10 Tips to Improve Your Posture

How to improve your postureNow more than ever, we are seeing just how important it is to have good posture. What your mother might have told you long ago may save you a world of trouble in your future. What is proper posture? The short answer is that good posture consists of proper body alignment, balance, and maintaining alignment as you walk, stand, sit, sleep, bend, or other such movement.

Without the use of good posture in our lives, there are a multitude of problems you might face. Poor posture can lead to breathing problems, musculoskeletal issues, difficulty walking/issues with gait, joint pain, and various other conditions that can lead to physical injury or chronic pain. They may even be causing you pain and discomfort already. Good posture not only plays a physical role in our bodies but also a mental and biological role. Studies have concluded that good posture is related to an elevated mood, and creates a chemical reaction in our bodies. Posture has also been linked to changes in hormone levels. Some studies have shown posture to have an effect on cortisol and testosterone levels in our bodies.  If your posture is misaligned, it will create misalignment in the joints. This leads to pain, swelling, and inflammation in those areas, which can not only make walking or sitting painful, but can also lead to debilitation. So how do you prevent these issues or relieve the pain of existing conditions? The idea is to practice balance and alignment, and there are various ways to improve these factors.