Heat Therapy

A Warm Bath Can Relieve Growing PainsaWith growing pains being a problem that is primarily associated with sore muscles, heat can be an effective treatment option. When the muscles get tight, heat therapy can soothe the muscles and loosen them up. In addition to that, the heat promotes blood flow to the area, so it can be good for healing damage to the muscles.

When it comes to providing your child with heat therapy, you have a wide range of options. You can run them a warm bath. You could let them take a hot shower before they go to bed. A hot compress or heating pad also work well for focusing the heat on the area that is in pain.

If you know that your child has just come home from a very active day, you might suggest that they take a warm bath or shower right after the activity. Options like the hot compress and the heating pad can be especially good for when the pain has already set in, or for right before the child goes to bed.