The Benefits of Exercise and How Endorphins Relieve Pain

Exercise is a pill-free pain remedyRegular physical activity often improves our self-esteem, which is an important psychological advantage when it comes to feeling better and reducing pain in your life. When someone finishes a daily run or workout routine, they may feel a sense of euphoria which is also known as a “runner’s high.” This occurs when we exercise because our bodies release endorphins. These endorphins act as the body’s natural “painkiller” because they block the pain signals that are sent from our brain. They are created in your brain, spinal cord and other parts of your body and released through neurotransmitters. Because they interact with other types of receptors in the brain, they can actually alter our perception of the pain we experience. Some researchers compare the effects of endorphins to that of morphine or other opioid substances. They bind to the same neuron receptors that other types of pain medication would typically bind to. Endorphins are considered the safest, most natural, and cheapest way to reduce pain in your body. Regular exercise is one of the best known ways to release endorphins in the body and has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, boost self-esteem, improve sleep habits, lower blood pressure and even strengthen your heart. If you feel that you can’t perform a workout routine due to your medical condition, consult your doctor about how you might be able to perform some “low-impact” exercises such as swimming, tai chi, yoga, etc.