Foam Roller and Exercises

Yoga can help lessen shin splint painYou can find a foam roller online or at a health/athletic store. They are reasonably priced and the exercises that you can perform with them are beneficial in relieving the pain associated with shin splints. Use the foam roller to massage the area by adding the weight of your body to the area of pain.

One position is to kneel down on your knees on something soft like a pillow or carpet, with your arm placed on a chair (or any supportive object at eye level) to balance your body. Place your shin on top of the foam roller and move it back and forth on the affected area. If it is too difficult or painful to be on your knees, you may also try this position with your body flat on the ground and the roller under your shin. If the area with the most pain is underneath, or can be massaged at the calf muscle, you can sit down on the floor and place the roller underneath your leg.

If the pain increases while using the foam roller, immediately stop and reconsider your technique. It is important to be aware of further damage that might exacerbate the pain of your shin splints. Other beneficial exercises can be performed that do not require a foam roller such as:

  • Walk on your heels then on your toes for 30-60 seconds a day: this can help strengthen the muscles of the lower leg and foot, and also improve balance.
  • Calf raises: are also beneficial in building strength in the legs to prevent and fight shin splints. Perform these by standing straight and standing on your toes for 2-3 seconds. Repetitions of 3 sets of ten each day is recommended.