feels so good. And the smell is so nice and not offensive like some other menthol products. This is the ONLY cream that I will recommend for severe osteoarthritis pain and other pain issues such as a backache, headache, neck ache, etc. I wish more people with pain knew about this wonderful product. I'm doing what I can to get the word out there. I've referred quite a few people. I just hope they try it! If you are on the fence about ordering this wonderful pain relief product, just do it! You won't be sorry!!! As an RN, I'm all about helping people and this cream is a true gift for those who suffer from pain.

Helen F. ( Louisville , KY )

After months of constant pain to the point where I could not move, I went to be checked out by doctors.. 6 months after the pain first started I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.. Over a year of trying all kinds of internal medicine that was causing all kinds of side effects and not helping with the pain at all.. and then being told my only options for any other medicines to TRY are going to be $200 for a month supply.. I had tried all kinds of other pain rubs as well, but all of them had very strong smells and most of them if I put it under clothing it felt like my skin was on fire.. I happened to be near a RTPR booth and was in severe pain, I decided that I would give it a shot.. within minutes my pain was gone, and by the end of the day THE ONLY pain I had was where I didn't apply any of the cream! This stuff is amazing.. and $60 for what should be a 2-3 month supply? When doctors are trying to tell me my only options are $200 a month, plus side effects of chemicals in my body? Real Time Pain Relief.. you are my heroes.. thank you for making such a wonderful product!

Kiley ( Washington , NC )

I am from a small town and just had went and purchased SALONPAS and my local drug store that did not work and I had ordered RTPR and the sample came in the mail and I rubbed it on the back bend of my leg behind the knee and the pain left. I hurriedly went to the website to order more. Folks you just gotta give it a try and you will find your relief at last.


I've been in chronic pain for over 20 years. I have lupus, degenerative discs, hip pain, and sinus headaches. My nephew, Kevin Hansen, sent some Real Time to me. I want to tell you how pleased I am with your wonderful product. After using it for 10 days, I could tell a big difference. I've been using it a few months now and I walk much better, have much less pain. It gets rid of my headaches really fast and I can now sleep all night without my hip pain waking me up. I now can wait longer before having injections. Before, I had to get the spinal injections every 3 months. My doctor was amazed at how much better I am getting around. Please don't stop making this product!

Bonita Pierce ( Carbon Hill , AL )

I suffer from a connective tissue disease and tried many products nothing would ever penetrate to the affected joint areas.. Today I purchased this and within 5 minutes it had penetrated the area that was really hurting the worse finally giving me relief.

Emily M. ( Martinsville , Illinois )

I have knee pain from the being in the Army, so I started using some of the free samples I received. I noticed relief in a matter of minutes..

Corey Zupka ( Pigeon Forge , Tennessee )

I have suffered with Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis which pain medications have not helped and have rather hurt my liver and kidneys and the serious pain meds make me so groggy I cannot function. I have tried BioFreeze which simply numbs the area but does no good at long term pain relief. A friend gave me a sample of Real Time Pain Relief and when my husband puts it on my joints the pain is gone and I can sleep. I love this product so much!

Dawn Briggs ( Parker , Colorado )

The very first time I used Real Time I was able to get a good night's sleep! I used it on my knees and hips for osteoarthritis; didn't realize by doing so I was applying it to my hands---just noticed that the pinching pain in my hands had stopped. I love this product and need more! Thank you Real Time Pain Relief.

Yvonne ( Silver Spring , Maryland )

I suffered from chronic pain from Sacroiliac Joint Pain and sclerosis of my hips. I was on all types of pain meds and then was put on pain management to get bilateral steroid injections. The pain from the injections was so painful I knew I had to make a change in my life. I'm so thankful I was introduced to Real Time Pain Relief. I have been off pain meds now for two month...Glory be to God!

Denise Charity ( Highland Springs , Va )

I tried RTPR 2 weeks ago and I love this stuff!!!! I have told everyone at work we do repetitive and heavy work,8-12 hrs a day 6-7 days a week sometimes. After 5 minutes my hands felt great!! Thanks RTPR, Susan Young

Susan Young ( Hopkinsville , Ky )

I've been using RTPR since the end of last summer. Now, I can't imagine life without it. Most recently I felt a cold sore coming on (tingling,soreness, swelling, redness, and the beginning of a blister. I went online to find fast relief. After reading several home remedies I realized RTPR contained many of the all natural ingredients suggested to speed up the healing process. So I put a little on a cotton swab and applied it three times a day for three days. By the end of the 3rd day all signs of the cold sore were gone!!! I love this stuff!

Yolanda Jennings ( Philadelphia , PA )

Real Time Pain Relief Cream is the first product that has ever relived my pain. I have pain for several reasons, injury to my shoulder, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and weird numb areas that hurt on my thighs. This cream hits them all, and gives me a break!! Love it!

Carol Askhew ( Sedona , AZ )

I have degenerative arthritis coupled with hypokalemia. The latter effects my heart and all my muscles. When I suffer s double attack there is nothing I can do but lay in pain. My husband came home with a sample and applied it to my wrists,ankles and shoulder blade. I was able to fall asleep and actually sleep through the attack. Never have I found a product that was non-prescription and not highly toxic that performed so well and so FAST! I personally recommend this and will be seeing how to get more retailers in my area to carry this in Stock. Thank you RTPR!

Felicia ( Maricopa , Arizona )

I found RTPR at my chiropractor's office. I LOVE IT!! No residual smell and non-staining are the top two reasons I love it. They are real close behind the number one reason: IT WORKS!! I have tried many others but nothing has worked as well as RTPR. I am constantly recommending to to people I know.

Deb H. ( East Peoria , Illinois (IL) )

I suffer from lower back pain and was having a particularly bad day. I used this and was amazed at how fast I was able to get relief. I will continue to use Real Time Pain Relief for quick and easy pain relief.

Catrina Dickens ( Siloam Springs , AR )

I have osteoarthritis in my hands; I applied this lotion to my hands while on vacation and it was like a miracle. Within minutes my hands no longer hurt.

Delores Harmon ( San Jose , California )

I met a RTPR vendor at a festival. My arthritis was bothering me. I limped over to her booth asked to see the tube of RTPR so I could read the ingredients. She did. I smelled the product and there was no strong medicine-y smell. After I read the ingredients on the tube, being familiar with some of the ingredients I was sold! The ingredients worked and with no strong unpleasant smell.

Cassandra ( Durham , North Carolina )

I had my doubts, but I was at my wits end trying to find relief for my son's Osteonecrosis. Real Time Pain Relief really works. It even helped his migraine. I used it for neck pain and it was literally within minutes that it disappeared. I highly recommend this product!

Michelle T. ( St. Croix , IN )

I saw the Real Time PAIN RELIEF display at a small business expo. Actually I went to the expo to find out about the product. I had lower back surgery and lumbar spinal fusion, and I wanted something to aid my healing without forcing me to continue on major meds. This product is great! After days of up to 800mg pain relievers every four hours before the surgery, it seemed I would still be at least half after. I work 10 hour days and I just apply it in the morning before I leave and maybe take a half dose of pain reliever and I'm good for the day . I recommend it to any and everyone and I certainly want to purchase more. And thank goodness it smells good !

Jeanette Rivers-Bates ( Chicago , Illinois (IL) )

My hubby was down with a wicked sore neck....muscle. Put your product on and he noticed a big difference. I'm always a doubting Thomas, but saw the difference. Will place an order for my Mother and sisters soon.

Janice S. ( Conway , Arkansas )

I had been dealing with undiagnosed medical issues for 18 months and had been to EVERY kind of doctor with no diagnosis or answers. Prior to this incident, I was a healthy 41 year old busy Mom of 3 boys. Doctors had me on so many different types of medications for inflammation and pain relief that my scripts would need to be changed because my body would get used to it and not respond. I should also note that I NEVER really was without pain and discomfort while on the medications and receiving cortisone shots. I met a couple at a local event and she had asked me to try a sample and I had IMMEDIATELY noticed the inflammation in my hands was reducing and my coloring was returning to a normal "pinkish". I applied a second layer after 5 minutes and I could move my fingers with NO PAIN!! I WAS AMAZED WITH THIS MIRACLE IN A TUBE, THAT EVEN SMELLED GREAT!!!! I purchased a tube that day and now I'm sharing RTPR with my friends and family. I'm forever grateful to them for sharing such an amazing product!! I'm a firm believer in everything happens for a reason and THANKFUL I was at the right place at the right time!! RTPR has given me the use of my hands again, pain and inflammation free!!

Michelle H. ( Papillion , Nebraska )

As a Master massage therapist I've used several pain relief products over 40 years of work. RTPR did not just give me instant relief but over time (about 20 days) offered restorative effects. I've regained about 80% of the use of my thumb, which is invaluable in my work. I use RTPR on every client and those who purchase RTPR all wear a success smile! I can hardly keep it stocked!!

Elizabeth C. ( Phoenix , Arizona )

I met a man yesterday that was selling the RTPR and I tried it. Within a couple of minutes my knees were not hurting so I had to buy some then my husband put some on his knees when we got home and he liked it too.

Crystal C. ( Kingsport , Tennessee )

I was having migraine-like headaches for over a month. On my second trip to the ER at the VAMC in West Palm Beach FL on March 21at, the pain was so intense that I passed out. I ended up spending 5 days in the hospital for tests which didn't find the problem. The doctors decided to take off the meds I've been taking for PTSD, and prescribed 750mg of Methocarbamol 4x daily. When I woke up, there was still no significant change in my pain level (7). I decided to try an experiment with RTPR and applied the lotion to my entire head, not just the back of my neck and my temples. After 5 mins, I applied more and in about 10 minutes, I wasn't feeling any pain and that lasted all day and night. Plus I woke up this morning without any headache. I did it again and still there is no headache. Folks, this thing works for me...I don't know if it will work for you or your family members or friends who may be suffering from any kind of pain. But ask yourself this question....What if it will work?

Konrad Rowe, Sr ( Royal Palm Beach , FL )

I had real bad cramps, if you ever give birth to a child, it is like labor pains. I put some of this cream on and within 5 minutes, the cramps were gone. Normally, I would have to take several pain pills that took hours to work while I suffered in pain. 6 hours later, I had to take more. I don't like taking any pain medication, so I LOVE RTPR! It really WORKS!

Neila B. ( Chicago , IL )

I am very please with this product. I have arthritis in both knees and tendonitis in my elbow. I have tried this product, I have not used any pain pills in the two weeks I have been using it. I give this product an A.

Jacqueline ( District Heights , MD )

I am so glad my Chiropractor introduced this to me! I love it because it works. I suffer with severe Myofacial pain all over my body. I have had a lot of surgeries and still have enlarged lymph nodes. I have even got my lymph nodes to reduce in size with the Real Time. I got the small packages and just give them out to people that I see in severe pain. It is proven to work well for me.

Nancy ( Cerulean , Ky )

I have pain from Fibromyalgia to Rheumatoid Arthritis. I make my own oil rubs for everyday woes, but when I tore my hip to groin muscle and smashed my knee, I needed something more. A nurse told me about Real Time Pain Relief and gave me a few packets. It helped me heal and get through the very bad pain, no muscle tone or control. I can now go out drive, walk and dance. I use cane, but RTPR helps me with the hip and knees and more when I need extra power and it doesn't just cover the pain it heals. I don't leave home without it!

