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Relieving Childhood Arthritis... They Suffer Too

Children of any age can suffer from arthritis.  It is estimated that 1 child in every 1,000 will deal with it.  So far, in the United States, around 300,000 children have been diagnosed.  Juvenile Arthritis impacts their mental and physical well being.  Doctors believe it affects children in the form of an autoimmune disease.  The white blood cells in the body cannot distinguish a difference between healthy cells and germs/viruses.  The immune system, which is designed to protect the body from bad cells, begins to release large amounts of chemicals in the body to destroy the germs and viruses, but in some cases it also causes damage to healthy tissues.  This damage begins to cause pain and inflammation.  At this point, doctors do not know exactly what causes some children to have it versus those who do not.  Some suspect that it depends on the combination of genes children inherit from family members.  The widely accepted term used to describe the numerous types of chronic arthritis in children is Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA).  

To learn the symptoms, causes and finding relief for Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis Click Here>>

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Finding Relief for Lupus

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The Power of Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is another amazing natural healer that has been around for centuries.  It comes from the Melaleuca Alternifolia Tree that grows in Australia and has over 300 species.  The powerful natural properties are contained in the leaves of the tree.  To get the oil, the leaves undergo a steam distillation process.  The Aboriginal Tribes used it to make tea, antiseptic poultices, and to treat cuts, wounds, burns, and skin infections.  It is also reported that they chewed on the leaves to ease headaches.  They applied poultices made from the leaves to prevent or fight infections for open wounds and burns.  It was dubbed the “tea tree” by a British Captain who noticed that the tribes made a tea from the leaves.  However, it is not related to the tea leaves we commonly use today for black and green teas which is from the Camellia Sinensis.  

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Real Time Pain Relief Helpful TipsTips of the Month

Each month, we provide our subscribers with some insightful tips and information to help them Enjoy Living Again. Check them out and share them with friends and family:

Ways to Reduce Hand & Knuckle Pain

Hand and Knuckle pain affects many people!  It can be triggered by disease or an injury to the bones, muscles, joints, tendons, blood vessels, or connective tissues.  Whether it be one of  the many types of arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendon problems, nerve damage, or any other number of possibilities that are known to cause sore hands and knuckles, if pain is keeping you from doing the things you love, it is affecting your life.  

Hand and knuckle pain can make it hard to complete tasks that rely on steady hands and the dexterity of your fingers.  If you lose the ability to bend your fingers, you could lose the ability to hold a pencil, open a bottle, use a knife in the kitchen, type on a keyboard, open a latch successfully, button your shirt; the examples are endless.   Below is a compiled list of 12 secrets that might help you find some relief. (Click Here to Read More)

Ways to Reduce Runner's Knee Pain

Do you suffer from a condition commonly known as "Runner's Knee"?  The medical term for this is Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome.  This pain begins when the patella bone and femur bone begin to rub against each other causing damage to the cartilage in your knees.  This cartilage is vital and acts as a shock absorber.  When it wears down, many people feel pain behind their knee cap.  

Symptoms include soreness behind, around, or in the center of the patella.  It may feel as though your knee is "cracking" or could "give out."  The pain can range from sharp, dull, sudden, or chronic.  Some people find that theonly time they do not feel pain is when they are running, but admit that the pain comes back afterwards. (Click Here to Read More)

Ways to Reduce Back Pain

Estimates show that 8 out of 10 people will suffer from back pain at some point in their life. An astonishing 7 out of 10 people will experience that pain in the lumbar region, or the lower part of the back. There are plenty of contributing factors to back pain, and whether you realize it or not, your lifestyle could be contributing to your discomfort.

No matter what type of back pain solutions you select to help you overcome pain and prevent injuries, one thing is for certain: if you are committed to helping yourself, you will be able to experience a measure of increased comfort, a decrease in pain, and a better quality of life! (Click Here to Read More)

Ways to Reduce Arthritis Pain

Almost 50 million Americans suffer from pain related to arthritis. It is projected that over the next two decades the number will grow to almost 80 million Americans. After extensive research we have compiled 20 Safe Ways to reduce your pain associated with Arthritis. Our list includes information from Mayo Clinic, New England Medical Journal and many experts in natural health.

Focus on the real issue - The word arthritis actually means joint inflammation, but the term has acquired a wider meaning. In public health, arthritis is used as a short-hand term for not only arthritis but other rheumatic conditions - a label for the more than 100 rheumatic diseases and conditions that affect joints, the tissues that surround joints and other connective tissue.

The primary goals in dealing with arthritis are to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, revitalize tissues and joints and restore your body to the original pain threshold in order to be able to live a healthy lifestyle. (Click Here to Read More)


Customer Testimonials

I first came across Real Time at a Health Expo for a half marathon I was running. I run and train a lot for half marathons, marathon, and triathlons, which means I often have pain in my knees, back, or ankles when I've been training hard. I have bad reactions (swelling in my extremities) when I take too much NSAIDS, so finding Real Time was a blessing for me. After the first time I tried it, I was sold, and continued to use it and recommend it to my family and friends. I'm getting ready to put in a second order for my mom, who has arthritis. She says it helps her a lot.

So while I knew Real Time worked great, I didn't know just how great it worked until after I had surgery in December 2014 to remove a part of my meniscus that was torn. I could not take the pain killers I was given for the after-pain because they made me too nauseous, and I had to be so careful about taking any NSAIDS that I didn't really want to take them anyway. So I only used ice and Real Time for the pain. That is it - that is all I used for pain relief after my surgery. The results were very impressive!

Tonya S. - Lutz, FL

I did not believe that RTPR would do anything for the pain I have had for years, but I am amazed at how fast and effective this product is. I have been able to move and sleep pain free for the first time in a long time. Thank you, RTPR.

Michael W. - Sun Prairie, WI

I have arthritis in my hands and have tried a number of different rub in pain relief with little success. I saw RTPR at a function at the Volusia Co Fair Grounds and bought a tube to give it a try. To my surprise it works! I rub it in and have relief in minutes. I heartily recommend it.

Randy B. - Deland, FL

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