10 Notorious Outlaws of the West

10 Notorious Outlaws of the WestWhat did it take to be an outlaw in the days of the Wild West? The answers may surprise you. Outlaws come in all different types but they all share one thing: a reputation. We’ve all heard songs, watched films, and read books about gunslingin’, cattle-wrestlin’, train robbin’ gangs of feared bandits, but many left a lasting impression on American history. These are the outlaws that folklore has chosen to immortalize and to continue telling the legacy of their criminal acts. Some of these notorious bandits started off their life of crime in unusual ways, and some weren’t meant to be outlaws at all. The West was a very different place in those days, with roving gangs and lawless cities of citizens just simply trying to survive. It was a dangerous place, and even in those days, there were outlaws who outshined all the other bad guys. These are the tales of some of the West’s most notorious and infamous outlaws.  


Image courtesy of Roger Kirby at freeimages.com