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Feel Better, Enjoy Living Again...With America's Best Smelling, Most Effective Rub-On Pain Relief Product...Helps Relieve Pain using leading Pain Relief Ingredients at the site of the pain!...Helps Reduce Inflammation with leading Natural anti-inflammatory ingredients!...Helps Your Body Revitalize Tissue, Muscles and Joints Naturally!
Don't Let Pain Control Your Life! Discover how the right solution can help you feel better…Are you ready to Feel Better? Do you want more out of life? It is time to stop struggling with pain! Take advantage of the healthy, balanced lifestyle that Real Time Pain Relief can provide. Stop letting pain dictate your day and start doing the things you enjoy. Give your body the ingredients it needs, stop taking oral medication that has harmful 
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Stay Active With Real Time Pain Relief - Discover how Real Time Pain Relief's unique formulation provides lasting relief...Relieve joint and muscle discomfort. Support healthy and Natural Joint Function. Enjoy a more Healthy, active lifestyle. Enjoy time with family and friends.
Enjoy Living Again! Our ingredients go to work directly at the site of your pain.  That means fast and targeted relief. No need for massive, body-wide doses of pain relievers soaking into every tissue in search of the one or two areas that need help.  Tissues that are swollen with inflammation aren't just tender; they're oversized, making movement more difficult and painful.  Real Time Pain Relief has the best natural anti-inflammatory ingredients to help restore comfort so you enjoy living again! With ingredients like MSM, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Capsicum, Emu Oil and more, these ingredients deliver powerful relief right where you need it with none of the drawbacks and side effects of oral pain meds. This means you will experience fast, amazing results and happy living! Order Online Click Here or Phone 877-787-7180
Ingredient Based Therapy that Works! Don’t mask your pain...Resolve It with Safe and Effective  Natural Ingredients, Capsicum / Capsaicin, MSM / Methylsulfonylmethane, Arnica Montana, Glucosamine and Chondroitin, Aloe Vera,  iMenthol, Emu Oil...Real Time Pain Relief’s formula includes an array of tested and proven ingredients that support joint health and natural joint function. A complete joint solution that works to both comfort and relieve your joints, while also supporting the long term function of your joints. Order Online Click Here or Phone 877-787-7180
Real Testimonies from Real Customers...These are actual testimonies from real customers

With his lower back pain relieved, Bob says "I will never be without RTPR." Bob H, Alpharetta, GA

"Mom is down from 90 Percocet a month down
to only two."
Henry V, Taylorsville, UT

"My $220 Rx Lidoderm patches don't do half as much!" Leo U, Burnham, IL

"Worked on my sinus headache better than any other product." Darlene Minter, Snellville, GA

Take 30 seconds to hear why Linda T. of Cheney,
KS said "I just went ahead and ordered a jar!"

Real Time Pain Relief is helping hundreds of thousands of people across the globe just like you Enjoy Living Again...What are you waiting for? Order Online Click Here or Phone 877-787-7180
Relieving Pain is Good...Restoring your body to its Natural Pain Threshold is Great...Real Time Pain Relief is the only leading topical pain reliever that is truly transdermal and equipped with Capsicum to lower Substance P. Ingredient Based Therapy Makes All the Difference
Rubbing on Real Time Pain Relief  is safe, easy, and effective Start Feeling Better Today  - Rub It On Enjoy Living Again Effects Over Time As your pain is eased, you're likely to move more freely, which helps circulation and increases oxygen flow to your entire body. More movement often results in more energy, better distribution of nutrients, more effective movement of lymph fluids, and often, more restful sleep. Order Online Click Here or Phone 877-787-7180
Our Story  - The history of Real Time Pain Relief
In 1998, our Founder, Coach Tim Flatt (a lifelong entrepreneur) was coaching junior high and high school basketball.  Through the seasons he noticed a couple of things that occurred when a player had an injury that wasn’t serious enough to stop the player from practicing and playing in games …


  • The players used oral medications for pain and inflammation – like Tylenol, Ibuprofen or prescription drugs.
  • The Players also used topical pain lotions and ointments.
Impact of Injury and Treatment:
  • Short Term – The Players that treated their injuries with oral & topical medications never fully recovered from these nagging injuries as the season went on.  In most cases the injuries continued to get worse.
  • Long Term – The next season these players were very susceptible to the same injury reoccurring and the damage was typically worse and more painful.
What was Happening?

