Tips to Relieve Foot PainMany of us go through our day without thinking much about our feet. They carry all our weight, take a constant pounding, and we expect all 50+ bones, 60 joints, and 200+ muscles, tendons, and ligaments to take care of themselves happily. Once pain strikes and sustains, we become very aware of how much our feet have been doing for us. For this reason, it is important to know how to prevent and treat foot pain.

If you already are aware of foot pain, here are some ways to treat your feet:

Source the Pain

There are many different kinds of foot pain and knowing the location of the pain and what has caused it will help you find appropriate relief remedies. You can read through a list of common foot pains to give yourself a better idea. Though, going to see a podiatrist (foot doctor) is a good idea for chronic or acute pain.

Foot Injuries

A common acronym for treating foot injuries is RICE: Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevation. Make sure you give your injured foot the rest it needs to heal.
While you’re at it, add hydration to the list to prevent a buildup of lactic acid in the muscles.

Anti-Inflammatory Practices

As for most pain, inflammation can play a big part. One way to combat inflammation is through the food you eat. For example, you can add anti-inflammatory foods, such as nuts, fruits, and leafy greens to your diet. You should also avoid processed and fried foods, as well as added sugars as they cause inflammation in the body. Natural remedies like Arnica or Menthol creams and essential oil blends are also great inflammation fighting solutions! Some great essential oils to find in foot pain relief cream are Eucalyptus Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Calendula, Willow Bark, Coriander Oil, and more.

Correct Shoes

Some shoe choices are better than others. Size, shape, and activity level all factor into healthy options. Make sure the shoes you wear are in fact the correct size. Shoe size can change depending on weight, pregnancy, and even age. So always make sure you buy the shoe that has the best support and cushion for your feet at that time.

Limiting your time in high-pressure footwear is important as well. Studies have shown that there are long- term consequences of wearing high heels. To name a few, high heels can cause muscle pain and spasms, increase hip pain, cause damage to the joints in the feet, increase chance of osteoarthritis, and much more!


These are some excellent stretches to treat preexisting pain in the feet, as well as to prevent future suffering.

  • A good foot and calf stretch can go a long way. Try putting a tennis ball under your foot while seated (or standing for more pressure) and slowly roll the ball in and around the arch.
  • Interlacing your fingers between the toes to create space for the tendons is another nice stretch. Repeat this at least three times on each foot.
  • As for the calves, place the front of the foot (ball and toes) on a step while the heel hangs off. Gently, add pressure to the ball of the foot and toes until you feel a nice stretch run up the calf.
In Conclusion:

Foot care is essential for a healthy lifestyle! Your feet have the responsibility to quite literally carry you throughout your life, so be sure to treat them accordingly! Try adding some of these preventative (or treatment) practices to your daily regimen to ensure your feet stay happy and healthy.


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