Massage Can Help Relieve Growing PainsWith normal growing pains, the pain is usually located in the muscles. Many children lead active lives, and on some days, they put a little more work on their muscles. However, the pain does not set in when they are out playing or even right after they are done. The problem usually starts after they have been home for a while, after the muscles have had time to rest.

Since the problem is with overworked and tired muscles, one of the best treatment options is to massage the child’s legs. A gentle massage can work some of the tightness and soreness out of the muscles, and it can also help the child to relax. Ask your child where the pain is and gently rub the area.

If the pain is in the front of their thighs, get them to lie down on their back and gently massage the muscle with the tips of your fingers. If it is the back of their calves, have them lie on their stomach and use your hand and fingers to gradually work your way down the calf muscle. For the back of the knees, you can just slide your fingers under the knee and carefully massage the area.