Stephanie S. ( Raleigh , NC )

I have just recently switched from Bio freeze to RTPR. This product is great! I had chronic back pain and ankle pain from an old injury back in 2004. And biofreeze worked but was only masking my pain. After just 1 week of use my pain has stayed gone. I only apply RTPR 3 days a week and each application is a pea sized amount." about as much as toothpaste on a tooth brush." I massage it in and the pain just vanishes and it stays gone. I am going to by some for my dad mom and grandma. Thank you so much Jesse and Eva McCoy for introducing me to RTPR. I will be buying more very soon!

Michael G. ( Jomesboro , AR )

This product was recommended to me for my chronic pain. I tried it and felt immediate relief. This product is worth the money.

P.H. ( Jonesboro , GA )

I purchased a 5oz tube of RTPR in St. Thomas while on a cruise and walking a lot. I have had osteoarthritis in feet, knee, hip and many other joints for some years. I have a drawer full of creams that didn't help. I used the RTPR while walking and experienced immediate relief making the cruise more enjoyable. My wife had pain around her mouth from a denture rubbing, tried it there and had immediate relief. If this continues, I expect to use it for the rest of my life.

Bruce P. ( Fayetteville , Arkansas )

I am very skeptical about this kind of thing. We found this being sold from a booth at the flea market. Yony's (my husband) back has been bothering him pretty bad. He wanted to try it and the guy had samples so we took some samples. This was last weekend. Yony has used this throughout the week and says that it takes his pain away. Lately, in the evenings my hands have been feeling swollen and stiff. About 5 minutes ago I decided I would finally give this stuff a try. It is topical and you just rub it in like lotion. By the time I finished rubbing it in, my hands were no longer feeling stiff and swollen! This skeptic is no longer skeptical about this product at all. The ingredients are natural and the active ingredient is menthol but it doesn't have a strong scent like menthol though. Bottom line: If you are hurting, this is worth giving a try.

Shannon ( Mobile , AL )

I have always been an avid DIY'er from painting to landscaping and a little of everything in between. On Christmas vacation, I installed a floating floor in my kitchen. This beautiful floor nearly killed me! It took me four days to install it by myself and at 54, I thought I was done with any more projects. My knees, back and hips hurt so badly I could barely walk. When I got up you could hear the cartilage popping and I moved like I was 84. I used every ointment I could get my hands on. Then I met a distributor for RTPR. To tell you the truth, I thought that was another $20 wasted but I was in for a surprise. I applied the rub to my knees, back, hip and wrists that night. My husband didn't even know I had it on. Considering I had nearly asphyxiated for the last 2 weeks that was a gift in itself. The next morning I got out of bed to let the dog out and was half way down the hall before I realized I didn't have any pain and I was moving and feeling like my old self. THIS STUFF WORKS!!! I thank God for RTPR.

Janet ( Angier , NC )

My husband has plates & screws in his ankles from an auto accident almost 4 years ago. Nothing relieved his pain until he tried Real Time Pain Relief! He gives this product 10 stars!

Kim S. ( Ashton , South Dakota )

I found your product at a booth for the Philadelphia Marathon Expo last Sunday. I have always had a very high tolerance for pain, but the product smelled so nice that I allowed your representatives to apply your product to my elbow. I had chronic, annoying pain since I injured it playing racquetball 8 months ago. I promised to return to the booth and buy some if the pain went away while I was at the Expo. The stuff did not work instantly, but boy, did it work! Over an hour after application I suddenly noticed that I was pain free. Possibly for the first time in 8 months. It took three days for the pain to slowly return. I have ordered more of your product and plan to make it a part of my daily regimen. (Also leaves my hands lovely soft after applying. Bonus!) Please let your reps for the 2012 Phili marathon know that it may not have worked as quickly as they thought it would, but they were right on the money about how well it works. Maybe it takes a bit longer to get rid of pain that has been around so long.

Nancy G. ( Bridgewater , NJ )

A 4.5 pound frozen chicken slid out of my upper freezer and bounced off my 2nd toe on left foot. It was excruciating pain! I hobbled quickly to the bedroom and rubbed on Real Time three times in about 10 minutes. The pain melted away in about another 5 minutes. I completed my sales event that day without pain. RTPR still amazes me! The toe was completely burgundy bruised that night but I applied more RTPR when I arrived home and again at bedtime. It left me pain fee. The bruise was gone 2 days later.

Ruth B. ( Villa Ridge , Missouri )

On November the 2nd and the 3rd I was sitting up a booth at a flea market and across the isle I saw a man talking (CRAP) about a lotion that will help out with pain. We chatted for a few then I did not say anything else. Then on the 3rd of Nov. I was talking to him and my left knee was hurting from a old injury when I was in the Army 199. I asked him if I could try it out and I put some on my knee and walked a way. It was still hurting but when I got back to the booth it had stopped hurting. I also have a burning sensation on my spine right in the middle of my back, I asked him if he would put it on for me. (I HAD NO MORE PAIN AT ALL FOR A WEEK) I had a friend put some more on my spine tonight (Friday 8th of Nov). I have been going to a chiropractor for years. I told him what I had done and that I had no more pain in my back, he said I guess you won't be coming back no more then will you. It seemed like I was bending over with my arms crossed and a deep breathe to pop my back every 3 minutes or so because I would get that burning sensation. I have not had that since Sunday the 3rd of Nov. Since I started using RTPR I am now trying to open peoples minds and helping them out with their pain.

Timothy C. ( Cave City , Ky )

I have gout. Two years ago I had an allergic reaction to allopurinol which gave me Stephen Johnson Syndrome, shut down my kidneys and put me on dialysis for three months. I am limited in what oral medication I can take. When I have gout flare ups usually with oral medication it takes two days for the medicine to get in my system and I am usually on crutches for two days before the pain gets bearable. I had a gout flare up the day before I had an event. I used real time pain relief the night before and the morning of my event. I was able to function at my event. Although my right foot had swelled up to twice the size of my left foot, within 5 days, the pain and swelling from my gout was gone just by using real time pain relief and no internal medication.

Cynthia N ( Fort Washington , MD )

I had instant relief and I suffer from DDD and have had one microdiscectomy.

Shanetta J. ( Michigan CIty , IN )

My mom visited me last year and I happened to go by a medical supply store and I saw an advertisement in the window for this product. I was skeptical because she had tried over the counter products as well as prescriptions with very little relief. I bought a jar and I will say that she is hooked. I've bought more for her and she is extremely pleased. It has helped her arthritis and fibromyalga in more ways than one. She is able to do more with less pain and I can and will say that it has been a godsend. I plan on purchasing a jar for myself to help with my aches and pain and look forward to the ability to move with less aches. Thank you Real Time Pain Relief for helping my mom!

E Rogers ( Maryland )

I began using real time pain relief about a week ago and I started off with the samples I purchase from a man at the stock yard he was telling how good it worked. So I tried it because I WAS OVER COME BY HIS TESTIMONIAL. IT TRULY WORKS! I HAVE HAD PAIN FOR OVER 10 YEARS AND NOTHING WORDS LIKE REAL TIME PAIN RELIEF. I'm now a true witness for him.

Veronica D. ( Wallace , NC )

After using it on my shoulders I got immediate relief!

Lauris H ( St. Thomas , VI )

I have been suffering from osteoarthritis knee pain for a couple years to the point that I could not sleep at night because of the intense pain. I ordered some sample packs of RTPR to try the product. The first night I applied it, I slept through the night without any pain. I was so amazed with the results. It has been over a week since I have taken ibuprofen or aleve and I used to take them 4 at a time trying to get some relief. Thank you RTPR.

Wayne G. ( Pensacola , FL )

I had fell last July on my tailbone and pinch my sciatic nerve so part of my leg goes to sleep and hurts at the same time but I put real time on it and the pain goes away. I also put it on my veracious veins and they are slowly going away. What is even better ticks and chiggers don't like RTPR we put it on chigger bites they quite itching immediately and by the next morning they are gone. Real Time Pain Relief makes ticks back out if they are still attached so they can be removed.

Donna G. ( Sallisaw , Oklahoma )

I slammed 2 fingers in the car door tonight. No broken skin but red and immediately puffy....the kind of pain that throbs all the way up under your arm! My husband brought out the Real Time...and I had my doubts...but almost complete relief with minutes! Why does it still surprise me how well it works?

Ruth B. ( Villa Ridge , MO )

They say it is hell to get old, well I don’t think so. Real Time Pain Relief is absolutely the most amazing product on the market and hardly anybody knows about it. I simply can’t get over this product. As I started reading about some of the benefits of using this product I tried it. My nails and fingers were really bothering me and within minutes they stopped hurting. The skin felt smooth and the irritation was gone. Immediately I felt the product going to work and it all stopped. I know longer have irritations or pain as soon as I used this product I feel so much better. It's great for headaches but specifically my problems are in my neck and shoulders and the back of my head all the time. Not anymore, I can work for hours now on my computer and it is now no problem. I have even used it on my dog. And guess what he is 13 years old and as soon as I rub it all over him he falls right to sleep. It works on insect bites, sprains, bruises, sunburn, and ladies my wife said it even works on cramps. Yeah. That’s a real pain relief. You name the problem and real time pain relief will fix it. If I am experiencing pain anywhere I automatically reach for this product. Every single home should own this product and it should go everywhere with you.

Tom C. ( Odessa , Florida )

I am dealing with bone spurs in both heels and decided that I did not want to take another pill so I decided to try your product. I tried it for 9 straight days and I am so happy that I don't have to go through the anxiety I felt every morning when I would step out of bed onto the floor. Depending on how much walking I do; I may have to apply RTPR in the middle of the day and always at night.

Deborah R. ( Washington , District of Columbia )

Real Time Pain Relief is amazing! To date, I have not had any acetaminophen, ibuprofen, gabapentin, or hydrocodone in nearly 3 months! I have a herniated disc in my lower back which causes low back pain and sciatica nerve pain that shoots down both legs. RTPR relieves both the back pain and the nerve pain within minutes of application!

Kevin H ( Maryville , TN )

I am TRULY impressed with Real Time Pain relief products. I have had feedback from numerous people, both men and women suffering from muscle strain, arthritis, and back pain. In each case, these products have help to resolve the pain sometimes temporarily and sometimes permanently. I suffered a pulled muscle in my back and the roll-on brought relief in just a few minutes. After 24 hours, my pain was completely gone. I highly recommend this product. I give it four stars.

Dr Diane Folk ( Sun Lakes , Az )

I suffer from severe foot. leg, and thigh cramps and "Charlie Horses" that usually waking me up at night. About 10 nights ago, I used a sample of Real Time Pain Relief on the areas of cramps and I have not had these cramps since. "RTPR" where have you been all my life? This made a believer out of me!

Ann P. ( Washington , DC )

Hi I tried this product about 2 months ago before I had my Major Back Surgery on 5/9/13. I also had another procedure on 7/24/13. This products was a great wonder for me. It has relieved me of my pain on two occasion. I will be ordering this as needed. I even gave some to my roommates to order also. Keep up the good work, thanks again.

