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Junior Bonner (1972)

junior-bonner-rodeo-movieJunior Bonner returns home to Prescott, Arizona to find his brother, Curly, bulldozing the family home to make room for new ranch homes. His father, Ace, is slightly delusional with dreams of heading to Australia to herd sheep and search for gold. Bonner, who is an aging rodeo cowboy, enters the Independence Day rodeo in order to get another shot at riding the bull named Sunshine, who once bested him in a rodeo.

J.W. Coop (1972)

j-w-coop-rodeo-movieAfter spending a little less than a decade in prison, J.W. Coop returns to the world of professional rodeo in the 1960s. Adjusting to the new scene and making up for missed opportunities, Coop goes through a series of challenges on his way back to the top. Cliff Robertson (J.W. Coop) co-wrote and directed the film and a cameo of rodeo legend, Larry Mahan, is also featured in the movie.

Arena (1953)

arena-rodeo-moviesThe story of Hob Danvers takes place on a single rodeo day in Tucson, Arizona. A story about love, challenges, and reconciliation, Arena is a rodeo movie that not only includes plenty of on-screen action but also a plot that keeps the audience captivated as to what happens next. A great rodeo movie about the dangers and glories of rodeo, and also the perils of love and friendship.

7 Popular Movies About Rodeo

7-popular-movies-about-rodeoSome of the best stories about bravery, sportsmanship, and overcoming life’s obstacles can be found in the heart of great rodeo films. There have been many movies that are cowboy themed or portray life in the west, but rodeo movies that depict the real-life aspects of rodeo are diamonds in the rough. Rodeo has shaped America and has placed such a monumental influence on cowboys everywhere.

“Rodeo” by Garth Brooks

Rodeo by Garth Brooks is one of 7 rodeo songs that made our listIf you enjoyed country music in the ‘90s, then more than likely you absolutely loved Garth’s song, “Rodeo”  which was released on his 1991 album Ropin’ the Wind. The song is told through the eyes of the woman who would “give half of Texas” just to keep her man from the rigorous perils of the rodeo life.

“Bull Rider” by Johnny Cash

Bull Rider by Johnny Cash is one of 7 rodeo songs that made our list“One hand hold is all you got, It’s you and the bull against the clock,” wrote Rodney Crowell in this classic song for Johnny Cash’s Album Silver in 1979. The song is about the skill it takes to ride, and the dangers of the ride itself.

“I Can Still Make Cheyenne” by George Strait

I Can Still Make Cheyenne is one of 7 rodeo songs that made our listThis song really speaks the truth about the determination and will of a cowboy and his calling to the rodeo life. While calling his significant other after being on the road with the rodeo, our narrator is told, “Don’t bother coming home” as she has found a new suitor who has no interest in rodeo.

“Mama Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys” by Waylon Jennings/Willie Nelson

Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys is one of 7 Rodeo songs that made our listThis one isn’t so much of a detailed hymn to the rodeo life, but a warning for mothers everywhere about the “cowboy life” in general. The classic was first written and performed by Ed Bruce for his 1976 self-titled album and was made popular when it was covered by Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson on their 1978 duet album.

“Night Rider’s Lament” by Suzy Bogguss

Night Riders Lament is one of the 7 rodeo songs that made our listThis hymn to the cowboy way of life is more about the tr

“This Cowboy’s Hat” by Chris LeDoux

chris ledoux's this cowboys hat is one of the 7 rodeo songs that made our listThis song explains why you NEVER touch a cowboy’s hat. It is the story of a man being heckled by bikers who threaten to remove his hat in a coffee shop. The narrator then goes on to list a variety of reasons why that’s not such a good idea.


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