Are you Overstriding?

Overstride may be causing your runner's kneeDo you know what type of foot striker you are? Are you a heel striker, midfoot striker, or a forefoot striker? Just because you do one or the other does not mean you have bad form, but if you feel pain, it could be your body’s signal that it is not the best style for your knees. Many experts believe that heel striking leads to Runner’s Knee pain because it causes the knee to absorb great amounts of shock and stress. Professionals state that every year 80 percent of runners suffer from an injury mostly due to overuse. During a run, heavy force is exerted on the knee on a repetitive basis. The best way to run is with the least amount of stress exerted on your body. It can take a while to find the best form for yourself, but it will reduce the chances of injury. You can begin to change your technique and train yourself to strike the middle of the foot over time. A great way to begin is by shortening the length of your stride and making sure the foot lands closer to the body. If you can find a way to accomplish this, you will limit some of the stress and force exerted on the knees.