Joyce M. ( Randolph , Massachusetts )

Have tried the original real time pain relief and it works great for arthritis and muscle pain and soreness from working too hard. Have gave a few packs out to hurting friends and one said the product really helped her and she would order a tube of it. Smells nice and I don't haft to use a lot with each application . Does a good job and seems to relax the muscles.

Shirley C ( Fayetteville , Ohio )

I was diagnosed by my Doctor with osteoarthritis in my neck on the right side of my neck was this continuous annoying pain which I could not get rid of at all. I began working at the Ohio State Fair,and I went to the Senior Citizens' Janis Center. I met Mr. McCall he shared a testimonial about how Real Time Pain Relief worked for him. He proceeded to ask me if I wanted to try it. He gave me a sample and I tried it and it worked in less than 10 minutes relieving the pain in the right side of my neck. I use the product and now the pain is gone.

Carol R ( Columbus , OH )

I'm sixty,and have degenerative disc disease,from top to bottom,and over the years,have had two back surgery's. With the left over results,of scar tissue encased around my sciatic going to left leg. I'm on very powerful pain meds, but it is very painful to walk,and sleep still. I had tried every Cream on the market, with no lasting relief. I have been using Real Time Pain Relief, every day somewhere on my body, from my neck to my feet,for the past month. It works fast, no stinky smell, and has improved my mobility, reduced my pain medication,and puts a smile back on my face. I'm so happy to have finely found something natural that works so well. After twenty years of fighting this disease, I'm enjoying the relief this product gives me,and my friends,and family.

Michael M ( Springfield , IL )

I am diabetic and have neuropathy in my hands and feet. The only product that has provided any relief is Real Time Pain Relief lotion. Have been using it as a customer for three years. I recently had a situation with cancer and I learned about a problem with Chemo and a pain from cancer tumors and from Chemo that is a pain like neuropathy. Real Time Pain Relief does work with that pain too. Talking to the doctor at Duke about Real Time Pain Relief as a real solution for this pain. When I prove that this works, the folks at Duke may issue a major medical paper.

James K ( Durham , NC )

I purchased Real Time Pain Relief for my dad who has osteoarthritis (knees & shoulders). He has very little pain or discomfort now after using Real Time Pain Relief morning and night for a few months. I had a ganglion cyst the size of a marble on my wrist. I went to the doctor last year. He told me that they usually grow back after being surgically removed. He said that some people smash them with a Bible. I am NOT that brave. It didn't hurt. It bothered me to look at it. While applying Real Time Pain Relief to my dad's shoulders and knees, I decided to wipe a little of the excess on my wrist. About two weeks later, it was gone. It has been a few months now and it hasn't come back. That was an unexpected surprise.

Laurie W ( Gilroy , CA )

It works! I had back surgery, both knee replacements. The pain in my knee was gone immediately. I had sinus headache this morning and my sinus pain was gone in five minutes. p.s. All my family now use Real Time Pain Relief

Thomas S. ( Siler City , N.C. )

The product is excellent.

Manuel N ( Naranjito , PR )

Just wanted to let you know that my wife Kathy just started using her 2nd Jar of RTPR. She opened her 1st Jar 3-16-2012 and cleaned it dry on 7-5-2013!! This is her personal jar that she uses multiple times per day, but she uses it very sparingly, because I told her if she just wasted it, she'd have to buy her own. We do have another jar in the master bathroom that we both use almost daily. We don't know what we'd do if we didn't use RTPR, eh!! A God Send!!

Bill K ( Weaverville , CA )

Since May of 2009 I have had extreme pain in my right hip. The cause of this pain was from falling down a half flight of stairs. The meds that were offered to me from the hospital were hydrocodone. I only had taken one pill for my pain and the meds made me more sick than the pain in my hip. I've had to go through life just dealing the best I could with the pain. I'm a pretty healthy conscience person, so I had consistently used organic products to help heal my body slowly. To no avail my pain was always there. I was contacted by my long time friend Pastor Melvin Riddick to try Real Time Pain Relief. After receiving the sample and applied it to my aching hip, I sleep better than I ever had since having my hip injured. I thank God for a true friend as Pastor Melvin Riddick for introducing me to Real Time Pain Relief.

Andrea H ( Orlando , FL )

Having degenerative disc disease, herniates discs and bulging discs, cause my injuries while deployed to Kosovo, I figured I would give it a try. I received the sample but never used it.I had almost forgot about it until today. This morning I woke up with severe back spasms on my left side. I had a lot of work to do today that involved heavy machinery so I didn't want to used my normal back pills that make me drowsy. I decided to try the free sample, without having much faith that it would help, but what did I have to loose? Within maybe 30 minutes, the muscles had loosened up and my back was no longer hurting. Thanks!

Brandon ( Fair Grove , MO )

I was recently diagnosed with degenerated disc disease, scoliosis, and arthritis all in my lower back. My doctor prescribed me a arthritis pain pill but it had so many side effects that I was afraid to take it. I was sharing with my brother how my back was aching and he introduced me to Real Time Pain Relief. I thought, well I'll put it on when I get home, but after reading the testimonials about how fast it works, I thought well, let me just try it now. I applied a small amount as directed and in 5 minutes applied some more. I am simply amazed!! I kid you not, the aching feeling that I had when I came to work has subsided. I have tried a lot of ointments and nothing has worked that fast. I'm glad I have found something that can give me instant relief without taking a pill.

T Rainey ( Durham , NC )

Bought a tube of Real Time Pain Relief in Myrtle Beach, while on vacation. I have degenerative disk disease in my lower spine and in my neck area. I have a lot of pain from the nerves in these areas. I did a lot of work in my flower bed this year. Digging up old plants and turning the soil and adding more garden soil and planting new plants. Laying mulch in my flower beds. As you can imagine my back hurt so bad that by the time I was finished all my gardening I was in pure misery. I remembered that tube of Real Time Relief that I had bought in Myrtle Beach. I got it out and read the directions and applied it on my lower back and hips ,where I was so stiff and hurting. I waited for 5 minutes and then reapplied it again. I could barely move before I put it on but then after I was able to move freely and instead of being in pain for a day or two the pain did not return. I used some on my neck also because I hurt there also. It did make my neck a little itchy and sensitive but the thing is it helped my neck and I have not had the pain since. Since it says on the tube to use as needed, I haven't had to use it since. I especially liked the nice smell it has. Does not smell like other rubs. This product really worked for me. Real Time Pain Relief! This product lives up to its name.

Shirley C. ( Fayetteville , Ohio )

I had been having a lot of pain in my lower back. We were at the beach walking around the Blue Crab Festival...the more I walked around the more I was hurting, I came across this booth on my way out(it was actually beside the booth I was wanting to get some dips from) I was like hummm worth a try. So I rubbed it on my lower back, then continued to rub it in on my hands within Minutes my back was feeling somewhat better, and that's when I knew I had to have some. I bought some on the spot. Took it home, found out my sisters back was bothering her, rubbed it on her and she said this must me in my head but I am feeling better already...and that was right after I put it on. I also have chronic muscle spasms in my upper back and use it on that as well. I am loving this stuff!! Will be ordering more soon!!

Christine ( Vale , NC )

I had a ganglion cyst on my left wrist the size of a marble. I was applying Real Time Pain Relief lotion to my dad's knees so I decided to apply some to my cyst. It's gone!

Laurie W ( Gilroy , CA )

I was diagnosed with "atypical" migraines after suffering (and I do mean suffering!) with severe headaches for years. I was never comfortable with that diagnosis and the drugs prescribed didn't really work very well anyway, so I continued to look for answers on my own. I finally found the answer, and Real Time Pain Relief has turned out to be part of the solution! My headaches are caused by my sternocleidomastoid muscle (it runs from behind the ear down to the clavicle), and massage of that muscle can make these previously intractable headaches disappear. RTPR rubbed on this muscle makes them stay away, at least for a while. I believe by the time my first tube of RTPR is gone, my headaches will be gone for good. This has been life changing for me and I want to shout my thanks from the rooftops! (I also tell everyone I know with migraines to check out youtube for instructions on how to massage the SCM muscle to see if it helps their headaches, as according to my research this is commonly misdiagnosed as migraines...such a shame in my opinion.)

Robin G. ( Texas )

I have been to DR many times & have gotta cortisone shots which it help with pain but the pain will come back, but with Real Time Pain Relief, no knee pain.

Kellie ( Andrews , Virginia )

After 3 days ,I have no more pain in my elbow .....I am so very grateful to have found your site...thank you,thank you,thank you

Donna H ( lynnfield , Massachusetts )

KUDOS! Real Time Pain Relief has past the test. RTPR provides comfort to the Arthritis in my right shoulder. At one time I could not sleep on my right side, but I can now thanks to RTPR. I use RTPR all the time for relieving pain all over my body. This is a Great product.

Anthony B ( St. Louis , MO )

My husband and I have been suffering for a over 4 years in chronic pain. He has fibro, sciatica and dessicated disc in his lower spine. He got "tired of being tired" from narcotics and steroid injections; which also almost blinded him and gave him a nervous breakdown. He refused to take medication and always been in search for herbs to help in. We have been on herbal coffee for almost a year, but the pain would come back daily if we didn't drink the coffee. My kneecaps need to be replaced but I'm only 57 and don't want surgery at this time, the only recourse left. I always have chronic knee pain and can barely move at times, until we were introduced RTPR over a month ago. After being on a the treatment plan for 10 days, our pain is gone!

Lucious & Adelaida D ( Valdosta , Ga )

I can't believe how fast it works, I just started using this product a few days ago and it's amazing you just rub it on wherever your pain is and within a few minutes you feel the difference. This product really lives up to it's name REAL TIME! I absolutely love it and would recommend it. I don't need to take anymore pills.

Yvette C ( Woodbridge , Va )

My daughter-n-law gave my dad a tube of Real Time. He's had chronic pain in his knees for years and wore a knee brace. He has been using Real Time for 13 days and today he took off his knee brace and said he no longer has any pain in his knee. He had been feeling relief from the beginning but announced to my mom and I today that he is longer in pain!!! That is really huge for a 92 yr old WWII vet! Thank you for this remarkable cream! Blessings to you all, Mira Dowe, daughter

Mira D ( Wapato , WA )

I tried a sample pack at the bowling alley one night. I felt results in about 5 minutes!! I bowled a 185 (my average is 156)! I immediately purchased the roll-on! I've been using it every since. I'm bending my knees without pain for the 1st time in over 5 years!!

Wanda F ( Hyattsville , Maryland )

The product itself speaks volume and in my amazement it is unbelievable how fast it works. Thank you for helping people with reclaiming their life back it really works

Alandra L. ( Clayton , NC )

Some of my most difficult patients have reported how much better they feel with Real Time Pain Relief. For years we have carried the most popular brands of rub-on preparations in our chiropractic office, with quite a clientele built around those products. I have the perfect situation for running my own objective comparison. I am getting multiple reports back that they are getting better results with Real Time Pain Relief and love the product. I am convinced that we have all found a winner.

Nancy R, DC ( Chattanooga , TN )

I love it... less pain.

Estera M. ( West Saint Paul , MN )

Have had 3 injections, and use the RX Lidoderm patches. Couple days ago my cousin gave me two packages and told me to try it. Glory be to God it works. My shoulder is feeling 99% better and taking less Celebrex, and Advil. I just ordered the convenience pack and the March special. Making sure that I don't go without it. Thanks to RTPR.

