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Did You Know it is Possible to Prevent Muscle Strain?

Muscle strain can be relieved by protecting the musclesDid you know that Muscle Strain is one of the most common injuries affecting Americans today? Anyone is susceptible to muscle strain. It is one of those injuries that can occur without warning because it is often a result of the muscle being overstretched and causing a tear to occur. These types of things can happen in everyday life, for instance: overdoing it one day at work, playing sports, lifting heavy things, or even just a moment that you need to exert your strength. Learning methods in order to prevent muscle strain is one of the best things you can do.

This is just one of our 6 Ways to Reduce Pain from Muscle Strain. This article is designed to help you find natural and affordable ways to ease your pain. If you can educate yourself about prevention methods, such as proper lifting tactics, warming up before exercise, etc., you are taking a step to protect your muscles from damage and injury. 

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Can Stress Trigger Chronic Pain?

Stress can cause chronic painDid you know that there is a relationship between chronic pain and stress? Stress may come from many different external factors in one’s life: finances, work tasks, to-do lists, relationships, kids, spouse, traumatic or stressful events from the past, etc. When we are stressed out, our heart rate goes up, our blood pressure rises, our bodies become tense, and our breathing becomes fast or erratic. All of these factors contribute to body tension and the development of physical pain. If you think that stress may be causing your pain, it would be beneficial for you to try different methods to relieve that stress.

This is just one of our “8 Pill-Free Pain Remedies” that we have discovered to help you ease your pain in natural ways. Some of our ideas for relieving stress include: Breathing exercises and meditation. If these ideas are not enticing to you, you could look into natural herbs, yoga, exercise, etc. There are numerous options out there in order to help you let go of stress and tension.

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Do You Do This When You Are Buying Shoes?

Take your own socks when going to buy new shoesHave you ever thought about taking a pair of your own socks to the shoe store when you are looking to buy new running shoes? I am sure that you have borrowed a pair from the store, or perhaps even bought some new ones in order to try them on, but it is actually very important to wear the socks that you plan to wear everyday. This is important because it will allow you to choose the absolute best pair of shoes for your feet; otherwise, you may end up buying a pair that is too wide or narrow. 

This is just one of our 10 Things to Consider Before Purchasing New Running Shoes that we have compiled to help you make the best decision when it comes to buying shoes. It is very important to make sure you only buy shoes that work for your feet as well as the way you run. If you do not, you may have an increased risk for developing an overuse injury such as shin splints, achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, etc. 

For more details about choosing running shoes, (Click Here)
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Can Pool Therapy Reduce Osteoarthritis Pain?

Pool therapy can relieve Osteoarthritis painWhen it comes to natural alternatives to treat Osteoarthritis, pool therapy has been gaining attention. In this therapy, people perform stretches and exercises like aerobics, or even Tai Chi, while submerged in warm water. For Osteoarthritis sufferers, it is easier and less painful to perform exercises in the water because it provides buoyancy and relieves the joints of body weight.

This is just one of our 7 Ways to Treat Osteoarthritis that we have found for you. We hope that this tip will give you some relief from your pain without having to worry about taking drastic or invasive measures. People are falling in love with pool therapy because it allows them to extend in ways that would not be possible on the ground.

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Can Vitamin B6 Relieve Arthritis Pain?

Eating foods high in vitamin B6 can reduce arthritis painDid you know that low levels of vitamin B6 can correlate with high levels of inflammation and joint pain in the body? This was discovered in a recent study conducted with 2,229 adult participants. After some time, it was a unanimous conclusion that if a participant had high amounts of inflammation they had low B6 levels in their bloodstream.  

This is just one of the “Foods that Reduce Arthritis Pain” on our list that we compiled to help you find ways to ease your pain by eating right. A different study recently found strong evidence that Vitamin B6 derived from lean meats, legumes, and vegetables are superior at reducing inflammation in the body than the supplement form.

For more details about reducing arthritis pain by eating the right types of foods, (Click Here)
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Why is Elevation Beneficial for Muscle Injuries?

