How Do You Layer Your <span class='notranslate'>Real Time Pain Relief</span>?Almost 20 years ago, customers started sharing with us that they were applying 2 or 3 layers of our Original PAIN Relief Cream 3-5 minutes apart and loving the results.  We asked our product formulator if layering could increase the effectiveness. She told us that with penetrating products (like ours) the layers drove the ingredients deeper, which would naturally increase the effectiveness.
That was all we needed to know. At events we began applying an extra layer or two on anyone who visited the Real Time Pain Relief booth, and the positive response increased dramatically.
The Perfect Blend
From 1998-2012 our brand had only one Real Time Pain Relief product– Original PAIN Cream. We call it Original but the fact is that we enhanced and improved the formula 14 times, each time adding more of Nature’s Ingredients. We were like mad scientists in search of the perfect topical pain relief adding and subtracting ingredients. We started with a product made with 4 of Nature’s Ingredients and ended with one made with 17.
As we went, we asked Real Time Pain Relief customers for their opinions about each formula. We personally knew many of them and valued their opinion because over time, we had steadily been discovered by tens of thousands of customers without any advertising.
More to Love

Once Original (or Formula #14, whichever you prefer) was perfected, things became really interesting. We began introducing new products like FOOT Cream, SPORTS Cream, MAXX Relief Pain Relief, Vegan SELECT, GENTLE Pain Relief, and HEMP Oil Plus for an even more targeted relief experience. 

Reports soon started coming in from customers that they we were mixing layers of our different products…  

  • Original, MAXX and FOOT Cream or
  • MAXX, SPORTS Cream and Original or
  • HEMP Oil Plus, MAXX and HEMP Oil Plus 

The combinations seemed endless… but the reasons were the same. Real Time Pain Relief customers believe in layering for maximum effectiveness. Each layering combination led to a more customized experience. Some of the product combinations even allow for the quick application of 30 plus ingredients from nature.

Crazy?  More like a time-tested, family tradition.  

Now you don’t have to layer to be part of the Real Time Family. But, if you’re like most of us, once you start experimenting, you will discover one of the 999 different layer options that work best for you. When you find that perfect combo, we would love to know…

How do you layer your RTPR?


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