Louise M. ( Hilton Head , SC )

I did a lot of walking yesterday and woke up this morning with my leg muscles killing me so bad I could barely walk. When the mail came, a Pain Relief sample was in it. I decided to try it. What could it hurt, right?? I was amazed!!! Within minutes, the muscle pain in my legs was gone!!! I headed right to the computer and ordered me a tube!

Melissa B. ( Anderson , IN )

I had an ankle fusion about 3 years ago. It eliminated the major pain, but left me with occassional sharp, stabbing pains below the fused joint. One night the pain became severe and I had just received a sample of RTPR. I thought I would try it instead of ibuprofen. I applied RTPR and it eliminated about 95% of the pain in a few minutes, enough so I could go to sleep. I was so pleased with the results, I placed an order the next day. THANKS!

Jim H. ( Bakersfield , CA )

I have tried everything out there for my osteoperosis bone pain. Some days my legs andhip joints feel like they are breaking in half!! Nothing worked!! I was even addicted to prescription pain meds!! I am VERY skeptical-so I ordered a trial pkg. I tried it 1st by rubbing some on my jaw joint area for my TMJ--I could'nt believe it worked!! But, I had to try something else. I rubbed it on my lower back where all of my pain radiates from. It worked! I can't believe it!!! I just ordered a tube and will continue to post my results. I will be getting a lot of people some to have them living pain free too!!

Becky T. ( Shawano , WI )

AMAZING!! We were both skeptical about using anything for pain relief. I received a free sample in the mail. My husband had a torn rotator cuff and was on his way to play hockey. I put the lotion on the area that was bothering him and within a minute he said that his pain felt less bothersome. I ordered a bottle and started using it for myself. I am allergic to acetaminophen and have stomach issues that cause problems using NSAIDS. The lotion is fantastic! I use it as prescribed and the pain goes away.

Dennis & Wendy ( Ridley Park , PA )

I woke up this past Saturday with a headache and decided to get out of the house in the hopes that the fresh air would do me some good. Didn't help. I eventually met Ivye at a local Home & Garden event being held and decided to try the product. After I applied it, Ivye told me to walk around a bit to see how I felt, then come back. I would not have believed it had it not happened to me, but my headache simply faded away. Naturally, I purchased the roll-on and a new found fan of this product!

Cynthia ( Virginia Beach , VA )

After 3yrs. of non-stop pain and soreness, the pain has been reduced to only slight soreness after standing for long periods. My nightly application does away with the soreness by morning. I use it on all of my places that bother me with pain.

Randy B ( Knightdale , N.C. )


Maria S. ( Bryan , TX )

I have osteoarthritis and the first thing in the morning, I put Real Time Pain Relief on my neck, shoulders, elbows, mid back, right hip, both knees and especially the right knee, both ankles and my right foot and toes. I do this in the morning and I get through the day pretty well. It lasts for hours. It takes the inflammation down. I can’t take aspirin or other NSAIDS because I am allergic to them. Before, I took acetaminophen for my arthritis, but it didn’t work like Real Time Pain Relief at all. It wouldn't touch the pain. With internal medicine I would have to wait an hour for it to work, but this works immediately. This is the only thing I rely on, and I don’t use anything for pain except this. It is a marvelous product. I have movement. I can use my hands. I can play the piano. I have a grip. Osteoarthritis creates a burning sensation in the fingers and toes, and this will stop that. It takes away all the discomfort away and gives me relief. And I have no allergic reaction to it. And it doesn’t have a fragrance that lingers like some of the other topical creams, that everyone knows you put it on. I love the color blue it is, and it doesn’t stain. I’ve had it on my carpet and in my hair, and it doesn’t stain.

Barbara B. ( Elkhart , IN )

It works very well with pain in the knee area!

Timothy C ( Allentown , PA )

I am a truck driver and I am always hurting somewhere, so when my friend Donald O'Neal told me about Real Time Pain Relief I said I'll try it. I tried it and it made my shoulder pain go away. So I'm going to order some more.

Michael E. ( Clarksville , TN )

I initially wanted to try the sample for my husband's back and shoulder pain. I ended up using it on my knee for Arthritis and it helped with flexibility greatly. I can go for longer walks now!

Dana R ( Sandy Valley , NV )

Best stuff ever. Received mine as a sample. Wasn't sure what to believe. My knees were bothering me and I thought what the heck, I'll try it. OMGosh, took it right away. You gotta try this!

Leslie ( Ashland , VA )

Broke ankle in 5 pieces; was told by Duke Doctors that I would always walk with a limp. After trying a sample, the pain was gone in less than 10 minutes. I Didn't limp anymore. Fantastic product!

Randy B ( Knightdale , North Carolina )

I went to an area Thrift Store, and there I ran into this gentleman, name, Randy....He was talking about this wonderful lotion that would take away pain.I said sure,there was another customer whom he had already put the lotion on..this lady was shouting all over the place, praising God and thanking Randy. I said do me, within minutes I could feel the pain leaving my knee. The next day I called Randy after reading over the materials he gave me at the Thrift Store...Thank God for meeting Randy, I'm placing an order today.

Cheryl M ( Raleigh , North Carolina )

This is going to sound crazy but....I have excruciating menstrual cramps. I've had them since I was 13 and the only thing that works is Vicodin. I ran out of my normal meds so I tried a sample. Immediately, I was in HEAVEN! Nothing has ever worked but amazingly I was pain free! I applied it to my belly, unbelievable!No more pills for me. Thank you so much!

Tia L ( Orlando , Florida )

I received the Real Time Pain Relief product in the mail. I must say, I was indeed surprised. It worked instantly and not only that, my arm pain is still greatly reduced and almost back to normal. I am very surprised and relieved. I definitely plan to order some more in the near future. Thanks so much for such a great product. I am really impressed.

Patricia T ( Birmingham , Alabama )

The first time I used Real Time Pain Relief I was amazed at how fast it relieved my arthritis in my wrist it really worked fast I will be purchasing some more in the future this is better than bengay and it does not smell!


With two arthritic knees creating pain and causing me to limp, I had tried just about everything to get some relief. Ok, some things did give temporary relief, but only sporadic. Then I came across Real Time Pain Relief available in the US. I contacted the company and found that I could order from here in the UK. What a blessing. It does exactly what it says on the tub. Pain Relief in Real Time. Wonderful.

David H ( Scawby , North Lincolnshire, United Kingdom )

I use Real Time Relief and I can say in conjunction with my other pain medication I feel like I did before my major injury and injured my back and other part of my body that affect my ability to hold down a job in the field of Correction. I would like to say I really will keep using the product and tell my friends.

M Edwards ( Albany , Georgia )

I received a sample of RTPR but hadn't used it yet. Last night I couldn't go to sleep due to pain from a strained neck. No matter how I changed positions, it hurt so much I couldn't get comfortable. I applied RTPR and eventually fell asleep. I woke up this morning to NO PAIN at all. A bit of the discomfort is returning now which is why I'm placing an order.

Jude B ( Berkeley , CA )

I had arthroscopic knee surgery in May 2012 and then spent 4 months in physical therapy, which worked great. After I stopped physical therapy (PT), I didn't always have the time for the knee exercises (which did work - WHEN I did them!) so I continued to have some pain and swelling in my knee, as well as a lower back pain because I was favoring that knee and throwing off my alignment. I was limping around in the Hanover (MA) mall on December 28, 2012 when I met Ernest Gray, the Real Time Pain Relief (RTPR) vendor. After speaking with Ernest, I decided to buy a combo pack of the RTPR - a jar and the roll-on. I've used a well-know brand of joint capsules, with not much relief, so I have to confess I had a bit of skepticism. I should have had more faith!! Within a day or so of using RTPR (I use the product in the jar at least twice a day, and use the roll-on when I can at work), the swelling in the back of my knee went away, allowing me to bend that knee in a way I haven't been able to do since I stopped going to PT. I even used RTPR on my lower back pain and that's relieved!! I am sharing the samples with friends who have had back and knee surgeries and are still in pain - despite heavy doses of pain killers. This purchase did not disappoint. I'm definitely going to keep using this product -- IT WORKS!!!

Sandra J ( Weymouth , MA )

This is the best cream I have ever purchased it get rid of sinus headaches and other aches and pains will always buy more and will tell others!

Anastasia Z ( Bell Buckle , Tennessee )

It works great on my son, he was complaining about his knees and I put it on his knees and 10 min. later he was up and out the door as if nothing happen!

M. Edwards ( Albany , Georgia )

I have had 8 back surgeries, 2 ankle surgeries, injured my knee and shoulder. I have dealt with chronic pain since 1985. While walking around a vendors market. I was approached by Dee. She told me I needed to try her product that it would help my pain. I told her I had had pain for so long there was nothing that would help me. She said then what do you have to lose and I would be back to see her. So I put it on my knee and continued walking around. A short time later I noticed my knee pain was all but gone. I did go back to her booth and I bought a jar and a roll on, plus a travel pack. This was mid August. I just returned from a visit to my doctor and the knee I was going to have to have surgery on is healed. He said the ingredients in the product were awesome. I put it everywhere I have pain and I can tell you I have found a miracle in a bottle. I always have a roll on in my purse. My quilting club are all in love with it and my friends and family are buying it up like crazy. Try the sample and I can guarantee you will have your life pain free.

Sherry W ( Buffalo , WY )

I was introduced to RTPR by a sample I was given by a sales rep in Cary mall(can't recall name,very nice lady) I used it quickly due to having pains in back of my neck. It worked miracles. I have ordered twice since then & even given my Sister the small bottle and she loves it. I have given several of the packets away with people that had various pains. It is wonderful and I am using it for any and every pain. Trust me this is good pain reliever. Ex. headaches(rub on forehead or neck),leg, back, feet, even takes care of dry skin. I had a growth under my skin on my right hand and due to rubbing every night and wearing my arthritic gloves it is disappeared. It is a remedy that cures everything. Thanks for RTPR. I love it!!

Brenda D ( Knightdale , North Carolina )

My husband was complaining about left hip pain this Sunday while watching his football game. I gave him the sample I received a few weeks ago, he tried it and he said it did take away the pain.

Angela R ( Granite Falls , NC )

Once upon a time...(this yr to be exact/couple of months ago)My wife and I decided to go to the AZ State fair. We were not going to stay long. Being an ex college football player, I've had 2 knee surgeries, one shoulder surgery, a neck surgery..you get the idea!! I ache the most in my knees. And can only stand maybe an hour or 2 (2 is pushing it) Inside the fair there was this booth with a little ole smiling lady. She observed me limping. She said, come on over sonny and try some of this cream. I laughed saying to her, I've tried them all. Might as well. She rubbed the cream into my knee. Told me to come back in 10 min and reapplied a small sample. I said thanks and continued to walk the fairgrounds. No Pain Hmmm, I thought. Can't be. I continued to walk for over 4 hrs and no pain. Never happened before. I immediately went back and purchased this RTPR cream. She just smiled and said, Knew you'd be back!! The cream not only works, but with regular use, I have..no more pain at all!!! As that ole music group the monkey's use to say.." I'm a believer"!! A thousand thanks to RTPR. I have recommended this cream to all of my fellow ex football guys who suffer thru the tons of commercial salves and creams.

