Vitamin D

Vitamin D Can Improve ArthritisVitamin D is an important nutrient for healthy joints and strong bones. It helps your body process calcium, and it is also necessary for a healthy immune system. Many who suffer from arthritis, are often lacking this key nutrient.

Studies have shown that people with rheumatoid arthritis are more likely to have a vitamin D deficiency, and there are many arthritis medications that have been shown to contribute to deficiencies in vitamin D. Since this nutrient is important for the health of the immune system and your bones and joints, you need to ensure that you are getting enough in your diet.

The first tip for getting more vitamin D is to get more sunlight. Exposure to sunlight causes the body to produce vitamin D, and this is generally considered one of the best ways to make sure that you are getting enough. Just make sure that you do not start spending too much time in the sun; 15-minutes a day should be enough for most people.

If you have a vitamin D deficiency, and you do not get enough exposure to sunlight, then you need to consider food sources. Unfortunately, there are not many foods that contain vitamin D in significant quantities, but you do have some options. As is true with Omega-3 fatty acids, oily fish tend to be some of the best sources for vitamin D. To get more of this nutrient, try salmon, mackerel, sardines or halibut. As alternatives, you also have milk, juice, and soy products that have been fortified with vitamin D, or you can start taking supplements.