Find a Distraction

Finding a Distraction Can Relieve Restless Leg SyndromeAnother way to get relief from restless leg syndrome is to simply distract your mind from the problem. As was mentioned earlier, heat and cold therapy provides a sensation that can distract your mind from your restless leg syndrome. In addition to that, you can also try things like topical pain relief lotions to reduce the feelings of restless leg syndrome.

If RLS is troubling your mind, try to take your mind off of it with activities like watching television or reading a book. You could also try calling a friend or family member. Having a short conversation with a friend can be a good way to get your mind off the problem, and it might even provide relief that lasts beyond the phone call.

The strategy of distracting your mind can also work for when restless leg syndrome is affecting your sleep. The idea is to distract your mind from the feelings in your legs and avoid thinking about your sleep troubles.