massage-therapyAs well as being relaxing, certain kinds of massage can be extremely effective at relieving pain and treating the underlying causes of that pain. Sports massage and other kinds of deep tissue massage have a number of health benefits, and they are not just for athletes. Like heat treatments, sports massage improves circulation, which reduces inflammation and speeds up the time it takes to recover from an injury. It also helps to break down any scar tissue that might have developed after an injury and could still be causing you pain and discomfort.

Sports massage can be painful, but it will help to release tension that has built up in your muscles, and it will help you feel looser and more relaxed. After the treatment, you may notice that your pain has lessened. If you find that this type of massage is not for you, do not be afraid to look into gentler forms of massage. The practice of massage is very good to relieve tension and reduce pain.

Trigger Point Massage Therapy

If you don't want to fork out the cash for regular massages, this is something that you can do yourself at home. Myofascial trigger point therapy is a form of pain relief that focuses on trigger points, which are areas in your muscles that are swollen and feel painful when pressure is applied. These points often cause pain and discomfort in the surrounding areas.

You can target these trigger points easily with a tennis ball or something similar. Place the ball where you feel pain and apply pressure. If the area is not easily accessible, you can lie on the floor with the ball between your body and the floor, or against a wall, or you can ask someone to help you. Foam rollers are also useful tools for self-massaging.