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In Conclusion

IT band Pain can be relievedCONCLUSION

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Changes in Training or Equipment

Changes in routine can lessen IT Band PainWhen runners experience ITBS, it is often the result of incorrect training techniques. In fact, 60% of all running injuries are the result of training errors. (Hreljac A., 2004) Incorrect techniques may include abrupt changes in the frequency or intensity of the training.




Stretching can help relieve IT Band SyndromeILIOTIBIAL BAND STRETCH

Foam Rollers

foam rollers can ease back painA foam roller can be of great assistance in treating ITBS. It allows you to massage the muscles that are tense in the affected leg. These rollers can be found online, as well as in any health or athletic shop. They are typically inexpensive since they are made out of compressed foam. When you have the one you need, start by laying the outside of the injured leg on top of the foam roller.


Rest will ease IT Band Syndrome PainAs far as treatment goes, the most common answer seems to point to one solution: rest. Pure and simple rest for a few days can do wonders for clearing up ITBS. In 1993, the U.S. Marine Corps realized that total immobilization of the afflicted leg greatly improved healing rates.

6 Ways to Treat IT Band Syndrome

6 ways to treat IT Band SyndromThe Iliotibial band, also known as the IT band, is a long group of fibers that run from the top of the hips to the outside of the thigh. The IT band is basically a connection between major hip muscles and the knee that keeps everything stabilized during running, cycling and other physical activities. At the part of the knee where the tendon passes, there is a small sac (bursa sac) between the bone and the tendon.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D can lower back pain levelsTreatments with Vitamin D supplements have proven very effective at reducing back pain. Vitamin D is a vital factor for strong bones and joints and is highly valued for its regenerative effects for the body. Deficiencies in this nutrient have been directly linked to chronic pain.

Toss Your Mattress

get a new mattress to help with back painMany people have tried numerous ways to cure their chronic back pain but to no avail. It is easy to get frustrated and feel as if there is no hope for relief left. Some even resign themselves to the fact that their life is going to be limited because of their back issues. However, the culprit is often right under your nose the whole time. When you lay down on your bed to sleep, you may be causing yourself more pain than rest.


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