hydration-for-runnersWe live in an age where runners can stay hydrated in new and innovative ways. The old-school days of carrying your water in your hand, or only hydrating before and after you run, are long gone. It’s no surprise how crucial proper hydration is while training, not only for increasing performance but also for preventing injuries or problems that may arise from lack of hydration. With all of the devices on the market today, there’s no reason that dehydration should even be a problem. The future has brought new technology and designs for the way we carry water while running; allowing you to store water in ways that do not interfere with your run, or create an imbalance. Every runner should be taking advantage of the hydration benefits these devices provide. However, some runners still wonder, “Why can’t I just carry my water bottle in my hand while I run?” There is a very good reason: it could be creating serious problems for your body. Problems, that may seem unnoticeable at first, but can quickly lead to painful musculoskeletal conditions. How does this happen? 

While carrying a water bottle, even if it weighs 12oz or 5oz, you are creating a weight imbalance as you run. It may seem like a very minimal imbalance, but it’s there, and it adds up over time. You add just a tad bit more pressure on the side that you carry the water, and this can also change your form, stride, and ultimately even your gait. Messing with the natural order of these things can lead to pain, inflammation, swelling, and soreness in the muscles; this isn’t even the worst news. The longer you run with a water bottle in your hand, the more you place your gait in jeopardy. When the gait starts to become altered, so does your form. A chain reaction of disorder flows throughout the body, as you increase the risks of injury or damage to several parts of your body. It may seem like a lot of damage for just a tiny water bottle, but the risks are there. You wouldn’t carry a dumbbell in only one hand while you run (no matter how little it weighs), so there’s no reason to do the same thing with a water bottle. Don’t even try to switch the bottle from one hand to the other. There’s no way you’re going to be able to counterbalance your weight by switching hands. So what’s the answer? Water carrying devices designed to reduce the amount of impact while you run.

These devices come in various designs, as well as different ways to wear them. Water packs that fit as backpacks, hydration belts, water bottle vests, and even sports bras that carry water bottles are just a few of the designs that allow you to carry plenty of water, without creating any imbalance while your run. Most of these devices fit comfortable and snug enough to keep from sloshing around while you run, or making any noise. With all the different products on the market to help carry your water, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the one that is right for you. The best part is that none of them cost you an arm or a leg, and they are adjustable for all sizes.

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