Michael Wright ( Surprise , Arizona )

I had been out daily, doing about 3 miles a day either on an elliptical or speed walking, and all of a sudden my knees started really bothering me. There was pretty good aching involved, so I contacted Cedric to see if Real Time Pain Relief could help that. He told me that was what it was made for. I ordered it and started using it 2-3 times a day, and the aching subsided quickly! I just purchased more as I have continued using it a couple of times a day and it keeps on working! Thanks Cedric!

Colleen G ( Raleigh , NC )

My friend gave me a sample and i have tried everything, really... this was my last hope. I have rheumatoid arthritis mostly in my shoulders so I said, what the heck. After 5 minutes it really kicked in and I put it on during the night so I could sleep. I slept thru the entire night and even when i woke up before I had my shower I was still pain free. Now I put it on both shoulders and getting dressed was never so easy. Thank you for a drugfree painkiller. I hate taking medicine orally,and this came thru for me.. THANKYOU.

Nora A ( Osterville , MA )

This product made a big difference to my vent-dependent quadriplegic husband's comfort!!

Alta M ( Cartersville , Ga )

No conocía el producto, pero me habían hablado muy bien de él y que funcionaba, pues, por fe hice una orden. Quería saber si funcionaba, cuando lo recibí, rápidamente me aplique en la rodilla esperé 5 minutos y me aplique nuevamente, me levante y camine y el dolor desapareció. El producto funciona de verdad y tiene un olor grato que se puede usar en cualquier momento. Pruebalo!!!!!! Frankie Moran (Camuy P.R.)

Frankie M ( Camuy , Puerto Rico )

I tried Real Time Pain Relief 3 days ago at the Greenfield Fair before I chose to buy it. It has been the best product I have tried. I think I tried all the products out there including prescriptions and found this too be better than any other product. After just 10 days my pain seems to be a very low level and I sleep all night. Thank you for this great product. I have let some people use the roll on and they were amazed. I will be a customer thanks again!

Dottie V ( Lanesboro , MA )

I ran into this stuff at the Port Towns Fair in Bladensburg and gave it a try. I have a neck condition where c3 and c7 in my neck are herniated and bulging. It causes me a lot of pain and I can't always move my neck all around or up and down like most people. I used to take a lot of pain killers and muscle relaxants and shots into my neck for relief but I stopped all that years ago. Within 5 minutes of talking to the people at the stand I could move my neck to the left without pain and then later after the second application to the right. I was pretty shocked and stunned that it actually worked,smelled good and wasn't sticky. I love this product and would love the chance to also sell it in the future. That's how much I believe in it. Thanks so much! -Nikki

Nikki ( Hyattsville , Md )

I am a person that works out a lot and I really get sore muscles. For days I go around with sore parts and I go walking around like a stick person. After applying Real Time Pain Relief to my sore muscles, I could no longer feel the soreness of my muscles. I have been telling everyone about this product and my friends are amazed with the results. Love the product and love the way that it is packaged. TELL everyone about this GREAT product!

Frank G ( Washington , DC )

Have been using RTPR for only 3 weeks but my foot is feeling great.Have had trouble with the right foot for over 15 months;went to the foot doctor twice;he was no help. Came across RTPR 3 weeks ago and I am very glad I found this product;do not need to wear an elastic brace on my foot since finding RTPR and I can actually stand all day (9 hr) shift and not be in pain and not walk with a limp.

Mary Lou C ( Salem , MA )

I had fractured my right knee recently and received two of the travel packs of Real Time Pain Relief by surprise in the mail. I rubbed it on my knee, waited 5 minutes, and rubbed some more on but didn't have any pain at all. I must say that this really does work in minutes!!!

Erica Gibbs ( Decatur , GA )

A powerful testimonial submitted by a Business Owner (Ronnie Willis from Marysville Ca.) that sells Real Time Pain Relief: I had a Lady approach me I went into my Sales pitch then half way through I looked at her and said you know I sound like a snake medicine salesman honey where do you have pain. She looked at me and said "where don't I have pain. I have fibromyalgia and I literally hurt everywhere" I could see the pain in her eyes. I told her lets focus on one area she said her elbow I applied REAL TIME Pain Relief to the area, almost immediately (it chokes me up to recall this moment) she began to cry, concerned I ask what was wrong was it burning, hurting or what and began comforting her. She calmed down enough to look at me and say "that spot had not been out of pain for 15 years, and WHAT HAD I JUST DONE TO HER?" I told her that sometimes the Pain Relief was immediate and that it worked on three levels it Relieves Pain , Reduces Inflammation and Revitalizes the Tissue. She stopped crying and asked "if she could expect the same results on the rest of her body" I told her I was sure it would. She called me and told me "it worked wonderful". Another Satisfied Customer and one that yanks at my heart strings every time I think about her. Thanks for an amazing product and the privilege of sharing it with others."

Ronnie Willis ( Marysville , California )

I have been using the Real Time Pain Relief for a month. I have had pain in my feet(nerve damage )causes by Diabetes for the last seven years. The pain is terrible. I have had pain killers, two other types of Doctor prescribed medications on going for years, and used other creams to help subside the pain. RTPR doesn't say that it helps nerve pain. But I can just tell you I have not felt relief like this in 7 years. I am a life time user. I am a life time user. Before RTPR I could not sleep at night without waking up in horrible pain. Thank you RTPR

Betty Cragin ( Los Angles , CA )

I've been in chronic pain my entire adult life (30 years) because of 3 whiplashes and a back injury. I went through pain management and endured the shots and epidurals, etc. Currently, my pain is mostly dealt with by chiropractic care and medication. I still, however, get a lot of "breakthrough" pain, especially in my head, neck, and shoulders. When I first tried Real Time Pain Relief, I was amazed! It's not greasy, it doesn't burn or stink, and it just WORKS! I love it. Thank you for this amazing product!

Joyce V. ( Pensacola , Florida )

Anyone who lives with pain knows the only results we want are those that leave us as painless as possible, for as long as possible. When I first started to listen to a presentation, I shut it down after all the proof is in the pudding as they say. I said to the gentleman, "I walk in pain everyday, let me try it." Needless to say, I take it everywhere I go. I use it, my grandma uses it, and recently my teenage daughter had a need for some relief and she used it. It does what it says it does, without the need to ingest that many pills to get the relief it provides.

Shannon Chachere-Mindingall ( Brown Deer , WI )

This product is absolutely wonderful. I had cortisone shots in my knees in March and was wondering how I would make it to my next shots in July. Real Time Pain Relief was recommended and I started using it. It has really made a difference. I don't think that I will need cortisone shots again! I have recommended it to my mother and my 92 year old grandmother! If you have pain -- give it a try and be pleasantly surprised!

Debbie J. ( Raleigh , NC )

I have always had trouble with my knee, but recently I had such pain, I had to finally see a Doctor. He gave me pain medicine, and I only took one, because I knew I could not continue with that. I found Real Time Pain Relief by accident and ordered samples, and had instant relief, I could not believe it. I had tried another brands, but did not like the smell or the real hot feeling. Real Time Pain Relief has a pleasant smell, no hot feeling when applied, and works great...pain gone, and had a good nights sleep last night. Oh, hope my reorder of a bottle arrives before my samples run out. I am thinking of taking a sample to my doctor so he is aware of your product.

George R ( Sinking Spring , Pennsylvania )

I have dealt with pain for years. I have tried so many things over the years (Prescription meds. & just about every treatment available. Including Morphine.) & nothing works as well or as fast as Real Time Pain Relief. I tried the sample packs & will continue with Real Time Pain Relief as soon as I get my disability check. Thanks for being there.

Dennis W ( Overland , MO )

Wow the Real Time Pain Relief really works! I had surgery over a year ago and nothing really worked - Pain Pills, Therapy, Swelling in my knee. With the Real Time Pain Relief - Rub it ON and Pain was Gone.. It reduced my swelling in my leg and I can walk without limping anymore - and Living PAIN FREE...

Phyllis D ( Phoenix , AZ )

I use Real Time Pain Relief on my hurting hand and it took the pain away. It is a great product! You should try it you will be pain free.

David G ( Atlanta , GA )

I have had a lot of pain for years, and have never found a product to relieve the pain until I found Real Time Pain Relief. I do a lot of computer work, and my shoulders and neck get sore and then tight. By the time I go to bed at night, I have so much pain it is hard to sleep. Now I put on Real Time Pain Relief, and fall asleep within seconds. One night I had a bladder infection that was so bad I could not stand to move, but I couldn't sleep, either, because of the pain. I finally decided to try putting Real Time Pain Relief on my stomach, and within a couple of minutes I fell asleep, and did not wake up until 4 hours later! Real Time Pain Relief is FANTASTIC!!!!

Nancy A ( Melbourne Beach , FL )



When the arthritis pain on my feet hit me in front of my third grade class, all I could say was "ouch". Then one of my students convinced me that her mom was selling something that would take away the pain. She called her mom right away and the next day the mom sent me a sample packet. Yes, within ten minutes almost immediately the pain was gone.

Lisa ( Miami , Florida )

My name is Eileen Peters and I am 68 years old. I have a degenerative disc disease, Fibromyalgia and arthritis. I have also had both knees replaced. I have pain to some degree all of the time. When my daughter, Ginny Williams, started selling this product, I didn't think much of the hype. Finally I said okay send me some samples. After using the two samples I told my daughter to send me a jar of Real Time Pain Relief. I started using it on Aug. 20,2011. I put it on 3 times a day the first day as instructed. When I got out of bed the next morning I didn't think I was so stiff or hurt as much, but wasn't sure yet. After a few more days, I'm sure. I love it.It sure makes a difference for me. Can't be without it.

Eileen P ( Moriston , Florida )

I have dealt with heel pain for years, after using Real Time Pain Relief for two days the pain is gone. Thanks Real Time Pain Relief, walking is no longer a chore!

Judy S ( Laurie , Missouri )

I'm still completely and utterly shocked at the effectiveness of this product! I'm in my 50's and play a lot of tennis which causes lower back pain from serving and when I first used Real Time Pain Relief it did EXACTLY WHAT IT CLAIMED... My Pain Was Gone After Only One Application! And I've continued to use it getting the same awesome results over and over.

Keith C ( Chicago , Illinois )

I took a really bad fall and injured my right shoulder. I went to the doctor and he prescribed pain medication. The medication helped with the pain a little but did not help a lot. I had ordered Real Time Pain Relief before I had fallen and boy am I glad I did. It has helped with what pain that the medication did not help with. If it was not for the RTPR I would have had to called the Dr for something stronger

BERTA R ( Caldwell , Idaho )

I have been suffering from cartridge problems in my knee for quite some time now. But within 10 minutes of using RTPR for the first time I was able to walk up and down the stairs with out pain. Thank you for a wonderful product.

