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Learn what they spent Billions of Dollars to keep secret!

American’s Number One Health Crisis is Not Aids; it is not even Cancer...
It is Pain...Yes, Pain!

various-deaths-statsThe fact is that more Americans are dying every year from the side effects of taking the recommended dose of Pain Medications than there are dying from AIDS, Leukemia, Myeloma, Asthma, Cervical Cancer, and Hodgkin’s Lymphoma combined. OpenSecret.com reports that the Big Pharmaceutical Companies (“Big Pharma”) have spent almost Three Billion Dollars on lobbyist in Washington DC. since the Institute of Medicine first reported this pending crisis

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Finding Relief for Lupus

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What Organic Sulfur (MSM) can do for you!

MSM-Organic-SulfurSulfur is a non-metallic chemical element, the thirteenth most abundant in the crust of the earth. It can be mined in its elemental form. It’s also a valuable commodity and an integral component of the world economy, used in the manufacture of numerous products such as fertilizers and other chemicals.

However, the organic sulfur compound known as Methylsulfonylmethane, (MSM), that is more well-known for its health benefits for joints. It can significantly decrease the pain of arthritis, headaches, athletic injuries, back pain and carpel tunnel syndrome, also helping with auto-immune diseases such as fibromyalgia and lupus.

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Real Time Pain Relief Helpful TipsTips of the Month

Each month, we provide our subscribers with some insightful tips and information to help them Enjoy Living Again. Check them out and share them with friends and family:

  • Ways to Reduce Back Pain - When you have back pain, one of the first things you should check is the weight you’re carrying around each day. Students, businesspeople, travelers, and women all have a significant risk of developing back pain due to lugging around heavy weight all day. Statistics show that people whose briefcase or bag weighs in at 10% or more of their body weight, are simply carrying too much weight, and need to let some of it go. Heavy carryalls and bags pull your body out of its natural alignment, changing your posture and straining your back, which leads to discomfort and pain. Even if you are not carrying excessive weight, how you carry your load can also impact your back pain. The best way to carry your bag in order to decrease your risk of back pain and injury is with a long strap that can be laid across your chest. The best example of this type of setup is a messenger bag. You should also plan to switch the weight from shoulder to shoulder every 20 minutes at the least. If that doesn’t work, you should consider a wheeled bag that can be pulled behind you or further lightening your load. .(Click Here to Read More)

  • Ways to Reduce Arthritis Pain - Whole fruits, berries and vegetables are all rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants and phytochemicals. Choose green and brightly colored vegetables, and whole fruits such as broccoli, chard, strawberries, blueberries, spinach, carrots and squash. You should eat at least five (preferably more) servings of fruits and vegetables each day. - (Click Here to Read More)

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Tell us how Real Time Pain Relief (RTPR) Has Helped You Enjoy Living Again!

Give Someone HopeOne of the great things about Real Time Pain Relief is that we consistently hear stories of how our product has helped those who are dealing with chronic pain. As a user of RTPR, you probably were introduced to our product because of your own struggle with pain.

Do you remember the sense of hopelessness you felt before you tried RTPR? Do you recall the sense of hope you experienced when you finally found something that worked?

Millions of American deal with pain and hopelessness, just as you once did. Would you take a moment to share with us how RTPR has helped you Enjoy Living Again?

Your testimony could provide someone who has tried everything else, to no avail, with hope that life can once again be enjoyable...tell us your story!


Customer Testimonials

I have always been an avid DIY'er from painting to landscaping and a little of everything in between. On Christmas vacation, I installed a floating floor in my kitchen. This beautiful floor nearly killed me! It took me four days to install it by myself and at 54, I thought I was done with any more projects. My knees, back and hips hurt so badly I could barely walk. When I got up you could hear the cartilage popping and I moved like I was 84. I used every ointment I could get my hands on. Then I met a distributor for RTPR. To tell you the truth, I thought that was another $20 wasted but I was in for a surprise. I applied the rub to my knees, back, hip and wrists that night. My husband didn't even know I had it on. Considering I had nearly asphyxiated for the last 2 weeks that was a gift in itself. The next morning I got out of bed to let the dog out and was half way down the hall before I realized I didn't have any pain and I was moving and feeling like my old self. THIS STUFF WORKS!!! I thank God for RTPR.

Janet - Angier, NC

I purchased a 5oz tube of RTPR in St. Thomas while on a cruise and walking a lot. I have had osteoarthritis in my feet, knee, hip and many other joints for some years. I have a drawer full of creams that didn't help. I used the RTPR while walking and experienced immediate relief making the cruise more enjoyable. My wife had pain around her mouth from a denture rubbing, tried it there and had immediate relief. If this continues, I expect to use it for the rest of my life.

Bruce P. - Fayetteville, AR

This product was recommended to me for my chronic pain. I tried it and felt immediate relief. This product is worth the money."

P.H. - Jonesboro, GA

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