Sleeping Habits

Sleeping Habits Can Relieve Restless Leg SyndromeSince restless leg syndrome is also a sleep disorder, it is important to cover the ways that sleep can be improved. Furthermore, a lack of sleep can make your RLS even worse, so it can get you trapped in a cycle of increased sleeplessness that then contributes to more problems with restless leg syndrome.

The first point is to stick to a regular sleep schedule. Set a bedtime for yourself, and always make sure that you are in bed by that time. It might be difficult, and the symptoms of RLS might make you want to get up and walk around, but it is important to stay in bed. You also want to avoid taking naps during the day. This can throw off your sleep schedule, and it will only make your problems with sleeplessness at night even worse.

Many of the RLS treatments that we mentioned earlier can also be good for bedtime. Instead of getting up to walk around when your legs feel restless, give them a gentle massage. While you are in bed, you could try applying heat to your legs. Getting your daily exercise can also be a good way to make sure you are ready for bed at night.