David C ( Salcombe , Devon UK )

Soy un esceptico natural debido a mi educacion y entrenamiento (en anestesia), asi que no le preste mucha antencion a un producto homeopatico cuando me lo reconmendaron para unos dolores muy severos. Despues de estar mas de una semana con dolor, bajo terapia de cortisona sin mucho resultado, decidi probarlo...de alguna forma en alrededor de 10 secs. me quito el dolor de forma casi inmediata; es increible. Le auguro un obvio exito debido a que es tan eficaz contra el dolor somatico como lo son medicamentos mucho mas potentes y altamente peligrosos como los derivados del opio. Este tratamiento pasara a ser uno de los metodos analgesicos que mas utilizare, asi como una importante herramienta farmacologica no invasiva, sin ningun efecto colateral o contraindicaciones por lo que su uso es muy seguro y eficaz para dolores moderados a severo de tipo somaticos.

Orlando S ( Guaynabo , PR )

I purchased Real Time Pain Relief April 14, 2011 and received it on April 19th. I did NOT expect it to work on my TMJ pain that I was living in Terrible PAIN and could hardly talk. I was taking 2400 mg of Motrin a day that was not touching the pain. I used my product that night like it said, put it on one time then waited 5 minutes and put it on again. The pain remained at 10 min but at 15 minutes it was like someone gave me a shot of Novocaine because my Jaws went numb. Well I know know that it took the pain away so fast that I thought it was numbed up. I even looked at the ingredients to see if it had Lidocaine, it does not. But I use this product faithfully every day because I NEVER want to experience that pain again. I even carry it with me in case I have a day where I have to talk too much. Like everyone else who tries it and it works you get this thought "Did that just work or was it my imagination?" Well I can tell you this it was NOT my imagination it REALLY works! Give it a try you will be happy that you did. I use it for everything TMJ, Headaches, bug bites, sunburns and burns, Restless leg syndrome, pulled & tight muscles and this is only what I have used it for. I know Many people that I have seen it work for on other issues as well. Give it a try!

Ginger M ( Palm City , Florida )

IT WORKS! I have had hip pain for 7 years from childbirth and so now I don't have to take Aleve constantly anymore. Well I thought to myself Carrie is this in your head because you want and need it to work? So because it didn't harm I thought well next time one of my kids gets hurt I will try it on them. Well two weeks later my 6 year was dumping her plant water off the back porch yesterday 7/5/2011 Wednesday and she knocked her head onto the metal hand rail coming back in. She was screaming bloody murder and I just knew Oh great she is gonna have a huge bruise on her forehead and someone is going to think I beat her. I instantly thought of RTPR and applied it and prayed, not even 5 minutes later she says mom this stuff smells like topical fruits and my head doesn't hurt anymore. Well today 7/7/2011 she still doesn't hurt and no goose egg or bruise and no DHS banging on my door! Thank God and Thank you RTPR! DISCLAIMER: I am not saying by no means that just because this stuff works does not give anyone the right to go and beat their child. P.S. Also When I got the opportunity to join RTPR I was already excited , well when I see that the company was out of my home area I thanked God because that is one of my signs that I need to get back to Oklahoma. Another thing I sent my mom in Noble,Ok which was recently told in June she has Kidney failure and started Dialysis a few weeks ago a couple of the travel packs and she calls me and says um Carrie I was just wanting to know where can I get a bottle of that stuff?:-)

Carrie B ( Jackson , Idaho )

I popped a knee out of joint and had a chiropractor put it in place He put some of the RTPR on my knee to see if it would help with pain. He gave me a sample pack too for later to my surprise it helped after the second app.

John K ( Canton , Ga )

After having an operation on my knee several years ago I developed a major case of arthritis. I used RTPR about two months ago and it took a few applications to work but it did work. That is the GOOD news. The BAD news is I can no longer tell when there is a weather change coming 3 or 4 days in advance. Thank you all!

Ernest G ( randolph , MA )

I have bad pains in my hands and arms, I have worn braces on them for over four (4) years, two (2) week ago I was introduced to Real Time Pain Relief, within minutes of applying the cream to my arms and hands, I did not have to put the braces back on, and it has been 2 weeks , I am so amazed by this product , that not only did I Buy it, but I am a vendor with live proof that this product is REAL!!!!!. If you are in pain this is the product for you, Just try it!

Jacqueline L ( Charlotte , NC )

I have Osteoarthritis in my knees and hands and sometimes find it hard to even walk. I've used about every product on the market and find them lacking. I just started using this product and can already feel the difference.

Alan ( Durham , NC )

My friend who lives in Florida had been trying for months to get me to try RTPR, but I was skeptical. Finally, just to satisfy him, I ordered the sample pack. A couple of days later I woke with my lower back hurting much worse than it had in a long time. I've had chronic back pain for over 20 years and several disks in the lumbar spine have totally disintegrated. I've got bone on bone with pinched nerves causing pain! Well,I thought I would try some of the gel on my lower back. I did and was amazed about ten minutes later when I realized I had no more pain. The pain was gone all day and night! The next morning I tried it on my knee that was hurting me so badly I could not sleep and I got instant relief! Thank you!

Geneva M ( Tulsa , Ok )

Sufri un accidente del trabajo en 1988,se corrio la silla ejecutiva y cai sobre su base sufriendo fractura del coxis que no pudo ser enyesado ni operado. Fui sometido a tratamiento, t hasta el presenteerapia fisica y medicamentos con efectos secundarios. El Medico especialista me indico que la dolencia seria permanente y que he tolerado hasta el presente, Gracias a Real Time Pain Relief que ha sido la solucion!

Arcadio Del Valle Q. ( Aguadilla , Puerto Rico )

When I received my product, I had a sore knee. I rubbed the product on my knee, and within fifteen minutes, my pain was gone. Real Time Pain Relief really works!

Timothy M ( Alexandria , Va )

Thanks to Real Time Pain Relief I haven't taken any pain killers in over 6 months! But it gets even better, our household now uses the RTPR for every bump, bruise, burn, and blister. Real Time Pain Relief works like magic on all our aches and pains. Thank you RTPR!

James F ( Sedona , Arizona )

After 18 years of Pain and countless forms of Pain Management, Pain is no longer a part of our daily routine. Never take this product of the market!

Patricia J ( George Town , Tasmania )

I just received my Real Time Pain Relief tonight I was Very happy to smell the product in fact I would purchase a shampoo or conditioner with this smell it is so great, but I have chronic TMJ and it effects my Jaws ending up sending me to bed early with headaches and jaw pain on a daily basis. tonight I put it on the first time and the pain did not escalate in fact it kinda felt numb. I do expect Real time pain relief to do away with this chronic pain in a very short time based on my results on the first application.

Ginger M ( Palm City , FL )

RTPR is a awesome product that just flat-out works without the concerns of getting addicted or worrying about harmful side-effects of oral pain medication or pain killers. just rub it on the area where the pain is and that is all.

Wendell T ( Queens , New York )

This is the BEST! I have joint pains in my knees and back pains and as soon as I use the gel my pains go away. Most of the time it only takes one layer. I wish I could bathe in this stuff and I really wish that I would have known about RTPR when my mom and dad were still alive so I could have taken their arthritis pain away. I am telling everyone I see about this. HEY IT WORKS.... Thank you so much for this product.

Dee S ( Gillette , WY )

It's a miracle. I used a packet when it arrived, and a packet before I went to bed. Last night I had my first good sleep in over a year. I have a deteriorating spine and a hairline crack on my hind bone right on my sciatic nerve. I live in extreme pain. I have been prescribed pills for pain, muscle relaxers, pain patches of 150mg fentanyl and flexor for my back and spine. Pills for the constant pain and additional pills for my high blood pressure, caused by the extreme pain. I rarely get a restful nights sleep. Last Night I Rested! All night I slept and rested. I felt like a new person today, and it's only getting better. Thank you and you'll be hearing more from me and my hubby, he's using it on the tendons of his hands.

T Felch ( Golden Valley , AZ )

We got our samples today. I was waiting for my wife to wake from her nap so she could try it and there went one of my trick knees. Being a former Army SOF soldier and Law Enforcement combined with youthful athletics has had a toll on my knees, just like a professional athlete; but I don't think about them until they hurt. But when they do hurt, it is nasty! When my wife got up she said "use some of that RTPR stuff yourself and see if it works." I applied it and was much better no more than five minutes later. My wife also applied some for her headache and it fixed her right up.

Fr. C M. Butler Jr ( Chelsea , OK )

This is really stupid of me. I don't know what I was thinking. We were having a barbecue and had a pan of Chile warming on the grill. I went to stir it and grabbed the metal handle. HOT! I burned my hand, thumb and fingers. Right away I applied RTPR. Took the burn right out. Stopped the pain so well I would forget about it. When I would grab something it would still hurt. Seriously, the next day, no blisters and no pain!

R. Dickens ( Mishawaka , IN )

I hurt my left hand and wrist during sleeping (apparently slept on it);I started applying RTPR during the day and before I went to bed and the next day the pain was gone; incredible product.

C Bonilla ( Isabela , Puerto Rico )

Solo me la puse en el área afectada y en 2min ya no tenía dolor.Gracias ahora estoy feliz sin dolor.

Maria del C Noriega ( San Juan , Puerto Rico )

I am a 51 year old competitive runner who didn't start racing until age 48. I train hard, and win my age group most of the time but have also suffered with typical high-mileage, high-speed injuries. I know enough to stop but like most runners, really hate to do that and would rather do whatever it takes to get back on the road quickly. Since a friend brought over some RTPR samples a few weeks ago I've been amazed and thrilled with the results. As a long-time user of homeopathic remedies, I have to say this is one of the best, and certainly the best liniment I've ever used. It's keeping me in training for my next race...pain and injury free! Unfortunately I have to go home to Canada in March and can't get it there yet :( Hope you can distribute north of the 49th really soon!

Susan G ( Sedona , Arizona )

Saludos mi nombre es Josue Lugo soy oficial del Orden Publico en Abril de este año reciví una herida de bala en mi pierna derecha con calibre muy alto , se me afectaron 3 nervios del pie lo cual me produce mucho dolor y adormecimiento.Para aliviar el dolor tenia que tomar medicamentos hasta el punto que los medico recomendaron subir las dosis .Me dieron la oportunidad de probar el producto ese dia decidí no tomar los medicamentos para saber cuan efectivo era .Para el bien mio y gracias a Real Time Pain Relief el dolor que sentia del nervio comenzó a disminuir de imediato .Hasta el dia de hoy no e vuelto a ingerir los medicamento controlo mi dolor con RTPR ! Gracias !

Josue L ( Sabana Grande , Puerto Rico )

7 years ago, I began to experience overall body pain. In just 12 days on RealTimePainRelief I began enjoying living again! Doctors couldn't find anything wrong with me but I was definitely not enjoying living like my old self.I was among those who experienced immediate relief for my long-term knee pain. I just started marching around the house!I also postponed,and now think I will likely cancel altogether,my surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome.I can cut my own meat thank you! Almost seems they put a little bit of magic in RTPR.I also banged myself good today.After first aid for bleeding,I put a dab of our lotion on this too.I normally bruise and swell easily.Not today!I really do love this product!

Paula G ( Chaska , MN )

Gave sample to a friend at church that I have seen limping into service on her cane for years now. Took her into ladies room after service, used one sample on her back and one sample for her two knees. As we left the restroom, she was following a little behind me and when I turned around to see where she was, the biggest smile was on her face and she was amazed that the pain in both areas was disappearing. She started twisting at the waist to test out her back, no problem. After that, she couldn't stop lifting and bending her knees in amazement, since that usually would have been a very painful movement for her. Once outside, she was able to lift herself up into the high seat in her daughter's SUV with hardly any effort. She also awoke the next morning with no pain. I am SOLD on and thankful for this true and awesome Gift from GOD!!! I have joined the company and am looking forward to letting EVERYONE know about RTPR!!!!

