stability-ball-benefitsIs your normal office chair causing you pain, discomfort, or improper posture? Any chair that you sit in long enough can have negative effects from long-term use if the chair doesn’t support and align the body properly. Even high-tech ergonomic chairs can create certain posture problems that you may not notice until it’s too late. This is one of the main reasons millions of people are switching to stability balls while they work or sit for long periods at a time. These are simple inflatable balls that you sit on, which force you to use correct posture to balance yourself.

Stability balls force the proper spine alignment while you balance yourself. When you start to change your alignment, your balance changes with it and you are forced to reposition to a proper posture. But what makes the stability ball efficient is not only help with posture but the many other numerous benefits that come with using the ball.

Did you know the stability ball is a great way to get small exercise throughout your day and burn calories while you sit? All of that repositioning and strengthening your core muscles while sitting on the stability ball, will start to burn calories. 8 hours of sitting on the stability ball, roughly transfers to 350 calories burned. That’s pretty much a pound of fat every 10 days, which is saying a lot for an exercise that just involves sitting down. Another great fitness perk of the stability ball is that you can perform exercises or stretches on the ball whenever you want, without even getting up.

Stability Ball users also report less back pain, since they are kept from slouching while sitting on the ball. This is especially useful for those who suffer back pain from slouching in their chair. Sitting on the stability ball also improves balance and coordination, because it keeps the body properly aligned while sitting.  This also strengthens core muscles while you try to balance your body in a sitting position. This is great for those trying to strengthen and build abdominal muscle. With the ball, you are no longer relying on your back to support your upper body, and this gives your abs a chance to get a workout by supporting your body. This exercise on your abs is really low-key, so you’re not going to be out of breath after a few minutes on the ball. It’s just enough exercise to tone and shape those oblique muscles. 

Those using stability balls also report an increase in energy and blood circulation. Those who sit in a chair for long hours of the day may experience fatigue and sleepiness from staying in one position. The stability ball keeps you moving, and keeps you alert and energized. Desk chairs can also decrease circulation to certain areas of your body; a stress ball doesn’t interfere with any circulation, but actually improves circulation because your body is moving more than if you were sitting in a regular chair. Last, but certainly not least, stability balls are relatively cheap and cost a fraction of the price to purchase a high-end ergonomic chair. Not to mention, it’s a lot less boring than sitting in your regular humdrum office chair. 

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