Assistive Devices

Assistive devices can ease osteoarthritisAssistive devices are items that are known to reduce the stress placed on the joints. Some of the most common aides are canes, crutches, walkers, or actual “fitted” braces that support individual joints. When using a cane, keep the cane in the hand of the opposite side of the afflicted joint. Canes should be in proportion to the size of your body, and the same goes for walkers and crutches. There is also orthopedic/orthotic footwear that can cushion or redistribute the weight of your joints. As osteoarthritis in the knee is most painful when the foot strikes the ground, the right kind of footwear can greatly reduce that pain. Orthotic inserts or shoes reduce the incoming shock that your foot makes when it hits the surface. Assistive devices are also the things that make everyday life easier. Devices like jar openers (which can be found in almost any department store or kitchen store) can do wonders for those who have osteoarthritis in their hands. Bathroom benches and rails can also be handy because they provide support and therefore take the weight off the affected joints. Handrails are fairly inexpensive and can be found in most any department store. Installing them may be the hardest part, but once they are there, they can be a beneficial investment. There are a number of assistive devices on the market. If a specific joint is hurting you for certain tasks, more than likely with a little research, you could find something to help with this.