Heat and Cold Therapy

Heat and Cold Therapy Can Relieve Restless Leg SyndromeSince restless leg syndrome is often associated with aches, pain, and tightness in the muscles of the legs, heat and cold therapy can be a good way to find relief. Some RLS sufferers prefer to use just heat or just cold, but many find that the most effective relief comes from alternating between the two.

Heat and cold therapy can provide relief for restless leg syndrome in a number of ways. It is great for relieving pain and tension in the muscles, so it addresses some of the primary symptoms of the condition. Also, the sensations of heat and cold can distract your mind from the sensations that are associated with restless leg syndrome.

If you have a heating pad, this can be a good way to apply heat to the affected area. You can also keep cold packs in the freezer so that they are ready when you need them. While things like heating pads and cold packs are some of the best resources for applying this type of treatment, you do have other options.

Many individuals with RLS find that taking a hot shower is a great way to get relief. Some people also like taking a hot bath or letting their legs soak in hot water. As an additional option for heat treatment, some RLS sufferers have expressed positive results from spending time in a sauna. The heat can help to loosen up and relax the body.