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Sleep Can Affect Muscle TensionMuscle tension can lead to problems when it comes to falling asleep, as well as staying asleep through the night. Many people who evaluate their sleeping habits and take steps to correct any issues notice fewer problems with muscle tension.

Ergonomics and Posture

Posture and Ergonomics Affect Muscle TensionMuscle tension can also be caused by poor posture or using poor ergonomics when you perform various tasks. Poor posture places unnecessary stress on the muscles of the back, leading to muscle tension.


Rest Can Help Muscle TensionActivity and exercise can be important steps toward preventing muscle tension, but you also have to make sure you get enough rest. Some people overdo it at work, others might go to the gym and push their bodies to extremes. Either way you look at it, muscle tension can come from working yourself too hard and not providing the muscles with the rest that they need.


Acupuncture Relieves Muscle Tension

Acupuncture is an alternative form of treatment but it has shown to be effective for things like pain and muscle tension. In fact, one randomized study published in the British Medical Journal came to the conclusion that acupuncture can actually do more to relieve pain and tension in the neck than conventional massage.

Stress Management

Managing Stress Can Reduce Muscle TensionPsychological triggers like anxiety and stress are some of the most common causes of muscle tension. When a person starts to feel anxious or over-stressed, the muscles can react by tightening up. This can cause the tension that we are talking about here, and it can also lead to soreness, pain, and tension headaches.

Nutrition and Supplements

Nutrition and Supplements Can Relieve Muscle TensionNutrition is the foundation of a healthy body, and for many people that experience muscle tension, their diet is the root cause of the problem. When it comes to nutrition and muscle tension, there could be a number of different issues. If you have problems with muscle tension, you may need to pay attention to your levels of vitamin D, magnesium and calcium.

Topical Pain Relievers

Topical Pain Relievers Can Relieve Muscle TensionIf you frequently experience muscle tension, you also have a variety of different topical pain relievers that can be good for providing quick relief. When we talk about topical pain relievers, we are talking about the gels and creams that you rub directly on sore joints and muscles.

Heat Therapy

Heat Can Relieve Muscle TensionHeat therapy is by no means a new treatment for muscle tension; people have been using heat to relax their muscles for centuries, and it is still one of the most effective ways to find relief. The idea behind heat therapy is that the heat works to loosen up the muscle fibers, and by doing so, relieves the tension from the muscles.


Massage Can Relieve Muscle TensionWhen there is a problem with your muscles, massage is one of the best options for relief, especially when you are in the middle on an intense bout of tension. Massage relaxes the muscles and relieves tension, and it is also good for pain and soreness.

Active Lifestyle

Activity Can Reduce Muscle TensionMuscle tension is often a sign that your muscles are not conditioned for an activity that you have engaged in. For example, if you do not exercise regularly, suddenly deciding to go out and play basketball or helping a friend move furniture, may result in muscle tension.


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