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Emu Oil

emu-oil-reduces-chronic-painEmu Oil is not only known for its anti-inflammatory properties but also for the way it penetrates deep into the skin to help painful skin conditions and joint pains. It is commonly used to treat arthritis, injuries, sore muscles, and topical wounds, as well as repair damage to the skin. Research has shown Emu Oil to reduce pain symptoms and swelling within hours after application.

Aloe Vera

Aloe-reduces-chronic-painAloe Vera can be a good friend to those in chronic pain. Many of us know of its use in skin care, but what it does under the surface is good news for those who experience pain from inflammation. Aloe vera contains a peptide known as Bradykinin. This is an anti-inflammatory mediator that helps blood vessels dilate, resulting in lower blood pressure.

Willow Bark

Willow-brak-reduces-chronic-painWillow Bark contains Salicin, an ingredient that is similar to aspirin which works to take away the pain. The thing that makes willow bark better than aspirin, however, is that it doesn’t have the same side-effects as aspirin and other painkillers, like damage to the liver or gastrointestinal problems.


turmeric-reduces-chronic-painSince the 1890s, researchers have discovered the pain-reducing benefits of turmeric, through a substance it contains, which is called curcumin. The most prevailing aspect of curcumin is its ability to control inflammation. Recent studies have discovered that aspirin and ibuprofen are less effective than curcumin when it comes to relieving inflammation.


glucosamine-reduces-chronic-painGlucosamine has several benefits in relieving chronic pain. It is commonly processed from shellfish and is known to lower inflammation and reverse autoimmune reactions. It helps to preserve and promote healthy joints and reduce joint pain and soreness/stiffness. Glucosamine has been working wonders for those suffering from degenerative diseases such as arthritis, easing the pain from deteriorating joints.


capsicum-reduces-chronic-painCapsicum is a natural ingredient found in peppers and has been used to treat pain for centuries. It contains a compound known as capsaicin. These are perfect for treating various types of inflammatory pain in numerous areas of the body.

12 Natural Ingredients to Relieve Chronic Pain

12-Natural-ways-to-relieve-chronic-painFor those suffering from chronic pain, it’s hard to find relief from medicine that doesn’t make you deal with a long list of side effects. Those who experience conditions such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, sciatica and other degenerative illnesses may find alternative benefits in natural ingredients for treating their painful symptoms. People who experience pain on a day-to-day basis are sometimes willing to try anything and are often searching for ways to treat their condition without causing liver or kidney damage from regularly prescribed painkillers or over-the-counter pain medication. That’s why millions are turning to natural ingredients to fight their pain and live healthy lives. There’s hope for relief with several natural ingredients that can be found in various products and foods. They are known to help relieve the constant feeling of pain and get you back to enjoying life. We have found some of the best natural ingredients that you can find anywhere on the market; they are the most famous for reducing pain and inflammation in the body. These ingredients are safe, effective, natural, inexpensive, and easy to come by. Here we take a look at natural ingredients people with chronic pain are finding to be most helpful in relieving their symptoms.


Improves Posture and Balance

water running can improve posturePosture is a very hot subject these days. With what we now know about posture and how crucial it is for preventing musculoskeletal disorders, the public is finding that water aerobics can strengthen core muscles and improve poor posture. For runners, balance and posture are an important element. Poor posture or balance quickly begins to affect a runner.

Ideal for Those Experiencing Arthritis

water running is good for arthritisSome of the best exercises for those experiencing the symptoms of arthritis are low-impact exercises. This is because arthritis causes severe pain in the joints, making it hard to perform normal everyday tasks, not to mention exercise. Many experts say that exercise can improve arthritis and the stiffness that accompanies it, but it can be difficult to get out and run or ride a bike when your body hurts.

Buoyancy Does the Work

water running-buoyancySay goodbye to the harsh reality of gravity; water running allows buoyancy to take the weight off of your body. The water supports up to 90% of your body’s weight. Someone who weighs around 160 lbs may feel as if they weigh around 16 lbs in the water. This does wonders for taking pressure off of your bones, muscles, and joints. It also allows you to get a longer cardio workout than you could on land, which benefits your heart.


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