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Natural Therapy

Relieve pain from runners knee with natural therapySeveral natural and holistic remedies are available such as cupping treatment, acupuncture, massage, and physical therapy. Cupping is an ancient Chinese treatment and is a great way to improve knee circulation, treat injuries, and relieve pain. This practice uses heated glass cups that create suction and stimulate energy flow in areas troubled by pain.

Take a Supplement that Supports Bone and Joint Health

Take a Supplement to minimize runners knee painBone and joint health hinge on proper nutrition; if you are deficient in certain nutrition then your body may be alerting you by sending pain signals. Natural supplements can help the body rejuvenate sore and inflamed areas. Many people who suffer from Runner’s Knee have found that Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate relieve pain and rehabilitate the damage that has occurred.

Find Softer Running Surfaces

Softer Running surfaces will decrease runners knee painRunning on hard surfaces like concrete can send shock waves through the body, especially the knees. Consider taking a break from your normal running routine and seek out an unpaved walking path, running track, grass field, sandy beach, or woodland trail. These softer surfaces decrease some of the impact and significantly reduce the strain on your joints.

Consider Muscle Strengthening and Stretching

Stretch and strengthen to lower runners knee painRunners are very fit people, their legs are very strong. Despite this fact, many are surprised when they realize that some of their muscles are actually weak due to biomechanical imbalances. The fact is tight muscles are weak ones; weak muscles increase chances of pain and possible injury.

Evaluate Your Shoes

Evaluate your shoes to improve runners knee painThe shoes you are running in may not provide your feet with the support they need. Everyone is different. Each and every brand of shoe is different. Some shoes negatively affect compartments of the knee, while others actually take some weight and stress off the knee. When picking out running shoes, it is about so much more than the color or the logo that is stitched on it.

Are you Overstriding?

Overstride may be causing your runner's kneeDo you know what type of foot striker you are? Are you a heel striker, midfoot striker, or a forefoot striker? Just because you do one or the other does not mean you have bad form, but if you feel pain, it could be your body’s signal that it is not the best style for your knees. Many experts believe that heel striking leads to Runner’s Knee pain because it causes the knee to absorb great amounts of shock and stress.

Evaluate Your Posture

Evaluate Your Posture to lessen runners knee painProfessionals believe that Runner's Knee becomes an issue due to improper posture while running. If a runner has weak hip stabilizers, the body naturally compensates to stabilize the pelvis by rotating the thigh inward. This causes the pelvis and thigh to tilt, pinches the knee between the bones, and causes damage to the cartilage.

9 Tips to Ease Runner's Knee Pain

Tips to ease Runner's KneeRunner's Knee, also known as Patello femoral Pain Syndrome, is pain and irritation that occurs where the kneecap (patella) and thigh bone connect. Pain strikes behind, around, or in the center of the kneecap because these two bones rub against each other and damage the cartilage. For each runner, the intensity and duration of the pain varies, but it can be chronic and very sharp.

Try Topical Pain Relievers

Try a topical pain reliever to ease carpal tunnel painIn many instances, herbal medication or topical lotions are used as an alternative to treat rheumatic pain and swelling. If you would like to try these natural remedies for your Carpal Tunnel pain, you should find one that has multiple ingridents that are known for relieving pain topically. There are many ingridents that are known to relieve pain, fight inflammation, and promote rejuvenation.

Use Capsicum

Capsicum is known to relieve pain from carpal tunnelAncient Chinese and Indian tribes were known to apply capsicum on bruises and muscular pain. Capsicum, produces heat which stimulates circulation and increases blood flow to the site of pain. Capsicum’s power to minimize both pain and inflammation comes from its ability to reduce the production of Substance P in the body.


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