Foods That Reduce Arthritis Pain

Foods can lower arthritis painIt’s no secret that eating the right kinds of foods can lead to a healthier body and an active lifestyle, but what if I told you that a change in your diet might be able to alleviate inflammation and pain from Arthritis? The results of vast amounts of research conclude that typically, “a diet that is high in sugary, high-fat and processed food fuels inflammation and sets the stage for developing other chronic diseases as well as arthritis.” The term, Arthritis, loosely pertains to more than 100 rheumatic diseases caused by joint or muscle inflammation and pain. Inflammation, itself, isn’t necessarily a “bad thing,” it is a natural defense mechanism that creates blood flow to a damaged area, fights infection, and aids in healing. However, it is not a “good thing” when arthritis or another cartilage degenerating disease strikes because inflammation begins to develop in joints and other parts of the body and causes chronic pain. When inflammation becomes chronic, it affects your quality of life, but thankfully, there are not only foods that improve your immune system and promote a healthy heart but also fight this inflammation. Research reveals that certain foods will benefit you in the following ways:

  • Decrease arthritis inflammation
  • Positive benefits for joints and heart
  • Weight loss, which helps manage joint pain
  • Lower blood pressure

It also stands to reason that a healthy diet can result in weight-loss which also reduces inflammation. Fat cells release proteins called cytokines, which, in excess, creates inflammation in many areas of the body. Being overweight is also known to add stress to joints. When it comes to dealing with Arthritis, the primary goals are to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, revitalize tissues and joints, and restore your body in order to live a healthy, happy life. The following lists offer a wide array of the most commonly eaten foods that have been researched and found to help reduce, prevent, and ease the pain of Arthritis inflammation throughout the body.