Elevation can relieve pain from injuryDid you know that elevating an injured limb is a great way to decrease swelling? If you are suffering from a strained muscle try to keep the limb above the level of your heart, or at least parallel to the ground. Elevation decreases inflammation by restricting the amount of blood flow to the area, thereby reducing the amount of swelling.

This is just one of our 6 Ways to Reduce Pain from Muscle Strain that we have found to help you relieve your pain naturally. This is a very simple and affordable method of dealing with muscle strain since you can use any pillows or blankets that you have on hand to get your limb elevated. 

For more details about reducing pain from muscle strain, (Click Here)
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What Stretches Relieve Plantar Fasciitis Pain?

Stretching foot can relieve plantar fasciitisDid you know that most people who have Plantar Fasciitis tend to have persistently tight muscles in their back, hips, hamstrings, calves, and Achilles tendons? Professionals believe that even tightness through the shoulders can play a role in the development of this condition because when your muscles are tense, they throw off your alignment and the way your feet strike the ground. This is why researchers believe that performing a total body stretching routine will relieve your pain from Plantar Fasciitis. 

This is just one of our 5 Tips to Relieve Plantar Fasciitis that we have found in order to help you ease your pain by natural methods. If you do not have time to perform a total body stretch, even just stretching and flexing your feet before getting out of bed will do wonders to relieve the pain and irritation that accompanies Plantar Fasciitis.

For more details and a description of beneficial stretches, (Click Here)
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Are Devices Causing Your Carpal Tunnel Pain?

Ergonomic devices can relieve carpal tunnel painComputers, mobile phones, iPads, etc. have brought so much comfort into our lives in one sense, but are you aware of the stress that has been added to our hands, fingers, and wrists? If you suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome then this stress only enhances the inflammation and pain associated with it. If you are facing symptoms, such as pain, numbness, or difficulty moving fingers and wrists, you should invest in some ergonomic devices and tools as soon as possible. 

This is just one of our 10 Ways to Ease Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain. In a perfect world, someone might be able to put the phone or computer away for a while and give their hands a break. But, with so many jobs dependent on modern technology, that doesn’t even seem like a remote possibility, therefore we have found ways to help you carry on your routine yet naturally reduce your pain from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. 

For more details, (Click Here)
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Does Time Off Reduce Pain from Shin Splints?

Rest can reduce pain from shin splintsDid you know that rest is the most crucial treatment option for shin splints? Since the primary cause of shin splints is overuse of the tibial bones and surrounding area, taking a week off can do wonders to help the area heal faster and return to normal. 

This is just one of our 6 Ways to Relieve Pain from Shin Splints that we have found to help you reduce your pain naturally. If you are able to take time off from training or working, this is the perfect time to implement a routine of rehabilitating solutions, such as ice, topical relievers, and stretches. 

For more details about reducing your pain from shin splints, (Click Here)
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How Are Your Knees Feeling?

Osteoarthritis can affect the knees​When it comes to Osteoarthritis, the knees are the most commonly affected area, which can make it difficult to run, walk, climb, kneel, etc. If you have OA in your knees, basically any movement that involves your legs can cause you to suffer through pain. This is an awful fact because most of the things we do in our daily life, whether it be something we want to do or have to do, requires the use of our legs. It is important to be able to recognize the signs which include stiffness, swelling, and mild-to-severe pain in the knees.

This is just one of the “5 Areas of the Body That Can Be Affected by Osteoarthritis.” An estimated 27 million Americans who are 25 or older have Osteoarthritis. Early warning signs are apparent. If you are able to recognize them when they first begin, then perhaps you can prevent suffering from cartilage degeneration and pain. We have compiled this article because we believe that one of the first steps to prevention is education.

For more details about reducing your chances of Osteoarthritis in the knees, (Click Here)
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At Real Time Pain Relief, we not only care about the quality ingredients that go into each and every one of our products – but also about the people who buy them. We hope this blog, and the articles posted on it, will become a valued resource on your own personal journey to better health. We know natural products that reduce your pain at the source are important to you, and our Real Time Pain Relief rub-on has been providing targeted pain relief in minutes with natural ingredients to thousands of satisfied customers for more than 17 years. From the useful information on this blog to our high quality natural products, we hope you become one of the thousands of customers who have told us they “Enjoy Living Again!”


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