Mabel Strickland Woodward

legendary-women-in-western-historyMabel Strickland Woodward was known for founding the Association of Film Equestriennes and basically being one of the world’s best woman trick riders/rodeo performers. Her repertoire included steer riding, bronc riding, and tricks. She is also known for stomping out the competition wherever she went. She was introduced to riding by her father, at the age of 3, and immediately developed a passion for it. At 13 years old, she entered her first competition and won at trick riding. After winning the next two years in a row, her parents allowed her to venture off and make a career out of her talents by touring the country. She rose to fame with her astounding achievements, and in the later years of her life, moved to California with her husband to star in movies and perform stunt work. She retired in 1941, leaving Hollywood behind to live a life of peace and to raise appaloosa horses.