Turmeric Oil BenefitsCurcumin, the active ingredient of turmeric, is a powerful antioxidant and has strong, proven anti-inflammatory properties. Other components of turmeric that contribute to combating inflammation include turmerin, turmerone, elemene, furanodiene, curdione, bisacurone, cyclocurcumin, calebin A, and germacrone. With all of these components in mind, it is important to note that turmeric is a powerful, safe alternative to conventional painkillers and anti-inflammatories on the market today. Turmeric can be found in different forms including the original root, ground up as a spice, oral supplementation, and as a topical treatment. While all forms of turmeric exhibit anti-inflammatory properties, using it as a topical agent is a controlled, science-backed method to combat local inflammation, swelling, and pain. Our skin is our body’s largest organ, as well as a semi-permeable membrane. In other words, most of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies. This is why topical use turmeric is so effective! Here are only a few of the ways that topical use of turmeric can alleviate pain:

1. Helps Arthritis Pain (Primarily Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis)

Studies have shown that turmeric is capable of reducing pain in people who are affected by arthritis. Arthritis is a blanket term for over a hundred different, and common, diseases. They are not discriminatory of age, gender, or race. In fact, arthritis is the leading cause of disability in America. The primary symptoms of arthritis include pain, stiffness, swelling of joints, and decreased range of motion. Turmeric combats these issues by blocking the inflammatory enzymes, leading to the prevention and reduction of swelling in arthritis sufferers.

2. Combats Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress occurs when there is an imbalance between free radicals in our bodies and the antioxidants needed to neutralize them. Free radicals are unavoidable, unfortunately, for they can be present in our food, water, medicine and air! These free radicals cause cellular damage, including the degradation of joint tissue. Antioxidants, however, interact with these free radicals and break their reaction within our bodies before there is too much damage. Curcumin, the main antioxidant in turmeric, does exactly that. Therefore, turmeric puts up a good fight against the oxidative stressors we encounter every day.

3. Preserves Bone Tissue

Turmeric, specifically the curcumin, can also slow down the inevitable loss of bone tissue. Studies have shown the decrease in osteoclasts, or the bone cells that absorb healthy bone tissue, as well as preserving the function of osteoblasts, which aid in our bone tissue layout. Additionally, curcumin prevents the loss of cartilage vital for joint flexibility. If the cushioning of our joints remains intact and the integrity of our bones is maintained, pain is prevented in the long run!

4. Autoimmune Defense

Autoimmune conditions occur when the immune system produces antibodies to attack its own tissue, just as it would to fight infection, but these antibodies cannot decipher between the good and bad tissue. In other words, the body’s immune system attacks itself the same way it would if it was fighting against a foreign substance. These conditions cause cartilage destruction and can be the culprit for a lot of muscle, joint, and body aches. Many published studies state that turmeric is an excellent source to hinder the activity of these antibodies. The regulation of these immune responses are crucial in alleviating and preventing pain associated with autoimmune diseases.
There are several ways to use turmeric topically. You can make a paste with the ground spice, use turmeric essential oil, or find a lotion that contains it like Real Time SPORTS Cream! No matter which way you apply, turmeric provides many health benefits, but always remember to consult with a physician for any possible interactions with current medications.

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