The phenomenon of pain escalation even though the players used pain medication was baffling to Coach Flatt, so he shared this information with the parent of one of his players.  As fate would have it, the parent was a medical doctor and they decided to begin doing their own independent research. 

Here is what they discovered:
  • Topical products had very high levels of menthol which produces a numbing effect whenever the menthol ligand attaches to the kappa Opioid receptor.
  • Oral medications block the NK-1 Receptor so that the brain will not get the “message” that tells it that something hurts.
It became clear to Coach Flatt, as well as the doctor, that most of the topical and oral pain products being sold were designed primarily to mask the pain.   When pain is masked two things occur …
With Real Time Pain Relief's roots in family and basketball RTPR has been the proud sponsor of the NCHBC for a number or years.
Above: Coach Flatt speaking to players at the National Tournament.
Below: An overview video of the tournament.
Order Online Click Here or Phone 877-787-7180
  • Because the player was not getting sufficient “messages” to their brain it caused them to not readily recognize pain.  The player then believed they
    could play (as normal) however the injury wasn’t any better; as a consequence of playing with insufficient “messages”, their injury actually got worse!
  • The body then increases the production of Substance P (SP) (see information above). This causes the player’s pain threshold to decrease thereby
    making them MORE sensitive to pain.

With this information in mind, the coach and doctor laid the groundwork to create a topical product that did more than just mask pain.  This also forced them
to look into a huge concern and potential hurdle.   The concern was that throughout the last few centuries, there was a widely held belief among natural health
practitioners that if menthol concentrations were too high it would prohibit other ingredients from working.*

With perseverance, their research led to the development and production of the first formulation of Real Time Pain Relief however, back then, it was called
“Formula GAME”.  The new product was an instant hit with the team and during the next season there was a noticeable difference in how players responded
to injuries. This new ingredient-based pain, therapy product called Real Time Pain Relief started creating quite a buzz in the marketplace from referrals only
i.e., word of mouth.

Ron Snodgrass, a close personal and business friend, was the first person Coach Flatt shared Real Time Pain Relief with … outside of his family and his team.
Ron experienced immediate relief from chronic neck pain and began sharing Real Time Pain Relief with family and friends. In early 2000, Ron and Tim decided to
forge a business relationship to be able to share Real Time Pain Relief with more people. By 2007, it became apparent that the amazing response to Real Time
Pain Relief was going to dictate that Tim and Ron set aside other business interests and focus on Real Time Pain Relief.

Word of mouth is responsible for steadily growing acceptance in the marketplace. With thousands of loyal customers trusting the Real Time Pain Relief brand
to help them live a pain-free life, Real Time Pain Relief has become a multi-million-dollar product without spending one dollar in traditional advertising.

The most amazing part of the Real Time Pain Relief story is that each month the company continues to grow without any big corporate advertising plan, instead
the growth has come from many satisfied customers sharing their results and testimonies with friends and family.

These results have continued to amaze and humble them as Real Time Pain Relief continues to help so many people "Enjoy Living Again" from all around the world.

This great story is a testament to the power of the American free enterprise system. 

Become a part of the Story Real Time Pain Relief can help you or a family member Enjoy Living Again Order Online Click Here or Phone 877-787-7180

The Real Time Pain Relief Philosophy is simple...

The more you mask pain by the topical use of menthol, topical use of a burning substance like Capsaicin or by taking oral synthetic
painkillers like
Acetaminophen (Tylenol), NSAIDs (Ibuprofen) Prescription Narcotics the greater the chance of creating a more serious
injury and the more you will fill your body with Substance P thus making your life more painful in the future.


Real Time Pain Relief is designed to help you Enjoy Living Again – Now and in the Future!