Improves Posture and Balance

water running can improve posturePosture is a very hot subject these days. With what we now know about posture and how crucial it is for preventing musculoskeletal disorders, the public is finding that water aerobics can strengthen core muscles and improve poor posture. For runners, balance and posture are an important element. Poor posture or balance quickly begins to affect a runner. Often, it reveals itself through some painful warning signs in your ankles, knees, hips, or back.

Water running can help improve your posture and balance in several ways. For one, it causes an increase in proprioception, meaning that you are more aware of your body and its parts, whether resting or in motion. You may even find that you begin to engage areas of the body to support yourself under water. Second, you are more aware of how to move your body in the water in order to stay balanced. This can effectively improve posture because your body is constantly adjusting itself for balance, and it keeps the mind and body aware of how your body should be aligned. This keeps the spine straight and the legs and arms symmetric while in motion. It also helps strengthen the muscles that support proper posture in our bodies.


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