Ideal for Those Experiencing Arthritis

water running is good for arthritisSome of the best exercises for those experiencing the symptoms of arthritis are low-impact exercises. This is because arthritis causes severe pain in the joints, making it hard to perform normal everyday tasks, not to mention exercise. Many experts say that exercise can improve arthritis and the stiffness that accompanies it, but it can be difficult to get out and run or ride a bike when your body hurts. However, performing water running, jogging, or other aerobics is a perfect way to engage in fitness even with your pain since there is no impact when performing activities in the water. Being in the water even make standing up easier since all the pressure is taken off key muscles and joints. Water aerobics of any sort will help with flexibility, stretch out tight muscles, reduce stiffness or soreness in the joints, and improve strength and general health and fitness. Performing activities in a heated pools is also great for reducing stiffness or soreness in the muscles and may be easier on you than being in cool water.


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