Donna Bell ( Miramar , FL )

I just had to let you know my experience with RTPR.. I hit my hand with a hammer right above the thumb joint. You know those stars and birdies that circle the heads of cartoon characters? Turns out they're based on real life! hehehe I put some RTPR on it and the pain subsided a great deal immediately. Then about 2 minutes later, I put on a second layer and the remaining pain immediately disappeared AND IT NEVER CAME BACK! I've used RTPR on my knees and back and neck and it was really great, but this was just a stunning result on the hammer hit. This product is AWESOME!

Pamela D ( Bay Saint Louis , Ms )

My husband tried RTPR and said it works wonderfully! Thank You

Vera T. ( Baton Rouge , LA )

I have several bulging discs in my neck which cause constant pain. I applied a small amount, about the size of a quarter, and by the time I finished rubbing the RTPR in and the pain was noticeably less. Thank you!

Barbara B ( Bethlehem , PA )

I received the sample about 4 days ago for my sons knee. He had a lateral release surgery about 8 years ago and it still bothers him at times. He didn't want to try the "stuff" so I just tossed it on his bed. The next morning I noticed most of the product had been used. I asked him if it helped and he stated "I didn't want it to because I figured it was another "gimmick" but I tried it and mom it really worked!! Can you PLEASE get some more? SO here I am up at 12:50 AM because my left elbow is killing me from an injury 2 years ago. I snuck into my sons room and borrowed what was left of the cream. Now I am ordering it because I to am also amazed how well it works. It kinda has a SLIGHT warming sensation to it and it smells great plus it is in now way greasy.!!! I can't wait to get the tub in the mail...so hurry please :)

Tracey C. ( Topeka , KS )

I am very impressed with this product. I had a package that some one had gave me and put it on my husbands shoulder and he said it really helped. He hurts so bad that he can not sleep some nights so if you could send the jars of the cream ASAP so he can get started on it

Diane P ( Rayville , MO )

My wife has been having issues with her right shoulder and I started using this on her. She states that she has noticed a big difference since she has been using this RTPR.

James T. ( Chattanooga , TN )

I tried the sample I received and really believe that it helped me not to wake up hurting so bad in the morning. I rubbed it on for the last time of the day, at night when I got ready to go to bed. Thank you!!!

Pat C ( Oxford , MS )

Got this as a sample my daughter ordered and loved it! You got a new customer just from sending us a sample,thank you

Amanda T ( Banning , CA )

I received a sample and this cream is terrific. My husband hurt his elbow about 8 months ago and still when he moves his arm certain ways he still gets pain. Advil works for a while but this cream seems to last long. Thank you for the sample. I have emailed others about it.

Georgianna T. ( Hauppauge , NY )

Both me and my Mom think this is the greatest lotion ever!!!

Judith D. ( Chelsea , MA )

I do not have any image to add but this RTPR really works and it is very concentrated. How I know is that when I used it I had to literally fold the little sample pack to get the last few drops out and I rubbed it on my neck and the pain was gone after a few minutes. Awesome relief.

Gary C ( Ocoee , FL )

A few days ago I recieved my order and liked it as did my grandson on his back after I put it on him. One app did the trick after hurting for two days. He's fine now. Thank you very much.

Joseph C

Thank You Real Time Pain Relief. I can use my arm again, my daughter can move her neck again, my wife's stiff neck is gone, my ankle hasn't hurt in months, my son's carpal tunnel disappeared, and my friends are all happy to get rid of their nagging chronic pains. Not to mention how nice they are to be around when they aren't hurting or taking pain killers. Thank You for giving us our lives back. No pain, no pills, and no smelly balms. The best part is it helps heal the hurt. Lasting Pain Relief - Fast. Thank You!

Jim F ( Sedona , AZ )

I would like to take the time to let you know that your sample that i got in the mail relieved my back pain that I've been suffering with for 3 months,and taking pain relievers,and getting no relief from them prior to using your product,it worked in record time,i got speedy relief.I definitely will refer you product to everyone i know,keep on making more of this,because I'm looking forward to purchasing your product in the near future.:-)

Marissa W. ( Winder , GA )

I am a disabled woman who has lived with severe multiple pain issues for years. This past week, I have been in dire pain. I try to with stand the pain as long as possible, then eventually can no longer do so, I ended up with pain killers, muscle relaxers, then something for my nausea. It's awful, I don't feel like part of my families life, because I am so limited due to the constant pain. Recently, I have been suffering worse then ever before, I have been crying every day, trying to sleep cause the pain is so awful and the medication makes me tired. Finally I was sitting here tired of being on pills, tired of sleeping, and so tied of pain that makes me cry. I thought about the sample I just got. I had my daughter in law get it for me, thinking I have nothing to lose. I could not believe what happened next a little on one knee, amazing, I was bending it! No pain!!!! More on the other knee, I tried to squat, tears running down my face, NO PAIN, this can't be true. I haven't lifted my left arm in months, heck, years. A little up there, O MY GOSH, I could lift my arm!! ALL my friends have GOT TO TRY THIS. Can you imagine, we can all finally leave the house, the beds, we could actually MOVE, I feel like I am dreaming! THANK YOU!!!! I know this is gonna change A LOT OF PEOPLE'S lives I know...... GOD BLESS YOU, for making me feel like a MOM, Maybe I can cook again for my family even!!!! Thank YOU THANK YOU!!!!

Kathleen Wahl ( Williamsport , Maryland )

Where have you been all my life? This is the most AMAZING product I have EVER tried! I have been telling EVERYONE about your product and I can't wait to give away samples to prove my point! Please RUSH this order to me...My sample only lasted for 2 applications and I am in desperate need of more relief from headaches, neck aches, shoulder and back pain and bursitis in my hip. I have been concerned about liver damage from abusing Tylenol and I have damage to the lining of my stomach from over-using Advil, Aleve and Voltaren. Chiropractors hurt and massage therapy is expensive. Thank God I found you!

Jana J. ( Ponchatoula , LA. )

Loved the product and am now an affiliate. I am excited about this. Thanks for such a great product. I tried it too on my cheek bones for I have suffered allergies since 1986. in less than 30 minutes, I am breathing clearly. Love this stuff!

Cymbria K. ( Grovetown , GA. )

Thank you! Works better than anything I have tried!

Kim S. ( Oscoda , MI. )

I sent for a small sample for my Mom and she loved it! She told me to try it for my pain. thank you!

Kimberly T. ( East Tawas , MI )

wonderful product, got the sample of 2 packets and really need this soon. my boyfriend has a torn rotator cuff and this is the ONLY thing that helps. thank you

Kelly P. ( Southwest Ranches , FL )

Really enjoyed the sample that you sent me. Seems to work with my plantar fascitis and arthritis in my foot.

Doug L ( Royalton , MN )

I just received the one single pack in the mail, used it on my back, my mother applied it on me and my back felt better and I was able to cook a whole dinner without having to sit down a million times and then my mom told me she was able to close her hands and make a fist which has has not been able to for a few years now... We are going to try the trial packet and see the results of that and if it's the same we will be buying some jars and passing the word around about your product.. Thanks very much for offering the samples before have to purchase it. It is really a great help these days to try something out before having to but it and finding out that you have spent money on some thing that does not work.

Kelly H ( Houma , LA )

wow, i happened to come upon this site just looking for samples of anything and this was my first sample to come in...at first i was going to give it to my parents but i have been having back pain and decided i would use it myself and if it works as good as i have seen other testimonials claim then i would order it for my parents once i get the money I honestly didn't expect anything from this, maybe like the effects of icy hot gel where it feels good for about 10 seconds and then it hurts again, i was incredibly excited when i applied this to my back I immediately went out and told my parents about it and told them that this stuff is crazy I don't know how it works but its amazing haha...anybody with ANY SORT OF PAIN I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS TO!! This product is a must have, I know it sounds like just another crazy miracle product but it actually works, truly amazing i will definitely be ordering a tub of it when I get the money to do so, but it will last a while I know because it does not take much at all to help just a dab of 2 fingers and then rub on your sore area.

Wayne ( Williston , Vt )

I could not believe a "lotion" could make my pain subside. My knee swells and hurts because of a previous injury. Some nights I cannot sleep - I just can't hold my leg right for my knee to stop hurting. Real Time Pain Relief was amazing! I rubbed some on and in just a few minutes I had forgotten the pain and drifted to sleep. Wonderful product!

Vicki W. ( Columbia , MO )

I am currently under the treatment of my PCP & Neurosurgeon for a syrinx & hemangioma in the spinal cord. RTPR is a great alternative to traditional pain medication, esp when I need to be alert & focused but also need pain relief.

Alicia B ( Englewood , TN )

I work in a convenience store and on Wed. and Thurs. it's my job to put away the beer orders. On weds. I usually have over 100 cases to price and put away and I go home with back and shoulder pain. I take a hot shower and apply RTPR before I go to bed. I wake the next morning painless and ready to take care of Thurs. beer order. I tell everybody about your product.

Paul R ( Jackson , MI )

I was impressed with the sample. I will try this on all my painful areas. I did like the sample packaging,it would be easy to pack in my purse for use away from home.

Mary L. ( Pompano Beach , FL )

I was given a sample of this product by my brother-in-law and it worked. I need to have this at all times!

Arliah B. ( Charlotte , NC )

This stuff is amazing!!!

Albert J. ( New Castle , PA )

My friend, Joe, has been in pain for several weeks. His left arm and neck have hurt so bad that he is in agony 24/7. So today, in the mail I received my samples of Real Time Pain Relief. I put some on him and a while later he told me the pain was letting up and could I order some. YES I CAN!!!!!!!!! Thank You.

Karen P ( Fletcher , OH )

I just ordered RTPR after using it this week-end for the first time. It is a wonderful product. My daughter ordered a sample for me because she knows the problems I have had with pain and inflammation in my shoulders and arthritis in my hands. I don't like taking pills because of the problems they can cause. I applied RTPR on my shoulder and within 10 minutes the pain was gone! I could not believe how fast this worked. I had the first good night’s sleep I have had in over 5 years. The soreness is gone from my knuckles and I can bend my fingers without being in pain. I love this product. I can't wait to get my order. I am going to share it with some people I work with!

Sharon Choat ( Maryville , TN )

I have had lower back pain due to an injury in 1994 which has gotten worse over the years and developed into pain in both legs to the point where some days I have to stay off my feet and alternate between ice and heat. I ordered the sample packs and using one whole sample on my lower back and hips, within an hour the pain was 90% gone. Nothing else other than injections has ever worked to relieve the pain. I will never be without RTPR again.

Bob Haskell ( Alpharetta , Ga )

I tried everything for the pain in my hands, nothing worked. Then I tried rtpr, the relief was instant, am totally amazed, and truly grateful to RTPR for giving back the use of my hands without pain. Thank You Again,C.K.

