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Foods That Reduce Arthritis Pain

It's no secret that eating the right kinds of foods can lead to a healthier body and an active lifestyle, but what if I told you that a change in your diet might be able to alleviate inflammation and pain from Arthritis? The results of vast amounts of research conclude that typically, "a diet that is high in sugary, high-fat and processed food fuels inflammation and sets the stage for developing other chronic diseases as well as arthritis." The term, Arthritis, loosely pertains to more than 100 rheumatic diseases caused by joint or muscle inflammation and pain. Inflammation, itself, isn't necessarily a "bad thing," it is a natural defense mechanism that creates blood flow to a damaged area, fights infection, and aids in healing. However, it is not a "good thing" when arthritis or another cartilage degenerating disease strikes because inflammation begins to develop in joints and other parts of the body and causes chronic pain. When inflammation becomes chronic, it affects your quality of life, but thankfully, there are not only foods that improve your immune system and promote a healthy heart but also fight this inflammation.

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How to Beat Foot Pain and Stay on Your Feet

Foot pain afflicts a majority of people in the world. 100 million Americans suffer from chronic foot pain and 75% of the people in the United States experience foot pain at one point or another in their lives. There are many different types of pain that exist or are likely to occur in the foot. Some foot pain arises from everyday experiences that can happen to anyone such as in the case of accidents like stumping your toe on household furniture or creating a stress fracture or sprain on the top of your foot while competing in an athletic event. Then, there are more long-term or chronic foot problems. Occupations that require a person to be on their feet, day after day, will most commonly lead to foot pain at some point in their lives unless preventative steps are taken. Athletes are highly susceptible to foot pain. In Fact, 25% of athletic injuries are foot and ankle related.(1) Athletes are highly familiar with not only accidental foot pain, but long-term pain stemming from years of over-usage. Those who suffer from some sort of foot-pain in their lives is constantly growing. This is because our feet do so much for us on a daily basis.

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Why Peppermint Oil is More Important Than You Think

The Peppermint plant flourishes in North America and Europe and has been used for centuries as a medicinal herb. Dried Peppermint leaves have been found in Egyptian pyramids dating 1000 B.C. The plant has a long history as a folk medicine in the states, and is currently being used to treat a variety of ailments. Peppermint can be used in cooking, teas/tinctures, and also be used in aromatherapy. Peppermint oil is widely available and fairly inexpensive. A cross between spearmint and watermint, the flowers of Peppermint are often used to extract oil from the plant known as Mentha Piperita, or "Peppermint Oil." The list of therapeutic uses of Peppermint oil seems to be constantly growing.

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  • Professional Bull Rider and Rising Star Tyler Harr Secures Real Time Pain Relief as New Sponsor (Click to Read More)
  • Real Time Pain Relief Sponsors the Dynamic Robson Aragao - One of the Top Bull Riders in the World(Click to Read More)
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Major Event Schedule

From Bull Riders to Ballerinas... and everyone in between

You will notice a wide variety of events listed here all a crossed the US, that is de to the fact that - Real Time PAIN RELIEF works for everyone. Here is a list of our upcoming Major Events:

August 14th-16th*
  • Tulsa, OK - PBR Built Ford Tough Series
  • Falmouth, MA - Falmouth Road Race
  • San Diego, CA - America's Finest City Half Marathon
August 21st-23rd*
  • Escanaba, MI - UP State Fair
  • Greenville, OH - Drake County Fair
August 28th-30th*
  • Greenville, OH - Drake County Fair
  • Atlantic City, NJ - Europa Get Fit Expo
  • DuQuoin, IL - DuQuoin State Fair
September 4th-6th*
  • DuQuoin, IL - DuQuoin State Fair
  • Virgina Beach, VA - Virginia Beach R&R
September 11th 13th*
  • Peachtree, GA - Divas 1/2 Marathon
  • Castro Valley, CA - Castro Valley State Fair

