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The Man Behind the Paint: PBR Entertainer Matt Merritt

Matt Merritt: PBR EntertainerReal Time Pain Relief would like to introduce our next team member, Matt Merritt. Unlike the previously showcased team members, who dabbled in the more dangerous, adrenaline rush side of the rodeo industry, Merritt is an entertainer. Most commonly mislabeled (not without some credibility) as a Rodeo Clown. Oxford Dictionary defines the term Rodeo Clown as a person whose job is to distract the bull from the rider who has been unseated in a bull riding event, or to provide comic entertainment for an audience between events. This definition was absolutely correct in earlier years of rodeo but in the 21st century of rodeo we have separated these jobs and given them two different job titles that each one respectfully deserves. Now we have bullfighters and entertainers. A bullfighter is someone who works to keep the bull riders out of harm’s way. A rodeo entertainer’s job is to entertain the crowd during slow times in a performance, and they don’t do anything “on purpose” to interfere with the livelihood of the bull riders in any way. You might see the entertainer walking through the crowd in the grandstands picking out the best fan of the night, dancing, telling jokes, doing specialty acts with different props such as cars, fireworks, and trick animals. I’ve even seen a rodeo entertainer ride a small plane. There is no limit to what these hard working, happy-go-lucky individuals will do to get a good laugh out of people.

Now that we have a better understanding of the actual job title let’s talk further about the man behind the can, Matt Merritt.

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Is a Safe, Low-Impact Activity

Golf Is a Safe Low-Impact Type of ExerciseGolf is a low-impact sport that doesn’t put great strain on your body. High-impact sports can increase your risk of injury, and wear down certain areas of the body to such a point that damage is irreversible. Golf is a light exercise that puts little to no stress on the muscles and bones of the body. It’s also a sport that promotes mental strategy, relaxation, and peace.

Improves Brain Functioning

Golf Improves Brain FunctioningWith more exercise comes more blood circulation, and this means a healthier brain. The golf game helps stimulate our minds, keeps our brain functioning optimally, and even helps improve nerve connections and neural networks. This is good news when it comes to preventing dementia. Golf keeps the mind active. Simple tasks like lining up a shot, deciding which club to use, and even keeping score all help stimulate the brain.

Keeps You Socially Active

Golf Keeps You Socially ActiveSince golf has more moments of downtime than sports like basketball or tennis, it’s a great way to socialize with friends and meet new people. For older generations, this can be one of the biggest bonuses of golf. As we age, we’re much more susceptible to illnesses and disorders that keep us from getting out and about.

Burns Calories and Helps With Weight Loss

Golf Helps You Burn Calories and Lose WeightGolf burns calories – but only if you walk the course. Without a cart, you might walk 200 acres, and if you carry those clubs it adds even more to the workout. If you’re looking for a fun and low-impact exercise for weight loss, golf is your game! Not only will you burn calories, you’ll also lower your risk for heart disease and decrease “bad” cholesterol.




Improves Longevity

Golf Improves LongevityA Swedish study found that regular golfers have a 40% lower death rate than those who don’t play the game. Although there are many contributing factors to support this theory, all those hours of fresh air and sunshine have got to be a huge part of it. Exercise lengthens your life, and golf is a low-impact exercise that you can do well into your golden years.





Improves Sleep Quality

Golf Improves Sleep QualityResearch has always supported the role that exercise plays in improving sleep, and golf is no exception. The amount of exercise you receive from golf is enough to help you fall asleep faster at night while helping you stay in sleep cycles longer and without disturbance. So, walk the course, carry your golf bag, and practice your swing. All this exercise naturally leads to a better night of rest.

Exposes You to Plenty of Vitamin D

Golfing exposes you to Vitamin DBeing out on the course not only provides you with hours of fun and relaxation but also with a healthy dose of vitamin D. Vitamin D builds strong bones, regulates calcium in the blood, helps with skin cell rejuvenation, and keeps you healthy and strong. There are plenty of foods that contain vitamin D, but they are no match for good old-fashioned sunlight.

Strengthens Bones

Golf Strengthens BonesCarrying those golf clubs around strengthens your muscles. The stronger your muscles, the better support you have for your skeletal system. The low-impact, light exercise that you get from golf may be just what you need to help prevent diseases like osteoporosis and other degenerative bone diseases. So carry your own clubs and bag.

Improves Vision and Hand-Eye Coordination

Golf Improves Vision and Hand-Eye CoordinationWhen you work on hitting a tiny white ball several hundred yards in the distance, your vision improves dramatically. Not only that but hitting that ball and seeing it fly through the air at the angle you want takes good hand/eye coordination. It also improves upon your reflexes. It takes a keen eye to spot where you want your ball to land, and with practice you even improve your eyesight.




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