Climb Stairs Properly

man-climb-stairsWalking up and down stairs can put a lot of strain on the knee joints and can potentially lead to pain in this area if done incorrectly. If you already have bad knees, stair climbing can prove to be a difficult and painful activity, but it's one that most of us take for granted as part of our daily movement.

  • When climbing stairs, make sure to keep a straight posture, standing as tall as you can with your hips tucked under and your head aligned on top of your shoulders.
  • Keep your spine straight and engage your stomach and glute muscles when you lift your leg up to take that first step.
  • Make sure to bend from the hip.
  • Push down through the heel of your first foot to bear your bodyweight while bringing the second foot up.
  • Focus on using the muscles in your backside to power each step, rather than using your knees.
  • Repeat these steps for each stair.