More to be added next Newsletter

*Events are the weekend listed please check the exact dates for each event before attending


Real Time Pain Relief Helpful TipsTips of the Month

Each month, we provide our subscribers with some insightful tips and information to help them Enjoy Living Again. Check them out and share them with friends and family:

20 Secrets to Reduce Arthritis Pain

Everyone has heard of Arthritis. It is rare to meet a person who is not affected themselves, or at least closely associated with someone suffering from Arthritic pain, stiffness, and decreased range of motion. The word literally translates into joint inflammation (arth=joint, itis=inflammation). Arthritis can strike any age group, whether male or female; even children deal with it. With over 53 million Americans suffering from it, Arthritis is considered the dominant cause of disability in America. Unfortunately, that number is expected to continuously increase over the years. (Click Here to Read More)

Ways to Reduce Hand & Knuckle Pain

Hand and Knuckle pain affects many people!  It can be triggered by disease or an injury to the bones, muscles, joints, tendons, blood vessels, or connective tissues.  Whether it be one of  the many types of arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendon problems, nerve damage, or any other number of possibilities that are known to cause sore hands and knuckles, if pain is keeping you from doing the things you love, it is affecting your life.  

Hand and knuckle pain can make it hard to complete tasks that rely on steady hands and the dexterity of your fingers.  If you lose the ability to bend your fingers, you could lose the ability to hold a pencil, open a bottle, use a knife in the kitchen, type on a keyboard, open a latch successfully, button your shirt; the examples are endless.   Below is a compiled list of 12 secrets that might help you find some relief. (Click Here to Read More)

Ways to Reduce Runner's Knee Pain

Do you suffer from a condition commonly known as "Runner's Knee"?  The medical term for this is Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome.  This pain begins when the patella bone and femur bone begin to rub against each other causing damage to the cartilage in your knees.  This cartilage is vital and acts as a shock absorber.  When it wears down, many people feel pain behind their knee cap.  

Symptoms include soreness behind, around, or in the center of the patella.  It may feel as though your knee is "cracking" or could "give out."  The pain can range from sharp, dull, sudden, or chronic.  Some people find that theonly time they do not feel pain is when they are running, but admit that the pain comes back afterwards. (Click Here to Read More)

Ways to Reduce Back Pain

Estimates show that 8 out of 10 people will suffer from back pain at some point in their life. An astonishing 7 out of 10 people will experience that pain in the lumbar region, or the lower part of the back. There are plenty of contributing factors to back pain, and whether you realize it or not, your lifestyle could be contributing to your discomfort.

No matter what type of back pain solutions you select to help you overcome pain and prevent injuries, one thing is for certain: if you are committed to helping yourself, you will be able to experience a measure of increased comfort, a decrease in pain, and a better quality of life! (Click Here to Read More)


Customer Reviews

Debra and I have been using this Real Time Pain Relief product for some time now and have gotten excellent results from it. For myself, I've been dealing with constant pain in my right thigh muscle from my hip replacement surgery last year. I've been applying this to the affected area now 2 to 3 times a day and the pain is completely ​gone. Debra has also noticed a drop in pain from her fibromyalgia, especially in her neck and back. It's very affordable and convenient to use.

Ken and Debra G. - Broomfield, CO

I've been using the Real Time Skin Rescue on my Rosecea for about a month and have found amazing results. It sure beats any of the over the counter products and even some of the prescription ones I've tried.

Jim R. - Roswell, GA

I was visiting my Mother in TN. last week and I picked up a 7 Fl. Oz. tube. I am so pleased with this product. I\'ve been living with pain in my shoulder for a couple years now. It was constant pain. It was so hard to sleep and I lost so much sleep during that time. I thank the Lord for bring this product into my life. I Don't know if it will work on everyone like it has on me but it's worth trying and finding out. Don't wait to try it.

Gloria K. - Neshkoro, WI

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