Belle Starr

legendary-women-in-western-historyBelle Starr’s reputation was pretty ruthless. A member of the James-Younger gang, convicted of being a horse thief (punishable by death in those days), and the overall mystery of her death is enough to make Belle a legend in the days of the Wild West. Belle ran with many notorious characters who were well-known for their outlaw way of life. To keep her property on Indian Land, she married a man that was 15 years younger than her. The story goes, that one night after a dance, she stopped to give her horse water and was ambushed; shot once on horse, and again after she fell to the ground. Some say there was a quarrel at the dance after she declined a dance with a man named Edgar Watson. Many say he was intoxicated and quite offended when she said no and some people believe that Watson shot Starr out of revenge. But, others say she was self-injured in an accident with her own shotgun. According to legend, there were several people who may have had motive to kill her, including her new husband and even her son. However, the case still remains unsolved.