Anti-aging Benefits of Face MassageEveryone knows that a massage is an amazing treat to give yourself. But, did you know that your face benefits from a massage too? And it doesn’t have to cost you tons of money to visit a massage therapist. It is something that you can do within the comfort of your own home, and the benefits might just last a lifetime.

Read on to learn about the benefits of facial massage and how to do it yourself!

Relieves Tension

The everyday hustle and bustle of life can lead to a buildup of tension in the jaws, temples, cheeks, and neck. This tension causes the facial muscles to weaken, eventually causing the skin to sag and develop wrinkles. Many experts suggest that facial tension can affect your appearance by giving you a tired, tense, or angry look. Gently massaging the face can release built up tension, and experts say that it even helps soften your appearance, and help you look less-stressed.

Increases Circulation and Oxygen

Massage stimulates blood flow, which delivers rich nutrients and oxygen to areas of the face that need it. This boost in circulation helps to clear out congested areas and contributes to radiant, toned, youthful-looking skin.

Helps Minimize Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles develop as we age, especially if the facial muscles are weak. Without exercise, the muscles in the face weaken and atrophy, causing the skin to get soft and saggy. Over time, lines and folds can also develop. Facial massage stimulates collagen production, strengthens the muscles, and increases circulation, all of which improves your skin tone and texture.

Tones the Skin and Slows Effects of Aging

Massaging the face is like giving your muscles a little workout. Using upward and outward gliding motions reduces some of the lengthening that occurs to weak facial muscles. Weakened face muscles lead to soft, droopy skin and speeds up the aging process. Massage boosts circulation and stimulates the face muscles, which benefit the skin by making it tighter and more toned. These are keys to slow the aging process of your skin.

Improves Product Absorption

Massage improves the way your skin absorbs the nutrients from your moisturizer, which may help you notice better results from your face care products when combined with facial massage.The next time you’re applying your face cream, incorporate some facial massages into your routine. The combination of massage with the application of a rich and nourishing face cream, will leave your skin with a lustrous glow. Try spending a few moments of your time focusing on the pressure points of your face; it will be relaxing and revitalizing, not to mention hydrating.


Quick Tips for a DIY Facial Massage

  • DIY Face Massage Start with clean hands and a clean face.
  • Make sure to use upward and outward motions. You are just gently gliding your fingers along your face, and easing tension. The light upward movements stimulate the muscles and encourage rich blood flow.
  • Use a good face moisturizer, like Nujuvena Face Creams, so that you have a gliding effect, which prevents “dragging” of the skin. When your fingers glide smoothly in upward and outward strokes you are encouraging the skin to lift, rather than droop.
  • The areas to focus on are the brows, cheeks, jawline, and neck.
  • To massage the neck, start at the collar bone and work your way upward in a vertical motion.
  • Use very light movements for the eye region because skin is thinner and more fragile in that area. If you are too nervous, you can avoid this area altogether.
  • Massaging the facial pressure points for 20 seconds can ease facial tension and reduce puffiness.
  • Look for ideas about other massage techniques and motions that you can try like gentle tapping or soft pinches.
  • For more ideas on beneficial massages for the face check out this link:


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