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March 2016

Can Herbs and Spices Reduce Arthritis Pain?

herbs and spices can relieve arthritis painDid you know that there is a variety of herbs and spices that are known to reduce inflammation and improve symptoms of Arthritis? Researchers have even found that some herbs and spices work relieve inflammation in the same way that NSAIDs do. An interesting fact is that many of these foods have been used for centuries because of their potent benefits and pain relieving capabilities.

This is just one of the Foods that Reduce Arthritis Pain that we have compiled for you. While you may think that we are recommending herbs and spices that you would need to special order, the truth is that most of them are such basic ingredients that you probably have a few of them in your pantry right now.  

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Does Your Job Put You at Risk for a Herniated Disc?

your occupation may increase risk of herniated discIf your occupation requires you to climb stairs, lift heavy objects, regularly twist or bend over, crawl long distances, or run long distances you are susceptible to herniated or bulging disc in your spine. Studies have shown that “having held occupations as metal workers, construction workers, or nurses for more than 10 years was associated with the radiographically confirmed diagnosis of lumbar disc herniation or disc protrusion.” However, it is possible to reduce your chances of developing this painful injury by being aware of your risks and practicing preventative measures.

This is just one of the 7 leading causes of herniated or bulging discs that we have found for you. We have compiled this list because we believe that education is the first step to prevention, especially when it comes to injuries that can cause a lifetime of pain and keep you from enjoying your life to the fullest.

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Can a New Training Routine Affect my IT Band Syndrome?

IT Band can be relieved Did you know that suddenly changing your workout routine or trying to increase your running time or distance can irritate your IT Band Syndrome? It is wise to consider slowly incorporating a new activity. For instance, if you want to begin running faster, you may want to find an easier terrain because trying to run faster is already hard but if you have to run up a lot of hills it can exhaust your body quickly.

This is just one of our 6 ways to treat IT Band Syndrome that we have found for you. IT Band Syndrome is often a result of improper training techniques and it is possible to recover from it with a little bit of knowledge, time, and care.

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Does Exercise Relieve Osteoarthritis Pain?

Exercise can relieve Osteoarthritis painDid you know that exercise can improve pain from Osteoarthritis? While moving around may seem like the last thing you want to do when you’re in pain, studies have found that being active is the best way to reduce pain and maintain a healthy weight. Exercises like aerobics, strength training, or flexibility exercises can improve your range of motion as well as your ability to move.

This is just one of our 7 ways to treat Osteoarthritis pain. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, everyone, including those with arthritis, should get 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week. Exercising does not have to include pricey gym memberships and countless hours of activity. A light walk around the block is easy on the wallet and can benefit your joints.

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Is Your Gait Causing Your Achilles Tendonitis?

Analyzing your gait can help you improve Achilles TendonitisSometimes the form we take during running or walking may contribute to problems in our Achilles tendon and other areas. Excess tension or stress placed on the Achilles tendon can lead to Tendonitis, especially if you are placing excess weight on the heel when the foot strikes the ground. By analyzing your form, you may be able to pinpoint the problem that is causing your pain, and work on changing your gait.

This is just one of our 10 ways to treat Achilles Tendonitis. Although, the habit can be hard to break, focusing on the root of your pain can relieve the pain as well as rejuvenate the tendon. For an affordable option of gait analysis, have someone videotape you while you run or walk. This will allow you to analyze it on your own and build a plan to break the habit that is causing your Achilles Tendonitis pain.

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Can Running Lower Your Blood Pressure?

running lowers blood pressureDid you know that running for just 30 minutes, 3 days a week can help lower your blood pressure and strengthen your heart? When you first start running, make sure to always warm up before running, start slowly, and keep in touch with how your body feels during your run.

This is just one of our 10 benefits of running that we have found. Just remember, you have plenty of time to work your way up to more intense runs! Despite how healthy running is for you, it is only healthy if you practice it safely and give yourself the chance to progress as your body needs you to.

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Can Exercise Rehabilitate Snapping Hip Syndrome?

strengthening the hip can rehabilitate snapping hip syndromeDid you know that you can recover from Snapping Hip Syndrome by performing some routine strengthening exercises? Research has shown that strengthening muscles that support the hip and the surrounding joints can rehabilitate the area from this painful disorder.

This is just one of our 5 tips to relieve Snapping Hip Syndrome that we have found for you. There are a number of specific exercises that work the hip in ways that normal walking or running cannot do. These exercises have even been known to restore flexibility, resulting in less pain while moving.

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Some Facts about Hand Osteoarthritis

Hands are affected by osteoarthritisDid you know that Osteoarthritis in the hands seems to be a hereditary issue? This means that if your parent or grandparent has Osteoarthritis in their hands, you may have a risk of developing it later in life. Another fact that you may not know is that Osteoarthritis in the hands more commonly affects women than men.

This is just one of the areas of the body that can be affected by Osteoarthritis. We have compiled a list of areas affected by this form of arthritis because when it comes to prevention being educated about the facts is one of the best things you can do for yourself. If your hands are already affected by Osteoarthritis there are a number of natural treatment options available for Osteoarthritis in the hands, knuckles, and fingers.

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Can Epsom Salt Relieve Hand Pain?

Epsom salt soak can relieve hand and knuckle painDo you have pain in your hands and knuckles? Did you know that soaking your hand in Epsom salt is a great way to combat inflammation in the hand? It is beneficial because it contains magnesium, an electrolyte that is depleted during the inflammation process. An epsom salt bath can help return this magnesium to the affected area and fight the inflammation.

This is just one of 10 Ways to Relieve Hand and Knuckle Pain that we have found for you. Most of the time when you hear about people soaking in epsom salt they are talking about laying back in a bath containing dissolved epsom salt, but you do not have to do this for your hand. You can simply fill a large bowl with water, add the suggested amount of epsom salt, and place your hand in the bowl and allow it to soak.

For more details about relieving hand and knuckle pain, (Click Here)
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Can Stress Fractures be Prevented?

proper nutrition can prevent stress fracturesDid you know that nutrition is a key step when it comes to preventing stress fractures? When it comes to eating foods that build strong bones, the two main components are Calcium and Vitamin D. However, there are numerous other nutrients that maximize the body’s ability to absorb these specific nutrients and stay strong and healthy.

This is just one of our 5 Ways to Deal with Stress Fractures that we have found for you. Studies reveal that the stronger your bones are, the less likely they are to develop stress fractures.

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