Evaluate Your Shoes

Evaluate your shoes to improve runners knee painThe shoes you are running in may not provide your feet with the support they need. Everyone is different. Each and every brand of shoe is different. Some shoes negatively affect compartments of the knee, while others actually take some weight and stress off the knee. When picking out running shoes, it is about so much more than the color or the logo that is stitched on it. For example, some shoe brands are better for those with overpronation or mild pronation, some are made for pavement running while others are better for off-pavement runners. Every shoe in the running section has special features and a unique design; the trick is to find the one that complements your foot as well your running style. Consider visiting a shoe store that specializes in running shoes. Stores such as these are known to hire experts for their advice and also have machines that scan your foot to determine a brand of shoe or sole insert that complements your foot shape, biomechanical structure, and running style.

Another important factor is to make sure that you replace your running shoes often. Experts say that running shoes last between 300-500 miles, for avid runners that is about 6 months. If your shoes lose their shape or any of the soles are compressed or worn down, you need to replace them. After your shoes reach their maximum use, they no longer give you the support you need and your risk for injury drastically increases.