The knees are one of the 5 Areas Affected by OsteoarthritisWhen it comes to Osteoarthritis, the knees are the most commonly affected area, which can make it difficult to run, walk, climb, kneel, etc. If you have OA in your knees, basically any movement that involves your legs can cause you to suffer through pain. This is an awful fact because most of the things we do in our daily life, whether it be something we want to do or have to do, requires the use of our legs. It is important to be able to recognize the signs which include stiffness, swelling, and mild-to-severe pain in the knees.

This is just one of the “5 Areas of the Body That Can Be Affected by Osteoarthritis.” An estimated 27 million Americans who are 25 or older have Osteoarthritis. Early warning signs are apparent. If you are able to recognize them when they first begin, then perhaps you can prevent suffering from cartilage degeneration and pain. We have compiled this article because we believe that one of the first steps to prevention is education.

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