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Finding Relief for Diabetic Finger Sclerosis

For those who have Diabetes, suffering is nothing new. But there are many conditions that individuals with Diabetes can develop that can make the lifelong battle with this disease and the inflammation it brings even worse. One of these issues is Diabetic Finger Sclerosis, also often referred to as Digital Sclerosis. This inflammatory problem can cause a great deal of pain and suffering for individuals with Diabetes, as it impacts the fingers, toes, and hands and can make moving, or even engaging in normal day to day activities impossible. For those who are suffering from this type of ailment along with, or as a result of, their Diabetes, relief can come none too soon. When you are suffering from Diabetic Finger Sclerosis there may be months of torment before you are able to get the treatment you need to properly diagnose and take care of this problem. That’s why it is so important to understand this condition and the types of treatments you can safely do on your own to ease your suffering and turn back the clock on your condition.

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Finding Relief for Lupus

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The Powerful Properties of Calendula Officinalis

Beautiful in any garden, Calendula Officinalis is often overlooked by passers-by who roam gardens and wildflower patches because it does not have the appearance of a plant with strong medicinal properties. To the untrained eye, it is simply a marigold, meant to provide fragrance to the garden and beauty for the soul and the eyes to take in. But to the trained eye and trained herbalist, Calendula Officinalis is much more than just something pretty to look at. With its strong anti-inflammatory properties and strong anti-bacterial properties buried right within its petals and leaves, this marigold, not to be confused with standard ornamental marigolds, can treat burns and stings.

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Real Time Pain Relief Helpful TipsTips of the Month

Each month, we provide our subscribers with some insightful tips and information to help them Enjoy Living Again. Check them out and share them with friends and family:

  • Ways to Reduce Back Pain -

    We live in a society that believes in being on the go at all times. We've forgotten how to relax and how to take it easy, and that's not good for those who are trying to be healthy, or those who suffer from ailments and injuries, or from back pain. A major contributor to back pain is the tensing of muscles. When you are stressed from something good - like getting married or getting a new job - or something bad - like losing your job or being injured in an accident - your muscles tense up and your body takes the brunt of the abuse. Making time for yourself each day to do something you enjoy can help you to relax on a regular basis. If you are stressed out all the time, engaging in yoga, exercising, or taking a walk in the park can also help you to relax, which in turn will allow your muscles to relax. Those who are already suffering from back pain are likely to have a more difficult time getting through recovery if they allow themselves to become depressed or stressed about their condition. Remain positive when you have low back pain and focus on your recovery and what you will be able to do once you have made a full recovery in order to ease your stress. (Click Here to Read More)

  • Ways to Reduce Arthritis Pain -

    By doing some gentle exercise in the evening; you'll feel less stiff in the morning. When you're technically doing nothing - watching TV or sitting at your desk, for instance - be sure to:

    • Adjust your position frequently.
    • Periodically tilt your neck from side to side, change the position of
      your hands, and bend and stretch your legs.
    • Pace yourself. Take breaks so that you don't overuse a joint and
      cause more pain.

    When you have arthritis, movement can decrease your pain, improve your range of motion, strengthen your muscles and increase your endurance.

    • Choose the right kinds of activities. Activities that build the muscles around your joints but don't damage the joints themselves.
    • Focus on stretching, range of motion exercises and gradual progressive strength training.
    • Include low-impact aerobic exercise, such as walking, cycling or water exercises, for improving your mood and helping control your weight.

    (Click Here to Read More)


Customer Testimonials

I found RTPR at my chiropractor's office. I LOVE IT!! No residual smell and non-staining are the top two reasons I love it. They are real close behind the number one reason: IT WORKS!! I have tried many others but nothing has worked as well as RTPR. I am constantly recommending to to people I know.

Deb H. - East Peoria, IL

I met a RTPR vendor at a festival. My arthritis was bothering me. I limped over to her booth asked to see the tube of RTPR so I could read the ingredients. She did. I smelled the product and there was no strong medicine-y smell. After I read the ingredients on the tube, being familiar with some of the ingredients I was sold! The ingredients worked and with no strong unpleasant smell.

Cassandra - Durham, NC

I suffer from a connective tissue disease and tried many products nothing would ever penetrate to the affected joint areas.. Today I purchased this and within 5 minutes it had penetrated the area that was really hurting the worse finally giving me relief.

Emily M. - Martinsville, IL

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Event Vendor Spotlight

Event Vending Hello, my name is Tom Karl. I am a retired police officer who was critically injured in the line of duty. I was struck by a pickup traveling at 65 MPH while conducting a public relations contact outside my car. Since that time, I have been in chronic pain for 32 years. I have tried everything I could to find relief and could not find any until I was introduced to Real Time Pain Relief at a flea market 2 months ago. Since that time I have used no pain pills. Nor have I needed canes or walkers to be able to move. Now I enjoy my life and "freedom" to do more than I had in all these years. I decided to become a vendor for Real Time Pain Relief, because of the relief I received from this product. My goal was to help others receive this "freedom" in life that I was now experiencing. I have been very blessed to have helped numerous people ease their pain. This is truly a rewarding company to be a part of. They have provided the tools, training, support, and product to make me successful and I am always making new friends along the way!

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Give Someone HopeOne of the great things about Real Time Pain Relief is that we consistently hear stories of how our product has helped those who are dealing with chronic pain. As a user of RTPR, you probably were introduced to our product because of your own struggle with pain.

Do you remember the sense of hopelessness you felt before you tried RTPR? Do you recall the sense of hope you experienced when you finally found something that worked?

Millions of American deal with pain and hopelessness, just as you once did. Would you take a moment to share with us how RTPR has helped you Enjoy Living Again?

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