Carol K ( Whitehall , Pa )

Hi I have been telling everyone who will listen about this wonderful product how after April 07/2005 when I was injured while helping subdue an inmate and subsequently needing a knee replacement which the Great State of Florida Workers compensation provider stopped paying compensation because arthritic has set into said knee which is common with my age and the length of time since the injury. My primary doctor put me on Morphine & 4 other pain killers to ease my suffering since receiving your product I don't need them anymore.

William B ( Lamont , FL )

I received a sample of RTPR and I have a pinched nerve in my hip. If I stand too long, I have severe pain in my hip and running down my leg. I applied a small amount of RTPR to my hip and within a minute, the pain is easing to a dull pain, very manageable. I have requested another sample, but I do believe that I will be ordering a large jar of this. Great stuff and smells great!! Thanks for this product.

Deborah H ( Lorenzo , TX )

Customer's Note: I received a sample of RTPR in the mail this morning and this evening I tried your product. IT IS WONDERFUL!! Over 10 years ago I fell and broke my ankle, had to have surgery, but my ankle was not the only thing that was affected by the fall, my knee also was injured. But, since my ankle was what was far worse off than my knee, the Dr. decided that wasn't a priority. And through the years my knee has gotten worse and worse. Went to a different doctor and they said that they could find nothing wrong with my knee. They gave me a shot of something underneath my knee cap and said it should be fine. Well.....it wasn't. So needless to say, I've been "dealing" with the pain. Over the counter pain relievers no longer work. It was getting to the point that I could hardly walk across the room without pain. So, when I find something that says will work, I try it. I have tried many different products and NOTHING comes close to what RTPR does. I was completely amazed. I want to thank you (who ever came up with this) for a product that has actually made a difference. Now maybe I will be able to play, pick up, and go for walks with my young grandchildren. I have only used one application so far and the sample that was sent has at least 3 applications in it and I ordered the small jar just to make sure it will continue to work. If it does, I defiantly will be ordering more. Also will most defiantly be recommending your product to friends and family. Again, thank you so much!

Mary B ( Moline , IL )

When i received my samples i put some on my lower back it worked The next day i rubbed some on my hands and it worked in seconds.I'm waiting for my order to arrive its the best i have ever tried and i have tried alot of topical creams and sprays. Thank You.

Rose ( New Castle , CO )

My sister-in-law didn't have anything in the house to relieve the itch from mosquito bites, so she tried the sample I gave her. RTPR kept the bites from itching for several hours! People are constantly discovering new uses for this product, so if you have any place that hurts, don't be afraid to try it.

Darlene M ( Snellville , Ga )

My daughter gave me samples she sent for because she knew I have been trying everything out there. This product is amazing. Thank you for providing those samples because I may never have found your product.

Geraldine A ( Jeannette , PA )

Thank You!! I'm getting some amazing testimonies from some some very skeptical people. I'm having wonderful results! I love the RTPR!! Blessings, Melva

Melva N ( Elkhart , IN )

I received my sample today and put it on both of my knees which are constantly in pain. I was surprised that immediately the pain decreased. I only wish I had ordered sooner as I am leaving for Tulsa this Thursday for a three day convention where I will be setting several hours a day and I know the pain that I always have will be with me. I look forward to trying your product over a period of time to see just how much my pain will subside. Thank you for the sample.

Linda T ( Cheney , KS )

I had received your samples and used them last night on my legs and I couldn't believe how fast it worked.

Betty Ann R ( Blenheim , NJ )

I can't believe your stuff helps so much! excuse me while i put on my RX lidoderm patches that cost $220 for a package of 30 that don't do half as much as your wonderful balm! Thanks for offering me and my loved ones hope!

Leo U. ( Burnham , IL )

We received our samples and are delighted with the results. Thank you

Peg R ( Clewiston , FL )

I am a 49 year old female that suffers from chronic pain in my back and i have tried everything that is available between pain pills creams gels lotion i have also used tens units and trigger point injections and I am please to say that I order the sample packs and used them and within 10 minutes I felt relief. I won't lie about this it didn't take the pain completely away but it did work on the soreness and I will continue to use this. I thank you.

Agnes E. ( Tampa , FL )

My friend Bob sent me an email telling me about RTPR. I have had a bad pain in my lower left side for some time now. I have been taking about 20 ,500mg pain pills a day to help ease the pain. But it was never completely gone. When I got my samples I had my grandson rub a small amount into my back, and I rub some into his sore neck. within ten minutes he had no pain and mine was almost gone. So I had him rub a little more in my back and the pain went away.I couldn`t believe the pain was gone that fast. about three days later I felt just a twinge, and rubbed in the rtpr and it was gone again. So no more pills for me I`ll just rub my pain away! I tell everyone I talk to about RTPR it`s the best.

Virginia M ( las vegas , nevada )

Woke up this morning with a pain in my neck and shoulder. Applied RTPR and within 10 minutes the pain was gone.

Bridget Montgomery ( Festus , MO )

This stuff is good! You will need enough to cover the affected area. Works better if you first spread it thickly and rub it in. Worked on my knee pain and also worked on my sinus headache better than any other external product. Rub it into sinuses, avoiding eyes. Expect relief after about 30 minutes. You will probably sneeze, then your sinuses will drain and you can blow your nose. I have not had to take antihistamines or pain relievers, after treating my sinuses with this product.

Darlene Minter ( Snellville , Georgia )

One of your affiliates who is a friend of mine came to visit me in the hospital. I mentioned that I had a head ache all day and she suggested that I try your product. Within 10 minutes, the pain was gone!

Jeannie P ( Ste Genevieve , MO )

I was amazed. The relief to my neck and shoulders was immediate! Nothing has ever worked that well. Use sparingly because a little goes a long way! Rub it on and the pain is gone is a true statement.

Beth Schmillen ( Idaho )

For the record, I am currently 63. I will be 64 in 3 months. Also for the record I am a former weight lifter, linebacker and schooled in the use of Tae Kwon Do (read strong, fast, and previously a great punisher of my hands). Until Friday of last week the arthritis in my hands was so debilitating I couldn't open a jar of jelly nor tear open the inside liner of a cereal box. Since using RTPR my arthritis hand pain has been reduced to tolerable and I am once again able to use my hands for simple tasks around the house. Hence, an order for more than just sample packets has been submitted and is currently being filled by the company. Thank you for making available a reasonably priced, fast acting, and effective product.

Robert Leeper ( La Habra , California )

My wife was recently diagnosed with carpal tunnel. Her pain was so bad that she made me drive her to the ER in the middle of the night on two different occasions. I got a sample for her and it helped her so much that she is off her meds. Needless to say I ordered her a jar and now we both get a good night's sleep!

Craig N ( Atalissa , IA )

A friend of mine told me about the RTPR product so I ordered one at which time they sent me two samples. After using those two samples, my pain was gone. So I decided I wanted to order this good product to use. I signed up as an Affiliate and ordered one of the 4.4 oz. jars of Real Time Pain Relief. The MSM and other ingredients contained in this product are awesome. It helps pain in the joints if you use it. But if you sit it on a shelf somewhere, it won't work....:)

Lucille Boling ( Lake Cormorant , MS )

I was working at a fair and was having terrible knee pain. I stopped at the pain relief booth and applied a sample and within a very short time my knee was back feeling fine. I stopped back at booth and made a purchase, and have been using product ever since!!!!

Gary Harwood ( Washington , NH )

I’m not really an athletic guy. I spend a lot more time typing on my laptop than anything. My main activities are yard work, golf, and a little swimming—except for the times when my son talks me into playing “hackey sack” with him! My worst pains are in my hands. It’s not the knuckles so much as the tendons that get all inflamed. Sometimes it feels like fire—tendinitis, I think. I’ve used all the drug store pills, but never went the prescription route. Either way, I know that whatever kind of medicine I take, my liver has to process it and get the poisonous part out of my system, so it always has gone against the grain for me to take a pill that soaks into every part of my body when the pain was just in my hands! But man that pain did burn! So I was surprised—It was kind of spooky! As soon as I touched the lotion to the back of my right hand, the tendon that goes from the wrist to the big knuckle on the middle finger, the pain went away. I don’t understand it. I guess it’s the homeopathic part of the lotion. But it worked just like that! Martin O. Yukon, OK

Martin O ( Yukon , OK )

My dad gave me some Real Time Pain Relief for my shoulder—I’m a softball player. I used it once at night, and it was OK, but when I put it on again in the morning, it worked even better, so I took it to the game. Our pitcher was struggling during the game with her shoulder, and I rubbed some on for her. She felt a little better right away, and asked for more. We put it on two more times and the pain was all but gone. She played through the rest of the game with no problem at all!

Samantha E ( Spooner , WI )

I had two cracked ribs. The pain was awful. I could barely sleep, and it hurt anytime I breathed. Real Time Pain Relief was phenomenal. I put it on three times, and after that, it was like it made my body forget I had the pain.

Chris O ( Oklahoma City , OK )

The arthritis in my back was so bad I was in constant pain. I found that when I used RTPR that my back stopped hurting and my hips started hurting (pain that I never knew I had) so I used RTPR there as well.

Bob S ( Scottsdale , AZ )

Thank you for your wonderful product. I have experienced pain from tendinitis in my wrist for over 20 years, but after using your product for a few weeks the pain decreased and now is virtually gone. Where were you 20 years ago?

Ethel D ( Ft Lauderdale , FL )

I tried Real Time Pain Relief when I was at the gun show with my husband. I wanted it to work, but kind of doubted that it would because I’ve had carpal tunnel for years. I couldn’t tell if it was a warming sensation or a cooling sensation. There was a little bit of a tingle—maybe it was just in my head. But my wrist felt better—I know that! I got an extra jar for my granddaughter, who is a cheerleader. I let my husband use some too, when he’s good!

Harriet J ( Rogers , AR )

What I couldn’t believe was that it worked so fast. I still can’t believe it. I just use it.

Michael O ( Hyattsville , MD )

That aqua stuff really works! My neck hurt for years. I tried everything, but that aqua stuff really works!

Jeremiah F ( Spooner , WI )

My dad has back pain. I have a sore index finger and middle finger on my right hand, and it makes it hard to do my needlepoint. It worked right away on my fingers, so I got two jars and gave one to dad. He was so happy. Thank you Real Time Pain Relief!

Shirley A ( Springdale , AR )

I first thought, “Why is this at the gun show?” Then I remembered my shoulder. They gave me some and I rubbed it on. I don’t know how it works, but it works and I’ve told all my friends.

PJ H ( Fayetteville , AR )

My son-in-law and I were at the gun show. We were just laughing about how we shouldn’t even be shooters because my elbow is always sore and his fingers are always flaring up! The Real Time Pain Relief people were there and I thought, why not try it? I don’t know what it is about that stuff, but as soon as I touched a little dab of it to my elbow the pain just went away. I just stood there with the dumbest look on my face. Same for my son-in-law—instant relief. I bought a jar right there and have been using it ever since.

Robert F ( Springdale , AR )

I was walking through the flea market and saw this sign, “Real Time Pain Relief.” My hands always hurt. I work in a body shop. Sometimes I can’t even hold my coffee cup. They gave me a little to rub on my knuckles and I did it. Before I got to the end of the row, I knew I wanted it. It is amazing.

Jose R ( Kansas City , MO )

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