Evaluate Your Posture

Evaluate Your Posture to lessen runners knee painProfessionals believe that Runner's Knee becomes an issue due to improper posture while running. If a runner has weak hip stabilizers, the body naturally compensates to stabilize the pelvis by rotating the thigh inward. This causes the pelvis and thigh to tilt, pinches the knee between the bones, and causes damage to the cartilage. This condition is referred to as a "knock-kneed runner." If you fall into this category, you can train yourself to contract the outside muscles of your hips which will keep your pelvis level. With work, the muscles will gain strength and natural alignment, resulting in relief for the knees. It might be wise to have a friend videotape one of your runs so that you can evaluate your posture and technique. A trained coach can help you correct and fine-tune your techniques in order to maximize your capabilities. They can point out your errors and give you the keys to retraining yourself. It may seem extreme, but if running is something you are passionate about, the knowledge of an expert will only benefit you. If you live in an area where it is hard to find a local coach you can find an online coach who will provide instruction via videotapes.