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RTPR Partners with Nonprofit Outdoor Therapy Program for Veterans Warrior Hike

RTPR announced today they are proud to enter an agreement with Warrior Hike, an outdoor therapy program designed to support veterans transitioning from military service by hiking America's National Scenic Trails. RTPR will supply Warrior Hike with their U.S.-made rub-on pain relief lotion and products to be supplied to the veterans participating in the program. This includes Real Time Pain Relief 2 ounce tubes. Real Time Pain Relief is an FDA registered OTC pain relief product.

"Hiking eight hours per day for months on end definitely comes with its share of aches and pains," said Warrior Hike Founder and Executive Director, Sean Gobin. "Therefore we are honored to have Real Time Pain Relief as a sponsor for proven pain relief cream for our veterans hiking the trails."

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RTPR Sponsors the Fifth Annual Big Sky PBR Event

Real Time Pain Relief will offer product samples of their popular pain relief lotion and products at the family friendly event that featurestwo days of bull riding on July 30 and 31, followed by a multi-act concert onAugust 1. The Big Sky PBR was named Touring Pro DivisionEvent of the Year in 2013 and 2014, and this summer's event moves up a notch to the BlueDef Velocity Tour, a division that "has become the second most important bull riding tour in professional sports" behind the Built Ford Tough Series, according to the official PBR website. This event will bring some of the top bull riders in the world to Big Sky.



10 Injuries Farmers Face

It is not unusual to hear the words farming and hard work in the same sentence. Today's farmers provide an invaluable service; keeping our country's food supply, economy, and cultivation stabilized by laboring long hours in often extreme weather conditions. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, "Every day, about 167 agricultural workers suffer a lost-work-time injury. Five percent of these injuries result in permanent impairment." The physical work performed on ranches and farms can be overwhelmingly difficult. Tasks such as hauling hay, lifting feed sacks, building fences, plowing, climbing up and down from tractors and combines; these aspects of farm life can eventually lead to physical and kinesthetic issues and ailments and pain. To fully understand the risks, warning signs, and what you can do to help prevent and alleviate common aches associated with physical farm work, the following topics have been considered to be the best way to recognize, treat and thwart the worst of physical afflictions.

Click Here for the 10 Injuries Farmers Face>>

An In-Depth Look of IT Band Syndrome

The iliotibial (IT) band is composed of a strong group of fibers or fascia (a form of connecting tissue) that starts at the top of the pelvis (most notably at the iliac crest, near the major pelvic bone) and runs down the lateral side of the leg and connects to the patella, fibula, and tibia (shinbone). Fibers from the gluteal (buttock) muscles and the hip joint muscles attach to the IT band, which directs and coordinates muscle function and stabilizes the knee during running or walking. At the part of the knee where the tendon passes, there is a small sac (bursa sac) between the bone and the tendon: "The bursa functions like a water balloon to reduce friction and wear of the tendon against the bony bump" (Mason MD). This sac is important, as it "allows the Iliotibial band to glide over the end of the femur." (Wedro, MD, FACEP, FAAEM)

Read the Full Article, Click Here>>

Carrot Seed Oil's Effects on Skin

We may have all heard that carrots are good for us. They are rich in Vitamin A and (if you're like me) maybe your mom once told you that they will give you eyesight like Superman. However, most people are unaware of the oil that can be extracted from carrot seeds and can provide numerous health benefits. Carrot Seed Oil is extracted from the "wild carrot" (or Daucus Carota, commonly found in Europe) by steam distillation of the dried seeds of the carrot. This process gives us a natural, healing element that can be used for a variety of skin-care treatments.

Read the Full Article, Click Here>>

RTPR in the NEWS

  • Real Time Pain Relief Sponsors the Fifth Annual Big Sky Professional Bull Riders Event (Click to Read More)
  • Real Time Pain Relief Partners with Nonprofit Outdoor Therapy Program for Veterans Warrior Hike(Click to Read More)
  • For more news about Real Time Pain Relief (Click Here)

Major Event Schedule

From Bull Riders to Ballerinas... and everyone in between

You will notice a wide variety of events listed here all a crossed the US, that is de to the fact that - Real Time PAIN RELIEF works for everyone. Here is a list of our upcoming Major Events:

