Exercise Can Improve Arthritis The pain and stiffness of Arthritis may cause you to avoid physical activity. This response is understandable, but it is actually a mistake. Exercise can be used to manage many of the symptoms that come with arthritis. Regular physical activity can help with pain management and it can also restore and maintain joint mobility.

Exercise is important for a person with arthritis because it combats the negative effects of the condition in a number of ways. It builds strength around the joints to improve stability and endurance, it releases pain-reducing endorphins, and it can also work to increase the range of motion for the joints.

If you are trying to build an exercise routine that is designed to provide relief for arthritis symptoms, walking and cycling can be great forms of low-impact exercise. You can also try a range of different stretching exercises to improve joint mobility.

While exercise can be good for a person with arthritis, it is important to point out that there are certain activities that should be avoided. Sports and exercises that are high-impact can cause more damage and aggravate the symptoms of arthritis. In addition to that, you want to avoid activities that involve repetitive motions.