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Turtle Racing

turtle-racingThis event is pretty self-explanatory and is another one for the kids and young adults. Turtle Racing seems to be a common event for localized rodeos and is more fun than you might think. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to get a turtle to race, but quite enjoyable to watch as the youngins’ scramble to steer their terrapin onto the right path. Turtle racing is becoming more and more popular at local rodeos and seems to have spread all over the country.

Wagon Races

wagon-races-rodeoChuck Wagon Racing has been considered a sport since 1923, and its origins can be traced farther back than that when Guy Weadick first invited ranchers to enter their chuck wagons to compete for $275 dollars in prize money. This equestrian rodeo event involves participants driving their chuck wagon led by horses around a track. The most famous of these races is held at the Calgary Stampede Rodeo in Alberta, Canada.

Mutton Bustin’

mutton-bustinMutton Bustin’ is where children ride on the backs of sheep in the style of bull riding or bronco riding. The sheep are held in a small chute while the child sits on the back of the sheep. When the chute opens, the goal is to stay on for as long as you can. Most kids don’t last longer than 8 seconds. There are no set rules for this event, but children must weigh less than 60lbs, must wear a helmet, and have a signed form of consent from the parents.

Cow Chip Tossing (Chip Chucking)

cow-chip-throwing-contestOkay, so this one might seem a little on the icky side (literally), but that doesn’t mean that it’s not fun and highly entertaining to watch. In this event, participants are required to throw a hardened, disc-shaped piece of cow poop as far as they can. Contestants select two chips and the rules state that they must be longer than 6 inches in diameter.

Cowboy Poker

cowboy-poker-rodeoLots of people enjoy a rousing game of poker; the high stakes, the luck of the draw, the skill required. However, some might be a little reluctant to play if there was a 1200lb bull breathing down your neck with the intention to ruin your friendly game. That is exactly what happens in Cowboy Poker.

8 Lesser Known Rodeo Events in America

8-lesser-known-rodeo-weird-eventsRodeo is such a big part of America’s past that pretty much anyone can tell you a little bit about what goes down at the arena. Bull and Bronco Riding, Steer Wrestling, Team Roping, Barrel Racing are some of the events that even those who have never stepped foot in an arena could probably tell you about.

Cowboy Up (2001)

cowboy-up-rodeo-moviesThis action-packed movie gives an in-depth look at the sport of rodeo, family, and a relationship between two brothers. Ely Braxton returns to the world of bull riding after a life-threatening injury. His family wishes for him to leave bull riding alone, yet at the same time, he is pressured by his distant father to be great. His brother Hank, puts his life on the line to protect riders as a rodeo clown.

8 Seconds (1994)

8-seconds-rodeo-moviesThis highly popular rodeo film tells the story of bull riding legend Lane Frost. The movie follows Frost’s career, beginning with what he learns from his father as a young man, all the way to the famously tragic ride of the bull “Taking Care of Business.” This movie not only does a great job of telling an amazing true story but is also one of the most loved films about bull riding in film history.

My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys (1991)

heroes-cowboys-rodeo-movies-myH. D. Dalton’s career is ruined after being gored by a bull so he returns home to his family farm. On his arrival, he discovers that the farm is abandoned, his father is in a nursing home, and his old girlfriend is a widowed mother.

The Great American Cowboy (1973)

great-american-cowboy-rodeo-moviesThis is a real-life rugged documentary about rodeo. It follows the rivalry between Larry Mahan and Phil Lyne as the two compete for the National Finals Rodeo Championship title. Directed by Kieth Merrill, the movie portrays the real-life dangers of the sport and the men brave enough to compete. It encompasses the true spirit of rodeo in America.


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