July 17th-19th*
  • LaPorte, IN - LaPorte County Fair
  • Chicago, IL - Chicago Rock and Roll Marathon
  • Morrison, CO - Revel Rocky Marathon
July 24th-26th*
  • Livingston, MT - Livingston PBR
  • OshKosh, WI - OshKosh Airventure
  • Davenport, IA - BIX 7 Road Race
  • San Francisco, CA - San Fran Marathon
July 28th-30th*
  • Long Beach, CA - Dance Teacher’s Summit
July 31st- August 2nd*
  • Big Sky, MT - Big Sky PBR
  • Denver, CO - Denver County Fair
August 7th-9th*
  • Henderson, CO - Adams County Fair
August 14th-16th*
  • Tulsa, OK - PBR Built Ford Tough Series
  • Falmouth, MA - Falmouth Road Race
  • San Diego, CA - America's Finest City Half Marathon



More to be added next Newsletter

*Events are the weekend listed please check the exact dates for each event before attending


Real Time Pain Relief Helpful TipsTips of the Month

Each month, we provide our subscribers with some insightful tips and information to help them Enjoy Living Again. Check them out and share them with friends and family:

20 Secrets to Reduce Arthritis Pain

Everyone has heard of Arthritis. It is rare to meet a person who is not affected themselves, or at least closely associated with someone suffering from Arthritic pain, stiffness, and decreased range of motion. The word literally translates into joint inflammation (arth=joint, itis=inflammation). Arthritis can strike any age group, whether male or female; even children deal with it. With over 53 million Americans suffering from it, Arthritis is considered the dominant cause of disability in America. Unfortunately, that number is expected to continuously increase over the years. (Click Here to Read More)

Ways to Reduce Hand & Knuckle Pain

Hand and Knuckle pain affects many people!  It can be triggered by disease or an injury to the bones, muscles, joints, tendons, blood vessels, or connective tissues.  Whether it be one of  the many types of arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendon problems, nerve damage, or any other number of possibilities that are known to cause sore hands and knuckles, if pain is keeping you from doing the things you love, it is affecting your life.  

Hand and knuckle pain can make it hard to complete tasks that rely on steady hands and the dexterity of your fingers.  If you lose the ability to bend your fingers, you could lose the ability to hold a pencil, open a bottle, use a knife in the kitchen, type on a keyboard, open a latch successfully, button your shirt; the examples are endless.   Below is a compiled list of 12 secrets that might help you find some relief. (Click Here to Read More)

Ways to Reduce Runner's Knee Pain

Do you suffer from a condition commonly known as "Runner's Knee"?  The medical term for this is Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome.  This pain begins when the patella bone and femur bone begin to rub against each other causing damage to the cartilage in your knees.  This cartilage is vital and acts as a shock absorber.  When it wears down, many people feel pain behind their knee cap.  

Symptoms include soreness behind, around, or in the center of the patella.  It may feel as though your knee is "cracking" or could "give out."  The pain can range from sharp, dull, sudden, or chronic.  Some people find that theonly time they do not feel pain is when they are running, but admit that the pain comes back afterwards. (Click Here to Read More)

Ways to Reduce Back Pain

Estimates show that 8 out of 10 people will suffer from back pain at some point in their life. An astonishing 7 out of 10 people will experience that pain in the lumbar region, or the lower part of the back. There are plenty of contributing factors to back pain, and whether you realize it or not, your lifestyle could be contributing to your discomfort.

No matter what type of back pain solutions you select to help you overcome pain and prevent injuries, one thing is for certain: if you are committed to helping yourself, you will be able to experience a measure of increased comfort, a decrease in pain, and a better quality of life! (Click Here to Read More)


Customer Reviews

I ran across RTPR at an ASH dance convention in Greenville this year. My dancing daughter gets little relief using the popular name brand products that are primarily menthol. Once we tried RTPR we stopped using the other products as we were amazed how well it works. I too have been plagued with lasting pain after a long career of competitive gymnastics and dancing. RTPR is a refreshing and effective change from ice packs and internal pain killers and anti-inflammatory medications which I prefer to avoid. Thank you Real Time!!!

June C. - Mt. Pleasant, SC

I was walking around the Mesa Swap Meet a few months ago and started having severe pain running down my right leg to the point that all I wanted to do was sit down. I came to a booth that was selling the Real Time Pain Relief. I stopped but was very skeptical. I had some applied to my leg and sat for a few minutes and then had some more reapplied. I thanked the person and went on my way. Within several minutes of leaving the booth my pain went away.... I really couldn't believe it but it really worked. I was able to walk the rest of the time I was there, pain free.

Donna K. - Chandler, AZ

I love this stuff. I have severe pain in my lower back that runs down the front of my leg to my knee. This is the only product that has worked for me. My roommate also uses it for his arthritic knee pain. I prefer the roll on, as it gets it to the areas that hurt and no mess, either.

Maryanne D. - Broomfield, CO

If you would like to see more Real Time Pain Relief Reviews, CLICK HERE!

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