Active Lifestyle

Activity Can Reduce Muscle TensionMuscle tension is often a sign that your muscles are not conditioned for an activity that you have engaged in. For example, if you do not exercise regularly, suddenly deciding to go out and play basketball or helping a friend move furniture, may result in muscle tension.

The best way to prevent this is with regular exercise. If you stay active and condition your muscles for activity, then they are less likely to develop tension after a day of hard work or sport. You don’t even need to make the exercise intense. In fact, pushing yourself too hard is another way to trigger muscle tension.

If you experience muscle tension from other causes, exercise is good for you too. Movement provides relief for muscles that are already tense. Regular exercise promotes healthy muscles, and healthy muscles are less likely to experience tension. You should try exercises that strengthen and stretch the muscles that are affected by tension; this will help loosen up them up.

When muscles are really tense, it may be difficult to get up and move. In times like this, you can remain sitting and stretch the muscle and move the associated joint until you feel loosened up enough to get up.