A Good Nutritional Diet Can Relieve Growing PainsWhether you are a child, a full-grown adult or a senior, a proper diet is key to living a healthy life. For children, getting the right nutrition is important for keeping them in good shape, and for helping them to grow into healthy adults. Not only that, but poor nutrition can make a person more sensitive to pain.

The first thing is to start by taking steps to provide your child with a balanced diet. Make sure that they are getting enough fruits and vegetables, and that their diet contains all of the nutrients that they need. While there is nothing wrong with allowing your child to have some treats from time to time, you also want to limit the amount of junk food in their diet. Try to control their intake of things like candy, sugary cakes, soda, and processed foods.

It is also believed that certain vitamin deficiencies can contribute to problems with growing pains. Most notably, there have been studies that have indicated that children that have a vitamin D deficiency are more likely to have problems with growing pains. A 2015 study published in the journal Medical Principals and Practice showed that many children who have growing pains also have a vitamin D deficiency and that vitamin D supplements can be an effective remedy for reducing the severity of pain for these children.

When your child does go out to play, you also want to make sure that they drink plenty of water. As the body dehydrates, the child’s muscles will be more susceptible to the tightness and soreness that can lead to growing pains. Before your child goes out to play, make sure they drink some water. When your child comes back in, have them drink a glass of water to replenish.

As an additional option, you could also consider giving them a low-sugar electrolyte drink when they come back in. When they are outside and sweating, they are losing a lot of these minerals. Low electrolyte levels can cause pain and cramping, so it can be a good step toward preventing the pain that may come later in the night.

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