Real Time Pain Relief(RTPR), makers of the popular rub-on pain relief lotion and products, today announced professional bull rider Robson “Spiderman” Aragao has signed an official endorsement deal with the company. Aragao is not only one of the top bull riders in the world, he is also one of the more well known. With his charismatic personality, love for the sport, and love of the fans – the Spiderman does not disappoint when he rides. Follow Robson Aragao on on Twitter @spidermanaragao and Instagram robson_spider or Like him on Facebook.

As Aragao states, “I’m a tough action guy who doesn’t let the difficulties of my profession shake me – I love the adrenaline and challenge of Professional Bull Riding,” making him a great fit for the Real Time Pain Relief brand that is known for providing pain relief as tough as cowboys.

The dynamic rider from Brazil, who now resides in Texas, had his start on his grandparent’s ranch. While working on the ranch, he began to ride bulls for the tourists and found his passion. Not coming from a bull riding family (his father was a soccer player and his grandfather rode horses), he moved to Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2004 to compete more frequently. In 2007 Robson moved to Texas and won his first Touring Pro event in 2008, and his success continues. Robson is currently ranked 27th in the World Standings. He’s a fan favorite because of his charisma and kids of all ages identify him by his distinctive “Spiderman” chaps.

Real Time Pain Relief is excited to sponsor one of the top bull riders in the world and fan favorite Robson Aragao,” said Real Time Pain Relief Co-Founder Ron Snodgrass. “Our products are known for providing pain relief as tough as cowboys – and Robson is a great fit for Real Time Pain Relief. We’re thrilled to have the ‘Spiderman’ stand behind our brand and its ability to provide relief for many types of pain,” concluded Snodgrass.

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