Calamity Jane

legendary-women-in-western-historyFrontierswoman Calamity Jane has gone down in history as one of the most noted women during the days of the Wild West. A close friend to Wild Bill Hickok, and known for fighting off attacking natives, she was every bit the rough and tough woman we know her as today. Another historical cowgirl who traveled with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show, she spent most of her life involved in different campaigns from the military conflicts between settlers and the American Indians. During several ongoing attacks, she saved the life of her officer Capt. Egan, and it was him who christened her “Calamity Jane.” Although she was a little rough around the edges, Jane was noted by her peers as someone with a kind heart and always willing to help those in need. Her legacy lives on as a heroine, soldier, rodeo performer, and overall example to the history of heroines in the west.