Getting to Know Your Feet

getting-to-know-your-feetThe feet are an amazing part of the human body. Not only do they support your body weight but they also handle the force that moving around puts on them, which occurs so much every day. Amazing! There are 26 bones in each foot, which means that the bones in the feet account for 25% of your body’s bones. There are also 33 joints in each foot, as well as hundreds of thousands of nerve endings and sweat glands. The ankle of your foot is a major part of the support structure and is responsible for the mechanics of your foot, helping you to take steps smoothly. With all that equipment in such a small package, it’s easy to understand why the feet are so important to your everyday health and wellbeing. The foot supports your body weight and sustains forces that are made while walking. In fact, an average day of foot travel involves hundreds of tons of force.