Why do Hemp Oil Products Cost So Much?Have you ever wondered why products containing Hemp Oil cost more than other pain relief items? To understand why Hemp Oil products typically have a higher price tag than traditional pain relief items, it helps to look at how Hemp oil is produced.

In this article, we will cover 6 reasons why Hemp Oil always costs more than other Nature’s Ingredients.

#1) Farming Registration Fees

It is a tedious process to receive a DEA approved permit, registration, or license to grow Industrial Hemp. Before it is planted, Industrial Hemp growers must obtain all of the documentation that they need to become part of an approved program. And, this process costs money; farmers must pay application fees, testing fees, and other dues that are necessary to get approval depending on the state.

Other hemp farming requirements include a criminal background check, periodic renewals after 1 or 3 years, registering the GPS location of the fields, record keeping of any sales or distributions along with the name of who received the goods. This information must be kept up-to-date since state agencies are authorized to conduct inspections, to test the plants, and to review all records at any time. If a grower violates any regulations, their license will be revoked and they may be charged with civil or criminal penalties.

#2) Crop Expenditures and Risks

The Hemp Oil used in topical products is made from the harvested Industrial Hemp plant. But, before it is harvested, it takes a large investment in registration, land, labor, heavy machinery, water, seed, and lab testing. Once the seeds are planted there is a 120-day waiting period before the crop is harvested. During this wait time, inclement weather like hail, wind, drought, or frost, might reduce yield rates or damage the crop.

To make sure the investment is worth it, farmers usually plant large quantities to make sure they get a high enough yield to profit from. After all, it takes a decent amount of crop to get a final product of pure and highly refined Hemp Oil.

#3) Limited Production

Because Industrial Hemp is a government-regulated crop, the crop supply of Hemp is more limited than other plant crops. With the registration requirements plus the fact that only 32 states allow hemp to be grown, fewer farmers are planting their fields to Industrial Hemp. Lower supplies of the product leads to a higher market value. Here is a little comparison to describe the limited production of Hemp in the US:

  • Each year, about 48 million acres of US farmland is planted to wheat.
  • In 2017, only about 23,000 acres of US farmland was planted to Industrial Hemp.

These limited production rates combined with the high demand for this ingredient plays a role in raising the cost of the final product.

#4) Cost of Isolating CBD from Industrial Hemp

To become an ingredient to be added into a topical lotion, the raw Industrial Hemp Oil has to go through significant processing to become a pure and safe final product for consumers. The extraction process requires labor from skilled professionals, as well as expensive equipment, all of which adds to the final cost of Hemp Oil.

There are several methods that can be used to extract CBD from the hemp plant, but the method that is considered by most in the industry uses pressurized carbon dioxide. This extraction method is considered the best because it yields a highly pure product. Don’t worry though, carbon dioxide is very safe to use - in fact, food companies use it to remove caffeine from coffee.

#5) Lab Testing to Ensure Quality

After the extraction process, but before it reaches the consumer market, Hemp Oil undergoes significant lab testing to ensure quality and safety. This is a very important step because retailers and consumers want to be assured that they are receiving Hemp Oil that is Pure, High Quality, and Free of THC. This testing is necessary but also plays a role in raising the market value of Hemp Oil products.

#6) Astounding Research and Rapidly Growing Popularity

The demand for Hemp Oil products is rapidly growing and society has seen a sudden rise in popularity for products containing Hemp Oil because researchers are discovering many incredible health benefits form it. To understand why so many people are willing to pay the high price for Hemp Oil products, here is what studies are saying it can help with:

  • Inflammation – CBD binds endocannabinoid receptors to produce an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Pain – possibly making CBD and other cannabinoids a less dangerous alternative to opioids.
  • Anxiety – studies have shown that CBD can support emotional balance and decrease the effects of anxiety.
  • Epilepsy treatment – research done in 2012 supports CBD as a therapeutic agent to treat a wide range of human epilepsies.
  • Neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis – research from 2006 suggests that CBD has a neuroprotective effect, and may help prevent the breakdown of the protective coating surrounding nerve cells.
  • Cancer – research from 2015 showed that CBD inhibited tumor growth in breast, lung, prostate, and colon cancers.
In Conclusion:

Well, there you have it - the research so far is very promising regarding the health benefits of Hemp Oil, including pain relief. And, with everything that is involved to yield the highest quality Hemp Oil, it makes sense why the price tag is always higher on Hemp Oil products.


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